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China trying to intimidate its neighbours: Carter

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter

Washington - China is trying to intimidate its neighbours, President Barack Obama's nominee for Defence Secretary Ashton Carter today said today as he expressed concern over the Asian giant's increasing military might.

"Certainly trying to," Carter told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing.

He was responding to a question from Senator Lindsey Graham who asked, "Do you think China is intimidating their neighbours?"

"Can you explain that to me, because I can't explain it to myself?" Graham followed up with another question.

"No, I can't. No, I can't," Carter said refraining to give any further details as to how China is trying to intimidate its neighbours.

Indian among undocumented students invited by Obama to White House

Washington - US President Barack Obama has invited an Indian along with five other undocumented students at the White House to hear directly from the young people whose lives have been positively affected by the US immigration policies.

Rishi Singh from South Ozone Park in New York along with five other undocumented students would meet Obama at his Oval Office today, according to a White House official.

The other five students are Steven Arteaga from Houston, Jean Yannick Diouf from Maryland, Blanca Gamez from Las Vegas, Maria Praeli from Coinnecticut, and Bati-amgalan Tsoftsaikhan from Virginia.

Military conflict between US and Russia would be unwise: Obama

Washington - Engaging in a military conflict with Russia amid growing tensions between Moscow and Washington would be unwise, US president Barack Obama has said adding that the US policy of imposing tough sanctions on Russia after the latter's actions in Ukraine has badly hit the Russian economy.

"I don't think that it would be wise for the US or the world to see an actual military conflict between the United States and Russia," Obama told Fareed Zakaria of the GPS, a CNN Sunday talk show, in an interview aired yesterday.

'Personal chemistry of Barack Obama, Narendra Modi to drive Indo-US ties'

Washington - The strong personal chemistry between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would drive the Indo-US strategic relationship, a top American Senator has said.

"I witnessed first-hand the strong personal chemistry between President Obama and Prime Minister Modi, and that will be very important as our countries work together to strengthen this vital strategic partnership," Senator Mark Warner, Co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus who is the only country-specific caucus in the US Senate said.

He was part of the four lawmakers who came with Obama during his three-day visit.Who was on the just concluded presidential trip to New Delhi said on Friday.

US suspects former Gitmo detainee swapped for Bergdahl trying to re-establish contact with Taliban

Washington, Jan 30 - The US reportedly suspects that one of the five Taliban detainees traded last year for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is attempting to contact suspected Taliban associates in Afghanistan .

According to CNN, an ongoing US intelligence program to secretly intercept and monitor all of their communications in Qatar turned up evidence in recent months that one of them has "reached out" to try to encourage militant activity, one official said.

The revelation comes amid growing concerns over released Gitmo detainees returning to the terror world.

After taking office in 2009, US President Barack Obama had vowed to shut down the prison camp. Since then, numerous Guantanamo detainees have been transferred or returned to their countries.

Obama's video 'singing' Bruno Mars' hit 'Uptown Funk' goes viral

Washington, Jan 30 - Popular YouTube called Barackdubs decided to mix things up and gave Bruno Mars' hit single ' Uptown Funk,' a different version, with Barack Obama as a singer. Well, sort of!

The video, which has already climbed the charts, features snippets of the US President giving various speeches cut and mixed together to make it sound like he's singing the song, E! Online reported.

The impressive video comes after a Dallas high school teacher gave his students the ultimate assignment to create a music video inspired by the hit single, and the clip has already received more than 5 million page views.

Mars shared the video on Facebook and wrote that "I cried at the end. I'm still a thug though. Thank you to everyone involved in making this video ." (ANI)

Barack Obama aide asks Congress for enhanced trade-deal

Washington - A senior Democratic senator's complaints today, and noisy protesters, underscored the Obama administration's challenge in seeking congressional approval for enhanced powers to reach trade deals with Japan, India and many other countries.

Sen Charles Schumer said he worries that new trade deals will not help middle class incomes.

He also said the United States must do more to prevent China from keeping its currency's value artificially low, which enhances Chinese exports and dampens imports.

Schumer addressed his remarks to US Trade Representative Michael Froman, who made the administration's pitch to the Senate Finance Committee.

Obama cuts short India trip to visit Saudi Arabia following King Abdullah's death

Washington, Jan 24 : U. S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will fly to Saudi Arabia on January 27 to pay respects to the late King Abdullah's family, cutting short their India trip, a White House spokesman said.

The president and the first lady, who are due to arrive in India Sunday to be the chief guest at India's Republic Day parade on Monday, have cancelled their visit to Taj Mahal in Agra and will instead fly to Riyadh on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported.

Obama leaves for three-day visit to India

Washington, Jan 24 : President Barack Obama and U. S. First Lady Michelle Obama have left for their India visit from Andrews Air Base in Washington. Earlier in the day, Obama had cancelled his upcoming visit of Agra on January 27, opting to go to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to offer his condolences to the royal family following the demise of Saudi monarch King Abdullah.

Obama will arrive in New Delhi tomorrow to take part in Republic Day celebrations on the invitation of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He will be the first U. S. President to attend a Republic Day celebration, the White House said. Obama, who visited India in 2010, would also be the first U. S. president to visit the country twice while in office.

'Obama should raise issue of minority rights in India'

Washington - An Indian American Muslim advocacy group has appealed to US President Barack Obama to raise with Prime Minister Narendra Modi the issue of alleged deterioration in the condition of minorities in India.

"In your discussions with Prime Minister Modi and other Indian officials, express concern over the rapidly deteriorating situation of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and other minorities in

India. A reference to their plight during your speech would go a long way in highlighting the international community's cognisance of the ground realities in India," the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) said in a letter to Obama.

Amnesty wants Obama to talk about Bhopal disaster

Washington - Ahead of his visit to India, a human rights group has asked US President Barack Obama to speak up about the Bhopal gas tragedy while promoting his country's business interests during the trip.

Even after 30 years, people continue to suffer from the impact of the disaster at a factory owned by US-based company Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), that killed 20,000 and injured thousands others. The site is not cleaned up, the Amnesty International said yesterday.

"The failure of Obama to speak up will embolden US-based companies to ignore accountability for their involvement in human rights abuses. While he is celebrating Republic day, the president should not forget the people of Bhopal, who still suffer from the effects of the disaster," the Amnesty said.

Many terror groups operating in Pakistan: US

Washington DC, Jan. 24 - The United States has stated that a number of terrorist organisations are operating 'with impunity' from Pakistan, adding that it values its counter-terrorism cooperation with India.

According to reports, the White House, in a statement on Friday, expressed its concern over the continued presence of safe havens for terror groups in Pakistan even though the Islamic Republic's army has taken steps against them in recent months.

This statement comes on the eve of US President Barack Obama's three-day visit of India. President Obama, who will become the first US president to be the chief guest of the Republic Day parade, will also be the first president to visit India twice during his tenure. (ANI)

Barack Obama embarks on India trip today evening

Washington - US President Barack Obama will leave Andrews Air Force Base Saturday evening for his highly anticipated three-day landmark trip to India on an invitation by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Obama will be accompanied by a sizable delegation that will include several top officials, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, when he arrives in New Delhi tomorrow morning, the White House has said.

The President will be joined in India by multiple members of his cabinet, influential business leaders and a host of US lawmakers, including Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the US House of Representatives during the trip.

'Genuine honour' for Obama to be chief guest at Republic Day: White House

Washington - It is a "genuine honour" for US President Barack Obama to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade and witness India's national day celebrations first hand, the White House has said.

"The President is very much looking forward to this visit. It is a genuine honour to be invited as guest for Republic Day. He is looking forward to travelling there to see the festivities associated with Republic Day first hand.

"We've got many colourful descriptions about the parade and other festivities that go along with marking this important day," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily news conference.

Terrorists functioning with impunity in parts of Pakistan: US

Washington - A number of terror groups are functioning with impunity in parts of Pakistan, the White House said on Friday, as it stated that the US values counter-terrorism co-operation with India.

Hours before President Barack Obama's departure to India, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest expressed concern over the continued presence of terror safe havens in Pakistan even though the Pakistan Army has taken steps against them in recent months.

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