Stay-at-home mums shop on Facebook the most

Stay-at-home mums shop on Facebook the mostWashington, Apr 2 : While shopping on Facebook is yet to gain momentum, , about 1.5 million of the overall 850 million users on Facebook are stay-at-home mothers, according to a recent survey by the site's top commerce platform has revealed.

Christina Taylor, co-founder and chief executive of Silicon Valley start-up Pavyment, revealed that most shoppers tend to be stay-home mothers who mostly indulge in buying baby clothes and little things like bows for children's hair. "I think Facebook has created an outlet for mothers to talk to other mums about what to buy for their children and share parenting tips," The Telegraph quoted Taylor, as saying.

"I imagine being a stay-at-home parent was an incredibly lonely job before social networks. The people shopping on Facebook are an incredibly similar crowd to those who play social games, such as Farmville," he added. He further added that shopping on Facebook seems to have grown by 20 percent every month and currently there are more than 3 million items for sale on the world's most active social website .

While people usually pay the vendors directly using Paypal accounts as of now, he expects eventually for this process to transform to Facebook credits, which is currently how people pay for games on Facebook. With such major progress, the flotation of Facebook is likely to be the biggest ever by an internet company, with an expected valuation of up to $100bn. (ANI)

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