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When 6-year-old boy left 'Madam President' Hillary Clinton speechless!

When 6-year-old boy left 'Madam President' Hillary Clinton speechless!Washington, April 10 : A 6-year-old boy recently left Hillary Clinton speechless after he asked her about her plans for running for 2016 Presidential election.

The unidentified elementary school kid asked the former first lady whether she preferred to be called Madam President or Mrs. President in 2016, the Washington Post reported.

Clinton smiled, but did not answer the question, she did, however, add that the question was really good.

Before walking off the stage, Clinton paused, looked at the audience and shrugged exaggeratingly. (ANI)

Hillary Clinton to release memoir on June 10

Hillary Clinton to release memoir on June 10Washington, April 10 : Hillary Clinton's publisher has announced that her memoir, wherein she has chronicled her time at the State Department, is due out on June 10.

The description on the book's official site, hillaryclinton memoir .com, which is owned and operated by publishers Simon and Schuster, states that Clinton shares candid reflections about key moments during her time as secretary of state in the book, the Politico reported.

The former first lady will also convey her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century in the book, the site claims.

Clinton praises 'strong and brave 'Pussy Riot band

Clinton praises 'strong and brave 'Pussy Riot band Washington, Apr 9 : Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised Russian punk band Pussy Riot as 'strong and brave young women'.

Clinton added that the group was so strong that it refuses to let their voices be silenced.

The praises for the group came as Clinton posted a picture on her Twitter account posing with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina of the group, the New York Post reports.

Clinton and the band met while attending the Women in the World Summit in New York on Friday.

Hillary Clinton drops first hint of presidential run in 2016

Hillary Clinton drops first hint of presidential run in 2016Washington, Apr 9 : Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she's thinking about a run for the White House .

The comments from Clinton came while speaking on a range of issues, ranging from immigration reform, income disparity and Vladimir Putin's misdeeds to her plans to run for president in 2016, during a keynote session at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2014 in San Francisco, California, U. S., on Tuesday.

According to the Huffington Post, Clinton, who retired last year as secretary of state, has earlier said she will make her decision on a 2016 presidential run later this year.

Hillary Clinton says media exhibits double standards against powerful women

Hillary Clinton says media exhibits double standards against powerful womenWashington, Apr 5 : Hillary Clinton reportedly asked women not to take criticism personally while she criticized media for exhibiting double standards when it came to talking about powerful women in public life.

Speaking at the opening of "Women in the World" in New York City, Clinton said that the double standard is alive and in many respects the media is the principal propagator of its persistence.

Hillary Clinton says Putin doing what Hitler did in 30s

Hillary ClintonWashington, Mar. 6 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has likened Russia President Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler and Russia-Ukraine dispute to Nazi Germany.

Clinton said that Putin's decision to issue passports to those in Crimea with ties to Russia is similar to the 'population transfers' that went forth in Germany after World War II, BuzzFeedreported.

According to the Washington Times, during a private event in Southern California, Clinton said Putin was doing what Hitler did back in the '30s'.

Clinton's speech was one of the few foreign policy commentaries she has made publicly since exiting her State Department role in 2013, the report added. (ANI)

Majority of Americans feel Hillary Clinton is 'not hard to like'

Hillary ClintonWashington, Mar. 5 - A majority of Americans feel former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is likeable enough, a new poll has revealed.

According to a Pew Research/USA Today Poll, nearly 57 percent of Americans said Clinton is not 'hard to like'.

Asked whether the phrase 'hard to like' applies to Clinton, 36 percent however said it did.

According to Politico, in a 2008 primary season poll, Pew found 51 percent of voters found her hard to like.

A majority of Americans also described her as 'tough' and 'honest', and 49 percent said she has new ideas.(ANI)

Hillary Clinton advises women to 'grow skin like a rhino'

Hillary ClintonWashington, Feb. 14 - Hillary Clinton has advised women to "grow thick skin like a rhinoceros " if they are public figures.

During an appearance at NYU, former US Secretary of State said that when one looks at the challenges of being a change-maker and being willing to buck the establishment, it's important to learn how to take criticism seriously but not personally, the Politico reported.

To do that you have to be willing to hear what others who are your critics are saying and to evaluate where they are coming from, she added. (ANI)

Hillary Clinton's not driven a car since 1996

Hillary Clinton's not driven a car since 1996Washington, Jan 28 : Hillary Clinton has confessed that she hasn't driven a car since 1996.

Clinton said at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in New Orleans that the she remembers the last time she drove very well, and so does the Secret Service, which is why she haven't driven any car since 1996, Fox News reported.

She said that she's always enjoyed stories about cars and adventure, and that she had to confess that one of the greatest disappointments about her public life was that she cannot drive anymore.

Clinton added that her husband Bill thinks that's a blessing. (ANI)

Hillary Clinton starts off 2014 with new 'bangs'

Hillary Clinton starts off 2014 with new 'bangs'Washington, January 3 : Hillary Clinton has started the year 2014 with a new hairdo at the swearing-in of N. Y. C. mayor Bill de Blasio .

The former Secretary of State surprised everyone by getting a stylish, sassy haircut with bangs, People Magazine reported.

Clinton's new hairstyle frames her face well, as the bangs look chic and flattering on her. (ANI)

Christie, Clinton top picks for 2016 presidential race

Hillary ClintonWashington, Dec. 27 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are the top picks for 2016 presidential race among party faithful.

According to Fox News Poll, Clinton leads the with 68 percent support among Democrats.

Vice President Joe Biden is a distant second with 12 percent. No other candidate garners double-digit support.

Christie has a narrow edge with 16 percent among GOP faithful.

He is followed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan , each at 12 percent.

Christie and Bush have received roughly equal support from both Republican men and women.

Hillary Clinton has 'so much to do' in 2014

Hillary ClintonWashington, Dec. 25 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has tweeted that she is looking ahead to 2014 with "so much to do" for the citizens.

Clinton tweeted holiday wishes to her growing number of followers and wished the Americans Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, Clinton also said that she would decide in 2014 whether she would launch a long-speculated presidential bid for 2016, Politico reports.

Clinton also questioned the cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits on Twitter to weigh in on congressional developments. (ANI)

Hillary Clinton wrestling with White House run

Hillary Clinton wrestling with White House runWashington, Sep 24 - Not long ago, Hillary Clinton had "absolutely no plans to run" for the White House in 2016. Now she is "wrestling" with the idea, but is in no hurry to decide as it's a decision "not to be made lightly."

A possible White House run by the former Secretary of State and First Lady, whom polls put as the leading contender Democratic nomination, has become a topic of renewed speculation with the publication of an interview by New York magazine.

Hillary Clinton supports same-sex marriage

Hillary Clinton supports same-sex marriageWashington, March 19 : Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has expressed her support for same-sex marriage in a video on the Human Rights Campaign web site.

Gays, lesbians and transgender people "are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones. And they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship - that includes marriage", she said Monday in a statement some saw as an indication of her possible candidacy for president in 2016.

Hillary would thrash top Republicans if elections were held today

Hillary would thrash top Republicans if elections were held today Washington, Mar. 8 : If the 2016 presidential elections were held today, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will top any of several top-tier possible Republican candidates, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a new poll has found.

The Quinnipiac Poll found that Clinton bests Christie 45 percent to 37 percent, and trumps Senator Marco Rubio 50 percent to 34 percent and Republican Paul Ryan, 50 percent to 38 percent.

In a statement, Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said that Clinton would start a 2016 presidential campaign with enormous advantages.

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