Osama plotted to kill Obama : reports

Osama plotted to kill Obama : reportsWashington, March 17 - Before being killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden had ordered for organising special cells in Afghanistan and Pakistan to attack the aircraft of US President Barack Obama and General David Petraeus, the US media reported Friday.

Petraeus had commanded the US forces in Afghanistan at the time.

The plot was discovered in documents taken from Osama's compound by US forces May 2, 2011, the night he was killed by US special forces, Xinhua quoted The Washington Post citing administrative officials as saying.

They also said the plot was never a serious threat, it added.

The man Osama had picked to carry out the attacks was Pakistani terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri who was killed in a US drone attack a month after the former's death.

However, the Washington Post said the plot "was probably bluster," since Al-Qaeda apparently lacked the weapons to shoot down US aircraft, and US analysts don't see evidence that these plots have materialised. (IANS)

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