Smartphone charging contributes to global warming

Smartphone charging contributes to global warmingWashington, July 24 : A new study has revealed that smartphones charging emits greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

According to the study, these gases might even increase from 6.4 megatons to 13 megatons, within five years, CNET reported.

According to the study by analyst Juniper Research, those 13 megatons would be equivalent the current annual emissions of 1.1 million cars and half of those
2019 greenhouse gases would come from mostly used in Asia's coal-fired electricity grids,.

The researchers said that findings may help the smartphone and app makers to become environment-friendly. (ANI)

US, Pakistan review operation against Taliban

US, Pakistan review operation against TalibanWashington, July 24 : Senior American and Pakistani officials reviewed the ongoing military operation against militants in North Waziristan during a visit to the State Department by a top official representing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to the Dawn, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatemi and U. S. Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns reviewed Pakistan's commitment to targeting all Taliban militants, including those of the Haqqani network.

Washington was urged to support the operation even after pullout from Afghanistan.

US top business place for investors: Obama

US top business place for investors: ObamaWashington - Noting that his country has bounced back from its worst ever recession, US president Barack Obama has said America is now the top place for investors to do business.

"When I came into office, investors around the world thought that China was the top place to do business. Today they think that America is the top place to do business," Obama told a Democratic Party luncheon in California.

Facebook's Q2 profits double on back of strong mobile ad sales

Facebook CEO Mark ZuckerbergWashington, July 24 - Social networking company Facebook's profit has doubled reaching 791 million dollars while its total revenue rose from 1.8 billion dollars to 2.9 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2014.

Facebook's more than a billion users reportedly use mobile devices to go online that amounts to 62 percent of the company's overall advertising tallies in the second quarter.

Facebook's sales from mobile devices are increasing at a rapid pace.

Almost 1.1 billion users accessed the site at least once using a mobile device.

Yes! Your pooch gets jealous too

Yes! Your pooch gets jealous tooWashington, July 24 - A new study has revealed that dogs exhibit jealous behaviors when their owners displayed affectionate behaviors towards what appeared to be another dog compared to random objects.

According to the study by researchers from UC San Diego, the canines exhibit behaviors like snapping or pushing their owners and the findings support the view that jealousy evolved to secure resources, not just in the context of sexual relationships, but also in any of a wide-range of valued relationships, such as competing for parental resources such as food, attention, care, and affection.

US lawmakers ask FIBA to review its policy on Sikh turbans

US lawmakers ask FIBA to review its policy on Sikh turbansWashington - Appalled by reports that Sikh players from India were asked to remove their turbans at an international basketball match, top US lawmakers have launched a campaign asking FIBA to review the discriminatory policy.

"We are concerned about recent reports indicating that Sikhs are not able to participate in International Basketball Federation (FIBA) games while wearing a turban, which is essential to their faith, and ask you to change this discriminatory policy," said a letter addressed to Yvan Mainini, FIBA president.

Parent's death in childhood may increase kid's mortality risk in adulthood

Parent's death in childhood may increase kid's mortality risk in adulthoodWashington, July 23 : A new study has revealed that individuals who have lost either of their parents during childhood, have 50 percent greater risk of mortality risks in their adulthood than those unexposed to parental death.

The authors said that parental death in childhood was associated with a long-lasting increased mortality risk from both external causes and diseases, regardless of child's age at bereavement, sex of the child, sex of the deceased parent, cause of parental death, as well as population characteristics like socioeconomic background.

People spend more while experiencing 'nostalgia'

Washington, July 23 People spend more while experiencing 'nostalgia': A new study has revealed that people tend to shell out more money when they think about their past.

Authors, Jannine D. Lasaleta from Grenoble Ecole de Management), Constantine Sedikides from the University of Southampton, and Kathleen D. Vohs from University of Minnesota, conducted six experiments that looked at how much people were willing to spend, donate, and value money when feeling a sense of nostalgia-evoked social connectedness.

Consumers treat themselves with 'special gifts' out of pride

Consumers treat themselves with 'special gifts' out of prideWashington, July 23 : A study has revealed that consumers tend to 'treat' themselves with unique presents more out of pride than their hard work put into achieving a milestone.

The authors said that they have found that consumers who attribute feelings of pride to their unique character traits, rather than, how hard they worked to accomplish something, are more likely to feel 'special', hence, are more likely to seek out unique options rather than conform to the choices of others.

Airlines in US, Europe suspend flights to Israel

Airlines in US, Europe suspend flights to IsraelWashington, July 23 : In the wake of escalating tensions between Israel and Gaza, many of the world's leading airlines have suspended flights to Israel's main airport after a rocket fired from Gaza landed a mile from its runways.

According to CNN, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered U. S. airlines to stop flying to or from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport for at least 24 hours, and the European Aviation Safety Agency issued a warning to its airlines to stop its flights.

The move comes amid the recent shoot down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian separatists as it flew over Ukraine.

First ever supersonic scramjet to go up for auction

First ever supersonic scramjet to go up for auctionWashington, July 23 - An historic HFL Kholod Mach 6.47 scramjet built by NASA and Russia's Central Institute of Aviation Motors will be up for auction on 8th September.

The Kholod was one of the fastest machines ever built and the first ever scramjet, a type of ramjet airbreathing jet engine propelled by cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen combusted in supersonic airflow to complete a successful test flight, back in 1991, CNet reported.

Apple's profits fail to meet expectations as iPad sales plummet

Apple CEO Tim CookWashington, July 23 - Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company's sales had met internal projections even as the tech giant's total profit, reportedly 7.75 billion dollars in the third fiscal quarter, did not meet analysts' predictions.

While Cook agreed that the demand for iPads had gone down, he said that the company sold 13.3 million iPads.

Apple's iPads are the company's second largest revenue generator after the iPhones.

In a conference with analysts, Cook blamed the demand in certain regions including the U. S. that resulted in reduction of sales of iPads.

Microsoft's revenue beats expectation, profit decreases

MicrosoftWashington, July 23 - Microsoft's total revenue reported 23.38 billion dollars in its fourth fiscal quarter was announced on Tuesday as the profit plunged following the company's acquisition of Nokia's handset business.

Analysts expected revenue of around 23 billion dollars in the period that ended on June 30.

As Microsoft analyses its profits associated with Nokia deal, the Wall Street fails to predict any profits or losses.

According to CNET, the Nokia deal accounted for 692 million operating loss.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella planned to cut 18,000 jobs last week.

The report also remarks Nadella's first full financial quarter after he replaced Steve Ballmer in February. (ANI)

ISIL issues decree asking Iraqi shopkeepers to veil mannequins in Mosul

ISIL issues decree asking Iraqi shopkeepers to veil mannequins in MosulWashington, July 23 - The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a Sunni terror group that has wrecked havoc in Iraq and Syria, has now issued a decree asking Iraqi shopkeepers in Mosul to cover the faces of all mannequins.

According to the Washington Times, the terrorist group came up with the new rule saying that doing so is in line with Sharia law. Members of the group assert that the human form is not to be depicted in statues or artwork.

One of Iraq's prominent Christian politicians, Yonadam Kanna, said that this was ethnic cleansing but nobody was speaking up.

Dunga hopes to have 'one percent of Mandela's patience' to guide Brazil to former glory

Nelson MandelaWashington, July 23 - The newly appointed coach for the Brazil football team Dunga hopes to have even one percent of Nelson Mandela's patience in guiding the squad to their former glories.

Dunga, who made 91 appearances for Brazil and lead the side to the World Cup glory as captain in 1994, has been appointed as the national coach again after his previous four-year spell during which he could only take the side to quarterfinals in 2010 as they lost to Netherlands.

The 50-year-old Brazilian legend, who replaced Luiz Felipe Scolari, said that Mandela had everything against him, adding that he did not have a weapon and yet brought about change, CNN reported.

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