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George Bush whiling away time painting pictures of dogs and landscapes

George Bush whiling away time painting pictures of dogs and landscapesWashington, Oct 16 : George W. Bush, who has a lot of time on his hands since he left the Oval office, is keeping himself busy by taking up painting.

According to the New York Magazine, the 66-year-old former US President mostly does portraits of dogs and arid Texas landscapes.

"I find it stunning that he has the patience to sit and take instruction and paint," the Politico quoted a former aide as telling the publication.

Bush, whose second term concluded almost four years ago, does have an institute bearing his name at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and he travels frequently to Africa.

George W Bush `doesn’t want to crawl back into swamp of politics`

George W Bush `doesn’t want to crawl back into swamp of politics` Washington, July 18 : George W Bush has made it abundantly clear that although it was "awesome" being president for eight years, he doesn't miss life in political office.

The former US President said during a recent interview that he "crawled out of the swamp" and isn't headed back in.

"Eight years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful," Politico quoted him as saying.

"But I have no desire for fame and power anymore. . I crawled out of the swamp and I'm not crawling back in," he added. (ANI)

Bush to return to White House to unveil official portrait

Bush to return to White House to unveil official portraitWashington, May 19 : Former U. S. President George W. Bush is expected to return to the White House for the unveiling of his official portrait honored by sitting President Barack Obama later this month, both Bush''s office and the White House confirmed Friday.

The White House said Bush and former first lady Laura Bush will return to the White House on May 31 for the release of their portraits.

Bush''s office spokesman Freddy Ford said, "the Bushes are looking forward to being back in Washington and seeing a lot of their friends. They appreciate the Obamas'' hospitality in hosting the portrait hanging."

Bush fears being beaten on mountain bike ride by a one legged veteran

Bush fears being beaten on mountain bike ride by a one legged veteranWashington, Apr 11 : Former US President George Bush has said that he hosts mountain biking and golf outings for veterans because he likes to keep in contact with troops.

However, the former commander in chief revealed that he doesn't always hold his own against the war heroes.

"You know, I love to mountain bike ride," the LA Times quoted him as saying when he was talking about his outings.

"What I don't like to do is be beaten on a mountain bike ride by a one-legged veteran, but it's likely to happen," he added.

Obama marks end of Iraq War by lauding ‘extraordinary achievement’ of US troops

Obama marks end of Iraq War by lauding ‘extraordinary achievement’ of US troopsWashington, Dec 15 : US President Barack Obama has marked the end of the Iraq War by lauding the "extraordinary achievement" of his country’s troops.

He paid tribute to the slain soldiers and their families in a speech at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

"Tomorrow the colours of the United States Forces Iraq, the colours you fought under, will be formally cased in a ceremony in Baghdad. Then they''ll begin their journey across an ocean back home,” the BBC quoted Obama, as saying.

Laura Bush tried to change hubby’s style

Laura Bush tried to change hubby’s styleWashington, November 9 : Laura Bush, wife of former US president George Bush, joked about her husband's sense of style and her futile efforts to change it.

Honoured as Glamour magazine women of the year, Laura Bush and daughters Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager accepted their award at Carnegie Hall on Monday night.

"Seven out of 10 women try to give their men serious makeovers," the Politico quoted Jenna Bush as reading out from Glamour.

Her mother then revealed that she had made efforts to do the same with Bush.

"I tried," Laura said. (ANI)

George Bush won’t be caught dead ‘Dancing With the Stars’!

George Bush won’t be caught dead ‘Dancing With the Stars’! Washington, Oct 14 : Former US president George W. Bush has revealed that he would never participate in the televised dance competition ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

Bush, who recently passed on the offer to join the show, however said that if his predecessor, Bill Clinton ever decides to do it, then he would surely tune in to see his moves.

“Yeah, I''d watch him. “I’d watch him but I’m not going to go on ‘Dancing With the Stars,” Politico quoted him as telling The Insider.

Bush also joked about Clinton, saying that he would not be a strong competitor anyway calling him a “long shot.” (ANI)

Americans evenly divided over Bush vs Obama

obama bush 47 to 45 percent, Americans say Obama is a better president than Bush. But that two point margin is down from a 23 point advantage one year ago.

"Democrats may want to think twice about bringing up former President George W. Bush's name while campaigning this year," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

"But that doesn't mean that Americans regret their decision to put Obama in the White House in 2008. By a 50 to 42 percent margin, the public says that Obama has done a better job than Republican John McCain would have done if he had won.

Bush’s ‘memoir’ revealing key decisions in life set for November release

George W. BushLondon, Apr 26 : Former President George W Bush's book "Decision Points" which is not a traditional memoir but an account of key decisions in his life, will be released in November.

The publisher of the book "Decision Points: on Sunday unveiled its cover design and announced its release date.

The cover features a photo of then-President Bush alone with his thoughts, standing in the Rose Garden Colonnade, wearing a dark suit and holding a briefing book, his head turned slightly from the camera, The Telegraph reports.

Bush signs NASA bill with tech requirements

Bush signs NASA bill with tech requirements

Under a bill signed on October 15 by President Bush, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been authorized to add two space shuttle flights to the International Space Station and accelerate the development of a new moonship.

The $20.2 billion law requires NASA to develop technology such that the public can experience missions to the moon and Mars. NASA must also deliver a multimedia experience to the public, including high-definition video, 3-D images, and scientific data delivered over a high-bandwidth network.

Bush to discuss bailout plan with Obama and McCain

Bush to discuss bailout plan with Obama and McCain

In a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, President George W. Bush has warned that the US was in the midst of a grave financial crisis that could push the economy into a long-term recession if the government did not act. This address was aimed at generating public support for the $700 billion financial bailout being negotiated with Congress. Bush said his ‘natural instinct’ was to oppose government intervention in the financial sector, but in the current financial turmoil that was not possible.

Congress Overrides Bush’s Veto On Medicare Bill

Congress Overrides Bush’s Veto On Medicare BillThe U.S. Congress on Tuesday voted to override President George W. Bush’s veto on a bill to protect doctors from a cut in their reimbursement rates. The override vote easily met the two-thirds requirement with the senate voting 70-26 and the House of Representatives 383-41 to nullify the president’s veto. By this override vote, the Congress rescinded an 11% reduction in government payments to about 600,000 doctors who were treating elderly Medicare patients, and the bill now becomes a law.

U.S. Considers Lifting Sanctions Against North Korea

U.S. Considers Lifting Sanctions Against North KoreaThe U.S. President, George W Bush has said that the United States will lift some of the sanctions on North Korea, after it handed over its nuclear programme details as the first step towards denuclearization.

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters that the Trading with the Enemy Act would be lifted against North Korea, though many other sanctions would still remain.

Obama Gets Felicitations From President Bush & Condoleezza Rice

Sen. Barack Obama scriptedObama Gets Felicitations From President Bush & Condoleezza Rice a new history on Tuesday by becoming the first American Indian to clinch the presidential nomination of a major political party of United States. Yes, Obama became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for the general election by comprehensively edging out Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Jenna Bush ready to Marry Longtime Boyfriend Henry Hager today

Jenna Bush Marries Longtime Boyfriend Henry HagerThe first daughter, Jenna Welch Bush is going to get married on Saturday May 10, 2008 before about 200 guests at the family's 1,600 acre Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas.

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