Misty May-Treanor Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Misty May-Treanor Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars’Olympic gold medal-winning volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, 31, has dropped out of ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’, after tearing an Achilles tendon during Lindy Hop rehearsals held on Friday.  With an almost to her knee cast on her left leg, Treanor is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday.

A born winner, only two weeks into the competition, she scored high (21-points) each week, and was beginning to establish herself as a dancer to watch for, she has expressed interest in returning to the show sometime in the future.

Duchovny Completes Sex-Addiction Rehab

Duchovny Completes Sex-Addiction RehabDavid Duchovny, who checked into rehab for sex addiction over the summer, is out after successfully completing his stint, and will begin filming for his new movie shortly, according to his lawyer, Larry Stein.

Duchovny, 48 voluntarily sought help for his sex addiction.  He married actress Téa Leoni in 1997 and has a son and daughter with her.  He most recently starred in ‘The X Files: I Want To Believe’, a big screen version of his popular X-files TV series.

Janet Jackson Cancels More Concert Tours

Janet Jackson Cancels More Concert ToursJanet Jackson, hospitalized in Montreal for exhaustion last week, though released two hours later, has had to cancel three more concert dates of her ‘Rock Witchu’ tour, as doctors refuse to let the still recuperating 42-year old singer and actress to get back to her grinding schedule of back-to-back concerts, till she is fully recovered.

Talking to People magazine, Jermaine Dupri, record producer and Jackson’s fiancée says it is difficult for a 42-year-old body to perform like a 22-year-old one.  Back-to-back, three-hour shows has left Jackson tired and exhausted.

‘Chihuahua’ Top Dog At The Box Office

‘Chihuahua’ Top Dog At The Box OfficeNotwithstanding critical backlash, ‘Beverley Hills Chihuahua’, a Disney talking canines offering about Chole, a thoroughly pampered Chihuahua kidnapped south of the border and then left to fend for herself, grabbed an estimated $29-million, at the weekend box office, Disney’s biggest October opening since Ladder 49’s $22.1-million in 2004.

None of the six new releases could shake DreamWorks / Paramount’s ‘Eagle Eye’ thriller.  The Shia LaBeouf starrer collected an estimated $17.7-million in its second weekend, with a domestic box office total of $54.6 million.

Clint Eastwood Says Angelina Jolie Talented and Beautiful

Clint Eastwood Says Angelina Jolie Talented and BeautifulOscar winner and top box office star – Clint Eastwood, 78 and director of ‘Changeling’, a period drama, talking to veteran movie journalist Lillian Ross at a Saturday Q&A sponsored by the New Yorker magazine at the Directors Guild of America stated, he finds Angelina Jolie, his leading lady to be extremely talented, but a talent that can be overlooked due to her having the most ‘gorgeous face on the planet’.

David Duchovny Successfully Completes Rehabilitation Successfully Completes Rehabilitation

David Duchovny has checked out of a rehabilitation facility for treatment of sex addiction. David’s release was declared by his attorney. His lawyer Stanton Stein said, "David has successfully completed his rehabilitation, he is out of rehab and will be starting a movie soon."

The actor's admission to a rehab facility for treatment of sex addiction was also revealed by his attorney, in late August. Stein, however, declined to comment when the actor had been treated or when he left the center.
Duchovny won a Golden Globe Award as best actor in a comedy for his role as Hank Moody in January. He played the role of an oversexed single dad and novelist struggling with writer's block in the Showtime series "Californication."

Anne Hathaway On SNL; Ratings Go Up

Anne Hathaway On SNL; Ratings Go UpWhen Anne Hathaway was questioned about her ex boyfriend Rafaello Follieri on Saturday Nights Live, she joked, "I broke up with my boyfriend... and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud ... I mean, we've all been there, right, ladies?"

Though "SNL" averaged a 7.4 household rating, Hathaway's appearance on "SNL" helped the show score one of its highest-ratings  since 2002.

Hathaway’s close friends remarked that they weren't surprised that Hathaway was a good sport.

Study: Use Of Fan Can Lower SIDS Risk By 72%

Study: Use Of Fan Can Lower SIDS Risk By 72%A recent study supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health has reported that sleeping in a room with a fan lowers a baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by 72 %. Still a mysterious cause of death, SIDS is diagnosed when an infant dies suddenly for no apparent reason or illness and is the leading cause of death in infants from 1 month to 1 year.

Non Invasive Test For Down Syndrome

Scientists have long been trying to develop a noninvasive prenatal test for Down syndrome that would replace the current risky amniocentesis which can cause miscarriages. This thirty year long attempt could be successfully solved if the new technique developed by scientists which requires a simple blood test to test for Down syndrome holds up in larger trials.

Stephen Quake, a bioengineer and his team at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, used powerful genetic techniques and sequenced the fetal DNA floating in the mother’s blood. They managed to successfully detect nine cases of the disease with 100 % accuracy.

Most Asian American voters Obama inclined

Most Asian American voters Obama inclined

The National Asian-American Survey indicates that Asian American voters support Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain by a substantial margin. However, a third of the voters still seem undecided, and could have an impact on the race in swing states, particularly Virginia, Florida and Nevada.

Palin defends comments against Obama, targets his character

Palin defends comments against Obama, targets his characterWith the Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, defending her claim that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists” and saying his association with a 1960s radical is an issue “fair to talk about”, there are clear indications that the 2008 presidential race has entered its ugliest and most rancorous phase.

During the course of a fundraising swing in California, Palin promised a crowd of 1,300 Republican supporters in Burlingame that John McCain is ready to get tough and “lay out the truth” about the ‘real” Barack Obama.

130 USC Students Sickened by Stomach Virus

Health officials say 130 students of University of Southern California have fallen sick and been hospitalized due to a norovirus and not contaminated food this weekend. According to university spokesman James Grant the campus community was alerted about the virus early Saturday and preliminary examination has found a norovirus to be the cause of the illness on campus. "We don't think it's a food borne illness. It looks like it's a human-contact virus, stomach flu." He added that the initial findings would not be confirmed until the test results are returned by the county health department in two to three weeks.

California might need $7 billion emergency loan

California might need $7 billion emergency loanA $7 billion emergency loan from the federal government is what California - the most populous US state and the world’s sixth-largest economy – may need, according to the intimation by the state officials to the Treasury Department. This need has arisen due to the shortage of cash and the inability to borrow more.

The economic crisis has shaken the creditors to such an extent that they are not ready to provide short-term finances that governments, normally considered safe bets, depend on to stay afloat until tax revenue is collected.

Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet Go On Verbal War Over Vaccines

Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet Go On Verbal War Over VaccinesAmanda Peet, actress, new mom and a spokeswoman for vaccine advocacy group Every Child by Two, came under fire when she in an interview called parents who elected to not to vaccinate their children “parasites”.

Actress Heather Locklear Arrested

Actress Heather Locklear ArrestedCalifornia Highway Patrol arrested television star Heather Locklear, 47, outside the coastal city of Santa Barbara on Saturday, for suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

The star of television shows, including Melrose Place, Locklear, has been suffering from anxiety and depression after her divorce last year from Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora after 11-years of marriage. She checked into a medical clinic in June to seek treatment for her condition.

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