Penn Serial Killer Pleads Guilty To Killing Over Nine Women In Four US States

He’s serial killer involved in several rape, murder, sex, kidnapping, and Timothy_Krajcir_Pennburglary crimes in the United States. Well, he appears to a shrewd killer of a deadly Hollywood thriller, but actually he’s 63 years old, Timothy Krajcir, the man who was in jail since 1983 for his criminal deeds.

Yes, Timothy Krajcir, a serial killer from Allentown, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty on Friday to killing over nine women, five in Missouri and four others in Illinois and Pennsylvania nearly 30 years ago.  He confessed to the killings only after DNA evidence linked him to one death in Cape Girardeau and another in Illinois. He confessed to the crimes last year, agreed to plead guilty if authorities would agree not to seek his execution. Thus, he avoided the death penalty after making a deal with prosecutors.

According to reports, He has also been charged with rape and murder in Pennsylvania. He has been indicted in Kentucky on kidnapping and burglary charges stemming from a 1979 death, but the actual killing did not take place in the state. Residents of the quiet Mississippi River town of Cape Girardeau were horrified in the late 1970s and early 1980s when four women were killed in their homes and a fifth was kidnapped outside a Wal-Mart store and slain. He has already received a combined 80-year sentence for two killings in southern Illinois. Krajcir has received five consecutive life sentences for the murder counts, with additional sentences for several lesser charges.

Krajcir pleaded guilty to each killing — and to three separate rapes in which he let his victims live. Narrating his crime, he told that he spotted a woman at a public place, followed her home and returned later to attack her at gunpoint. He mutilated the body of one victim.

He was reportedly emotionless as he described murdering the women, even as their tearful relatives sat just feet away from him. But he was in tears when he apologized to the families and the community of Cape Girardeau and said he would spend his remaining days counseling younger sex offenders in treatment programs. Krajcir said, "I'll do everything in my power in coming years to help as many people as I can, to make sure things like this never happen again."

According to Authorities, Krajcir pleaded guilty in the federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau. He traveled to Cape Girardeau to hunt for victims and kill them, stumping detectives who sought mostly local suspects. Krajcir has spent most of his adult life in prison; the string of murders to which he confessed occurred during a brief window when he was free. Krajcir attended Southern Illinois University, where he studied criminal justice.

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