Apple sells record 4 mln iPhone 6 devices in 24 hours

Apple sells record 4 mln iPhone 6 devices in 24 hoursWashington, Sep 16 - Setting new pre-order records for its new iPhone, Apple has sold more than four million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets in just 24 hours.

Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Cook , declared in a statement that the pre-orders for the two devices has set a new record for Apple and the company is eager to get the new handsets to its customers starting this Friday, reported The Verge.

The record sales came after a pre-order process revealed that iPhone 6 Plus devices appeared to be in short supply. (ANI)

Microsoft to showcase next version of Windows on Sep 30

Microsoft to showcase next version of Windows on Sep 30Washington, Sep 16 - Microsoft will showcase an enterprise technology preview of its next version of Windows on September 30th as the company has started sending out invitations.

The invitation asks people to join them to see what was next for the enterprise and Windows.

The invitation does not mention whether the company will give out the Windows Threshold tech preview at the event.

According to CNET, Microsoft is likely to release a first public preview of the Threshold version of Windows Server at the event.

Pro-Russia rebels release Ukrainian soldiers as part of Minsk ceasefire agreement

Ukrainian President Petro PoroshenkoWashington, Sep 16 - Pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine have reportedly released dozens of captured Ukrainian soldiers as part of the ceasefire agreement signed in Minsk, Belarus.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said in a Tweet that 73 troops were released by separatists in Donetsk on Sunday, reported CNN.

However, despite the truce agreement, violence continued to flare in the volatile regions through Sunday. The report quoted local officials as describing the situation as "critical."

Donetsk 's city office said on Monday that six civilians have died and 15 have been injured in the shelling. (ANI)

Now, 'cheetah robot' that runs and jumps across grass

Now, 'cheetah robot' that runs and jumps across grassWashington, Sept 16 - Researchers have developed an algorithm that enables their " cheetah robot" to run and jump, untethered, across grass.

MIT researchers' sleek, four-legged assemblage of gears, batteries, and electric motors that weighs about as much as its feline counterpart bounded across the grass at a steady clip and sprinted up to 10 mph, even continuing to run after clearing a hurdle.

The researchers estimate that the current version of the robot may eventually reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

Why some people are more naturally inclined to music than others

Why some people are more naturally inclined to music than othersWashington, Sept 16 - A new study has revealed that hearing and cognitive function affecting genes determine one's musical aptitude.

Researchers explained that extremes capacity or no capacity in musical aptitude, which is the ability to understand and perceive rhythm, pitch, timbre, tone durations, and formal structure in music, are rare within a population, with the majority of individuals having moderate aptitude.

Four Brit colleges make it to top 5 world universities

Four Brit colleges make it to top 5 world universitiesWashington, Sept 16 - Four British institutions have been ranked in top five of the world's universities, it has been revealed.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology grabbed the top spot in top five of the world's universities, whereas Cambridge University and Imperial College were ranked at second-equal in the list, the Guardian reported.

According to the QS rankings of world universities , Harvard University was ranked fourth and Oxford and University College London were placed jointly at fifth place.

Security issues to be discussed during Narendra Modi's US visit

Narendra ModiWashington - The US on Tuesday said it shares a very broad relationship with India and key issues of security, economy and energy among others would be discussed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's maiden visit to the country.

"We are all looking forward to welcoming Prime Minister Modi to Washington for a number of meetings," State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf told foreign correspondents at a news conference here.

The Obama administration is gearing up to give a red carpet welcome to Prime Minister Modi when he arrives in Washington on September 29 from New York where he would attend the annual General Assembly session of the United Nations.

US cites state secrets in civil lawsuit over Iran

US cites state secrets in civil lawsuit over IranNew York - The US government, citing state secrets and a threat to national security, has asked a judge to toss out a defamation lawsuit that a wealthy Greek shipping magnate brought against a nonprofit organisation seeking to thwart Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

Victor Restis, a billionaire Greek citizen, sued the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran last year, claiming it was trying to ruin his livelihood and reputation by falsely claiming he did business with Iran.

Obama expands US fight against Ebola

Obama expands US fight against EbolaWashington - Congress could approve an USD 88 million request by President Barack Obama to back expanded efforts to combat Ebola as soon as this week, in a sign of rising US concern over the epidemic.

Obama will travel to Atlanta tomorrow to meet medical authorities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and announce new aid to Ebola-affected regions in West Africa, which could include portable hospitals and US experts.

Congress meanwhile is expected to debate and likely pass a temporary government funding bill this week, which includes a White House request for USD 88 million in funding to fight Ebola.

Kashmiri Americans offer telemedicine to flood victims in J&K

Kashmiri Americans offer telemedicine to flood victims in J&KWashington : As fears grew over potential spread of water-borne diseases in the flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmiri Americans on Monday offered telemedicine facility through Skype and phone to the affected people in the state.

The Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), in partnership with Grand Opinion, has decided to provide free consultations to the flood-ravaged people in anticipation of medical and infectious diseases to avoid morbidity and mortality, a statement said.

How to make your tattoo look its best

How to make your tattoo look its bestWashington, Sept 15 : Tattoos are one of the popular ways to change one's appearance, while expressing oneself.

According to board-certified dermatologist Bruce E. Katz, permanent and often pricey form of body art, tattoos are an investment and in order to protect that investment, it's important to take steps to keep tattooed skin healthy and vibrant.

Mobile advertising market grows fastest in India among all Asia Pacific countries: Report

Mobile advertising market growsWashington, Sep 15 : According to the State of Mobile Advertising report, India is the most powerful driver of the Asia Pacific mobile advertising market with mobile-ad impression percentage growing by 260 since July 2013.

It is due to the fact that in India, there has been a rapid shift from feature phones to smart phones which is primarily dominated by Android operating systems.

Mobile application stores, gaming and education sites are extremely popular among Indian users, reported Enterprise Innovation.

Advertisements served are generally for games and mobile devices representing nearly half of all impressions.

17-year-old Colorado kid develops 'fingerprint recognition' gun to reduce accidental deaths

17-year-old ColoradoWashington, Sep 15 : A 17-year-old high school student from Colorado has applied biometric user authentication to firearms to develop a gun that unlocks with the user's fingerprints.

Kai Kloepfer developed the gun that works by creating a user ID and locking in the fingerprint of each user allowed to use the gun. It will only unlock with the unique fingerprint of those who have already permission to access the gun.

Men think women's 'hotness' starts decreasing after age 20

Men think women's 'hotness' starts decreasing after age 20Washington, Sept 15 : Men think women who're 22 would be less hot than the ones who are 20, according to a new book on relationship s.

The book, Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking), is based on the data from the dating website OkCupid, that was co-founded by author Christian Rudder, and reveals the way people interact and view each other, Discovery News reported.

It also stated that men up to age 50 find women between ages 20-24 most attractive.

Retired U.S. Air Force General compares objective of military airstrikes to 'casual sex' without commitment

Michael HaydenWashington, Sep 15 - Retired U. S. Air Force General Michael Hayden has likened the objective of military airstrikes in the Middle East to casual sex as it offers satisfaction but with little or no commitment.

According to the Washington Times, he arranged a conference call with reporters to warn about the dangers of relying on airstrikes.

Hayden said that the U. S. needs to be wary of strategies that put emphasis on airpower alone.

U. S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that they would not be sending troops into Iraq and Syria.

The Pentagon plans to train 5,000 Syrian rebels every year as a part of Obama's strategy to combat Islamic State militants. (ANI)

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