Now, LCD screens to get 'richly colored' thanks to quantum dots

Now, LCD screens to get 'richly colored' thanks to quantum dotsWashington, August 11 - New high-tech specks called quantum dots have been designed to make LCD screens more richly colored.

Eric Nelson, who helped create the plastic films that hold the quantum dots in a screen, said that the new technology called 3M quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF) is the most efficient way to get to a high-color display.

While speaking at the 248th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), he mentioned that the quantum dot display s need less energy compared to other high- color options.

Gene behind 'blood vessel' formation discovered

Gene behind 'blood vessel' formation discoveredWashington, Aug 11 - A new research has helped discover the gene, which plays a crucial role in formation of blood vessel.

Professor David Beech at the University of Leeds, who led the research, said that the blood vessel networks were not already pre-constructed but emerged rather like a river system. Vessels do not develop until the blood is already flowing and they are created in response to the amount of flow. The gene, Piezo1, provides the instructions for sensors that tell the body that blood is flowing correctly and gives the signal to form new vessel structures.

Kurdish forces reclaim 2 Iraqi towns from ISIS

Kurdish forces reclaim 2 Iraqi towns from ISISWashington, Aug 11 - Kurdish military says they have reclaimed two key towns from Islamic militants, who have taken control over large parts of northern Iraq.

According to Fox News, Brig. Gen. Shirko Fatih, a senior Kurdish military official, said the Kurdish fighters were able to push the militants of the Islamic State group out of the villages of Makhmour and al-Gweir, some 27 miles from Irbil.

Meanwhile, the US said it was starting a fourth round of airstrikes Sunday against militant vehicles and mortars firing on Irbil in an attempt to discourage the Sunni fighters from attacking US personnel near the Kurdish capital.

You learn things better when you are expectation to teach them

You learn things better when you are expectation to teach themWashington, Aug 11 - A new research conducted on students claims that when people are expected to further teach the material they were being taught, it makes them learn things better.

Lead author John Nestojko, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at WUSTL, said that when compared to learners expecting a test, learners expecting to teach recalled more material correctly, they organized their recall more effectively and they had better memory for especially important information.

Do you crave for temporarily unavailable goods?

Do you crave for temporarily unavailable goodsWashington, Aug 11 - Scientists have analyzed whether people's desire regarding something that is not available at that moment, increases or decreases over time.

In a recent study titled 'How Non-Consumption Shapes Desire,' Ayelet Fishbach, from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and co-author Xianchi Dai of Chinese University of Hong Kong, found if a person is aware of a substitute for something, the longer they have gone without, the weaker their desire for the non-consumed good becomes.

Mice study reveals link between 'lead' and obesity

Mice study reveals link between 'lead' and obesityWashington, Aug 10 - A new study on mice shows that exposure to 'lead' through their mothers could cause obesity.

Researchers at the University of Michigan claim that mice whose mothers were exposed to the chemical, had an 8-10 percent increase in weight.

Dana Dolinoy, senior author of the study said that the data supported the obesogen hypothesis that toxicant exposures in the womb contribute to the higher rate of obesity.

Al Qaeda militants defecting to ISIS pose serious threat, warns US

Al Qaeda militants defecting to ISIS pose serious threat, warns USWashington, Aug 10 - The United States intelligence agencies raised an alarm as they revealed that several fighters from Al Qaeda affiliates are now defecting to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as the group expands its influence in the two states.

The U. S. counter-terrorism analysts have admitted that the latest development shows the growing international appeal of the group that has an overwhelming military presence in Iraq and Syria, reported The Washington Post.

They also warned that the problem may become more serious as the group accumulates more victories in the region and pose a direct threat to the U. S.

ISIL threatens U.S. of 'raising flag of Allah in White House'

ISIL threatens U.S. of 'raising flag of Allah in White House'Washington, Aug 9 : The Islamist State of Iraq and Levant has said in a video that that they would 'raise the flag of Allah in the White House' and humiliate the American soldiers everywhere.

The video offered a glimpse to the western countries into the working of the militant group, reports the Washington Times.

The ISIL spokesman Abu Mosa said that they had established the Islamic Caliphate and that they would not stop.

They further urged the U. S. to send their soldiers to their country and stop the drone attacks.

Experts fear US airstrikes may not be sufficient to combat militancy in Iraq

Experts fear US airstrikes may not be sufficient to combat militancy in IraqWashington, Aug 9 - Analysts are concerned that US President Barack Obama's authorization of air strikes in Iraq may not be sufficient to control the incessant al Qaeda-inspired militancy in the volatile country.

According to The Washington Times, Retired Army Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik said that the strikes Friday against artillery and mortar positions of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were "necessary but not sufficient" to seriously confront threat now posed to the region and to the wider world.

Now, Disney stories to have 'feel effect' vocab

Now, Disney stories to have 'feel effect' vocabWashington, Aug 9 - A "feel effect" vocabulary has been developed by Disney researchers that will tell stories with sense of touch.

The researchers from Disney worked with human participants and a Carnegie Mellon University psychologist to establish a library of 40 feel effects matched to the descriptions that designers without a deep background in haptic effects could readily understand.

China puts restrictions on use of instant messaging apps

China puts restrictions on use of instant messaging appsWashington, Aug 9 - According to new Chinese regulations, users of instant messaging applications will need to use real names while registering public accounts and sign a contract to 'uphold the socialist system'.

The users will also be restricted from publishing political news without the approval of the government, reports the Verge.

The new regulations are specifically targeting a popular application WeChat which reportedly has four hundred million users every month.

According to reports, actions will be taken against spam or any posts that disobey national policies.

Learning music enhances language, reading skills of disadvantaged kids

Learning music enhances language, reading skills of disadvantaged kidsWashington, Aug 9 - A new study has demonstrated that reading and language skills of disadvantaged children can be enhanced by learning to play a musical instrument or to sing.

The research conducted at the American Psychological Association's 122nd Annual Convention highlight the role learning music can have on the brains of youth in impoverished areas.

Nina Kraus, PhD, a neurobiologist at Northwestern University said that research had shown that there were differences in the brains of children raised in insolvent environments that affect their ability to learn.

US military operation limited in scope and duration: Obama

Barack ObamaWashington: The American military operation in parts of Iraq against the Islamic State terrorists is "limited in scope and duration", US President Barack Obama has informed the Congress.

In a letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, on War Powers Resolution regarding Iraq, Obama said he has authorised the Armed forces to conduct targeted airstrikes in Iraq.

10 yr study finds most astronauts rely on sleeping pills

10 yr study finds most astronauts rely on sleeping pillsWashington, Aug 08 - A new extensive study has revealed that most of the astronauts suffer through sleep deprivation in the weeks leading up to and during space flight, so they depend on the pills to fall asleep.

Laura K. Barger, associate physiologist in the BWH Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, said that sleep deficiency was pervasive among crew members and it's clear that more effective measures are needed to promote adequate sleep in crew members, both during training and space flight, as sleep deficiency has been associated with performance decrements in numerous laboratory and field-based studies.

After Google, Yahoo set to bring end-to-end encrypted emails by 2015

yahooWashington, Aug 8 - Yahoo Chief Information security officer Alex Stamos announced on Thursday that users will soon have the option to send end-to-end encrypted emails next year, enabled via a browser plugin.

The encryption would allow users to send each other emails with the content scrambled, unreadable to anyone but the sender and the receiver.

Yahoo will bootstrap its own plugin by modifying Google's code, and the two services will be compatible, the Mashable reported.

Earlier, Google also announced its plans to roll out a Chrome browser extension to let people encrypt their emails.

These moves come following Edward Snowden's revelations of widespread Internet surveillance. (ANI)

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