Bird flu back in Japan after 2011

Bird flu back in Japan after 2011Japanese Agricultural Ministry confirmed this Sunday that there have been two cases of chickens testing positive for avian influenza at a farm in Japan.

There have been over 1,000 chicken deaths due to the same in this farm and this is the first recorded case of bird flu since the year 2011.

The ministry also added that this H5 virus which is highly pathogenic tested positive when chicken from a farm based Kumamoto prefecture in the south were genetically tested.

Another report by the media confirms that till now over 1,100 chickens have become deceased and another 112,000 will be culled.

Removing any fears among humans Tomoyuki Takehisa, an Agricultural Ministry official said that there is however no risk right now of the bird flu to spread among humans by including eggs and chicken in their diet.

However as an added precaution the ministry has levied a ban on the shipping or transfer of chickens and their eggs from the two farms within a 3-km radius.

They have also requested the media to not come close to the farms to prevent the outbreak of the H5 type virus among humans.

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