Automatic Labs’ new smartphone app --- the Automatic Driving Assistant

Automatic Labs’ new smartphone app --- the Automatic Driving Assistant On Tuesday, 2012-founded San Francisco-based startup Automatic Labs released a new smartphone app - dubbed the Automatic Driving Assistant - which can keep track of the users' driving, the performance of their cars, and even the location where they have parked their vehicles.

The Automatic Driving Assistant app can actually change the way people relate to their cars. The insertion of the app's accompanying link - which Automatic Labs will likely ship in May - results in a couple of beep sounds and flashing of a green light, to tell the users that the app is working.

The Automatic Link is essentially a combination iPhone app and dongle which plugs into the ODB-II port of a car. The port - which can be found in every car, from 1996 or later, sold in the US - is the same port that is used by the mechanics for running a state inspection or checking a car when it is brought for service.

About the Automatic Driving Assistant app - which is priced at $70, without any monthly subscription -, its co-developer Jerry Jariyasunant said that the app keeps track of the users driving; with the link beeping every time the driver purposely hits the brakes too hard or accelerates the car too fast.

Jariyasunant further said that the Automatic Driving Assistant remembers the location of a parked car; shows the users the exact route they drive; and keeps track of their gas mileage for every trip.