White House staff not linked to Colombian sex scandal

White House staff not linked to Colombian sex scandalWashington, April 24 : The White House has said that it has found no evidence to implicate its staffers in the Colombian prostitution scandal.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said there was ''no indication of misconduct'', adding that an internal investigation had been conducted by White House lawyers.

Carney said the White House had conducted investigations out of ''due diligence,'' BBC reports.

Meanwhile, a 12th military service member has been linked to the scandal.

A Congressman has said he expects more Secret Service agents to be sacked in the coming days. Six agents have already been sacked.

Congress will also widen its investigation of the agency, Senator Joe Lieberman said.

Senator Lieberman said his committee wanted to determine whether the scandal in Colombia was part of ''a pattern of misconduct that has gone on elsewhere by Secret Service agents''. (ANI)

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