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This smart phone App won't let you frequent bars!

This smart phone App won't let you frequent bars!New York, March 27 - Just out from an alcohol treatment programme but still cannot avoid thinking about the bar evenings? This smart phone App will help you say good bye to those risky drinking days.

The App contains the locations of your favourite bars.

If you are found lingering outside one, the App would play a video recounting your misery as an alcoholic or audio of your daughter begging you not to drink!

Don't attack schools, Maoists told

Don't attack schools, Maoists toldNew York, March 26 : Maoists and security forces in India should respect children’s safety by keeping away from schools in the weeks before Lok Sabha election, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

The Maoists should cease all attacks on schools which will be used as balloting centres. Security forces should not occupy schools as barracks which puts children at risk, the US-based group said in a statement.

Three months before the 2009 election, Maoists conducted a spate of attacks on schools, at least 14 of them in Jharkhand and Bihar, it said.

OMG! This perfume smells like a corpse

OMG! This perfume smells like a corpseNew York, March 26 - A die-hard perfume lover? Trying this 'death cologne' needs real guts, dear.

By mixing a combination of three disgusting smells, a Nebraska-based chemist claims she can create 'Eau De Death’ that mimics the smell of rotting human flesh!

The three compounds are putrescine, cadaverine and Methanethiol.

While putrescine and cadaverine are emitted by the body in the early stages of decay, Methanethiol smells like rotting eggs.

Keep schools in India conflict-free before polls: HRW

HRWNew York, Mar. 26 - Maoist insurgents and government security forces in India should respect children's safety and right to education by keeping schools off-limits in the weeks before the April and May 2014 national elections, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Maoists, also known as "Naxalites," should cease all attacks on schools. Government security forces should not occupy schools as barracks or bases, which puts children at risk.

Well earning Indian women prone to partner violence: Study

Well earning Indian women prone to partner violence: StudyNew York, March 26 - In a shocking revelation, a study has found that women in India who have more education than their husbands, earn more or who are the sole earners experience frequent and severe intimate partner violence (IPV) than women who are not employed or less educated than their spouse.

Abigail Weitzman, a graduate student at New York University, looked at data from the female-only module of India's National Family Health Survey (NFHS) collected between 2005 and 2006.

This module contained data from a nationally representative sample of women aged 15-49 and included nine variables pertaining to IPV.

Coming, skyscrapers over an active rail yard!

Coming, skyscrapers over an active rail yard!New York, March 25 : Here comes the next engineering marvel that would lift your living right into the sky - on a platform over the busiest commuter rail yard in the US.

A New York-based real estate developer is developing Hudson Yards at Manhattan's west side without footings or foundations.

Kicked off last week, the project is being built atop 300 concrete-sleeved, steel caissons jammed deep into the underlying bedrock.

A wearable antenna to ease health monitoring

A wearable antenna to ease health monitoringNew York, March 25 : Keeping a tab on patients can become a tad easier for doctors as scientists have designed a new flexible antenna that could be stretched and easily integrated into wearable health monitoring devices.

The use of silver nanowires makes the devices so flexible that it can bend and stretch with a person's movement and that too without affecting the frequency it transmits.

The researchers applied silver nanowires over a stencil to make a specific pattern and then poured a liquid polymer over the nanowires.

This bicycle glows under car headlights

This bicycle glows under car headlightsNew York, March 24 - The joy of cycling, which is a new fad among neo-rich and health-conscious people alike, can not glow better than this!

As the cyclists struggle hard to make the SUV or bike drivers notice them by strapping reflective strips on their gear, here comes a bike that gets illuminated in toto when on the road at night.

Called the 'Lumen', the latest bike from San Francisco-based Mission Bicycle Company has its frame, fork and rims sprayed with a retro-reflective coating.

Hundreds of thousands of tiny transparent spheres are embedded in a top-layer of powder coat.

Eureka! Living cells created in lab

Eureka! Living cells created in labNew York, March 24 - Inspired by natural materials such as bone, minerals and other substances, engineers have coaxed bacterial cells to produce biofilms that can incorporate nonliving materials such as gold nanoparticles and quantum dots.

These 'living materials' combine the advantages of live cells which respond to their environment, produce complex biological molecules and span multiple length scales - with the benefits of nonliving materials that add functions such as conducting electricity or emitting light.

Depression can lead to obesity in adolescent girls

Depression can lead to obesity in adolescent girlsNew York, March 23 - Adolescent girls who suffer from depression are at a greater risk for developing obesity as they grow older, a research said.

"Adolescence is a key developmental period for both obesity and depression, so we thought it significant to look at the onset of these disorders at an early age," said Naomi Marmorstein, an associate professor of psychology at Rutgers University-Camden in US.

By assessing a statewide sample of over 1,500 males and females in Minnesota, Marmorstein and colleagues found that depression occurring by early adolescence in females predicts obesity by late adolescence.

Crimea's new attorney general's pics go viral

Vladimir PutinNew York, Mar. 23 - Crimea's new attorney general Natalia Poklonskaya has apparently become an online sensation after she climbed the career ladder in the region, which President Vladimir Putin has officially absorbed into Russia.

The 33-year-old attorney general's photos surfaced online after her promotion and have become massively popular online after her first high profile press conference, the New York Daily News reported.

According to the BBC reports, many have depicted the feisty legal eagle as a "battle-ready heroine".

Far Eastern fans have been busy drawing manga images and anime fan art in honor of the staunch pro-Russian.

Swiss Emmentaler named best cheese in the world

Swiss Emmentaler named best cheese in the worldNew York, March 22 : Swiss Emmentaler has been named the best cheese at the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin.

This is the country's fourth win in the past five years, the New York Post reported.

Cheesemaker Gerard Sinnesberger's original Schweizer Rohmilch Emmentaler was deemed the best of 2,615 entries from 22 nations.

The second spot was grabbed by an Austrian entry, called Erzherzog Johann, followed by another Swiss entry, Gruyere AOP. (ANI)

App that controls your AC, saves money too

App that controls your AC, saves money tooNew York, March 22 : This summer, get ready for a smart air conditioner that can be operated remotely with a mobile app.

You can turn it on as you are near home from a tiring day at office or start it automatically based on your phone's GPS.

The wi-fi-enabled window AC called Aros is the brainchild of New York-based startup Quirky and General Electric and is armed with on-board temperature and humidity sensors.

The unit is able to detect when you are in and out of the home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

The AC also creates a cooling schedule for you based on your usage habits after a couple of weeks.

Cheers! Google Glass to earn you a free drink in this bar

Cheers! Google Glass to earn you a free drink in this barNew York, March 22 - Wear the Google wearable computer device and get your drink absolutely free at this bar at a San Francisco-based hotel.

In a bid to project itself as a tech haven, Stanford Court hotel is offering a cocktail on the house to anyone who visits the bar wearing Google Glass.

Many hotels in the US have even banned visitors wearing the trendy tracking devices.

But the Stanford Court hotel is doing just the opposite.

"We want to attract the tech crowd, so we are telling Google Glass wearers they are welcome along with everyone else," Stanford Court hotel's general manager Michael Baier was quoted as saying.

Hack, a New Age programming language from Facebook

Hack, a New Age programming language from FacebookNew York, March 22 - It is called Hack but it has little to do with hacking. It is a new programming language designed by Facebook that lets programmers build complex websites and other software quickly and without many flaws.

"We can say with complete assurance that this has been as battle-tested as it can possibly be,” Bryan O'Sullivan, the Facebook engineer behind the language, said in a statement.

Experts say Hack is a new version of PHP - the language Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used when he started building Facebook.

Hack too runs on the Hip Hop Virtual Machine but it lets coders use both dynamic typing and static typing.

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