Climate change may slowdown crop production in 20 yrs

Climate change may slowdown crop production in 20 yrsWashington, July 26 - A new study has revealed that climate change could lead to major crop production slowdown in the next 20 years.

The experts from Stanford University and the National Center for Atmospheric Research found that the odds of a major production slowdown of wheat and corn, even with a warming climate, were not very high. But the risk was about 20 times more significant than it would be without global warming, and it might require planning by organizations that were affected by international food availability and price.

Researchers return from 'mock-up Mars' world after 4 months

Researchers return from 'mock-up Mars' world after 4 monthsWashington, July 26 - Six researchers have come back to the real world after spending 4 months in a mock Mars habitat on a Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa.

The expedition's leader Casey Stedman, who spent the time in the 1,000 sq. ft. solar-powered dome, which included kitchen, dining room, bathroom with shower, lab and exercise space, with his 5 crew members, expressed that it was great to get back to real world, and to be able to have fresh food again.

Binsted added that had to deal with the disagreements one could face in such small space, and overcome their conflicts.

Freshmen Republican misidentifies two senior officials as Indian Govt. representatives

usaWashington, July 26 - Freshman Republican Curt Clawson reportedly mistook two senior U. S. government officials as representatives of the Indian government during a congressional hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

According to The Cable, the two officials Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar are Americans, who hold senior positions at the State Department and Commerce Department respectively.

Clawson repeatedly asked them questions related to India and the Indian Government.

The Florida Republican also said that he was familiar with India, adding that he was willing and enthusiastic to strengthen the Indo-US ties.

'Unemployment' could kill you, 'recession' might be good for health

'Unemployment' could kill you, 'recession' might be good for healthWashington, July 26 - A new study has revealed that losing a job might increase risk of death in people but recession could help decrease the mortality risk.

Obama asks Afghan prez candidates to accept election results

US President Barack ObamaWashington - US President Barack Obama has asked the two Afghan presidential candidates, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani to publicly endorse their previously agreed political framework and insisted there is no justification for rhetoric that threatens extra-constitutional measures.

Obama talked to them over phone and thanked them for their leadership in reaching an agreement to form a national unity government and to accept the outcome of the full audit of the ballots in the June 14 run-off election currently being undertaken by the election commissions, the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest told reporters.

US discussing Russian aggression in Ukraine with India: Biswal

Nisha Desai BiswalWashington - The United States is in touch with India over the alleged Russian aggression in Ukraine, a senior Obama Administration official has told lawmakers, who expressed concern over India's close relationship with Moscow.

"We do make the point to our Indian colleagues, as we do to friends around the world, about our perspective, particularly with respect to Russian aggression in the Ukraine and the implications that that has," Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal said during a Congressional hearing.

"And we will continue to have those conversations with India and with other partners around the world," she added.

Indian company creates 'smart shoes' to help guide your way

Indian company creates 'smart shoes' to help guide your wayNew York, July 25 : An Indian startup company Ducere Technologies has come up with the very first 'smart shoe' that will tell people where to go.

The firm, which was started by two Indian engineers in 2011, developed the shoes called 'Lechal' to ease the way for blind people, the New York Post reported.

Krispian Lawrence, co-founder and chief executive officer of the company told WSJ. com that the shoes were a like an extension to the human body which helped in detecting obstacles.

Chelsea Clinton celebrates baby shower with Hillary Clinton

Chelsea Clinton celebrates baby shower with Hillary ClintonWashington, July 25 : Hillary Clinton recently threw a baby shower for her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who is expecting her first child with husband Marc Mezvinsky.

According to New York Daily News, the celebration was held at upscale Crabtree Kittle House Inn, which is located near the Clinton's estate, and was joined by family and close friends, Us magazine reported.

My 'basketball shot' is broken, says President Obama

My 'basketball shot' is broken, says President ObamaWashington, July 25 : President Obama admitted that his "basketball shot is broken" during a surprise lunch stop in Los Angeles.

The 52-year-old US President started chatting about the game to two older men who were sitting in a booth at Canter's Deli, and said elbow keeps going out when he plays and only makes about 80 percent of the free shots, ABC News reported.

He blamed it on his age, and added that he was getting the "chicken wing."

As per the White House, the stop was part Obama's effort to 'meet people across the country to listen to their struggles and successes, and issues they faced in their lives. (ANI)

ISIS 'number one threat' to US, warns Pentagon

ISIS 'number one threat' to US, warns PentagonWashington, July 25 : The spread of militant outfit, ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, is winning the group new recruits from Europe and America. The size and reach of the group has now led the United States to place the threat posed by the organization on par with the ones based in Yemen.

According to The Washington Times, Michael Vickers, the Pentagon's Under Secretary for Defense Intelligence, said at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday that Syria is the number one threat to the American homeland right now.

Merely 8.2 percent of DNA 'functional' in human beings

Merely 8.2 percent of DNA 'functional' in human beingsWashington, July 25 : A new study claims that only 8.2 percent of our DNA actually does some significant work.

Researchers from the Oxford University took advantage of the ability of evolution to discern which activities matter and which do not. They identified how much of our genome has avoided accumulating changes over 100 million years of mammalian evolution, a clear indication that this DNA matters, it has some important function that needs to be retained.

'Narcissistic' bosses perform better financially

'Narcissistic' bosses perform better financiallyWashington, July 25 : Narcissistic CEO's make more money for the business as per a new study.

According to the research co-authored by faculty at the USC Marshall School of Business, narcissism, considered by some as the 'dark side of the executive personality,' may actually be a good thing when it comes to certain financial measures.

India, China among top 'e-waste' dumping grounds amongst developed countries

India, China among top 'e-waste' dumping grounds amongst developed countriesWashington, July 24 : Scientists have revealed that developed countries dump quarter of their electronic waste or 'e-waste' into 7 developing countries including China, India and five West African countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin and Liberia.

Knut Breivik and colleagues noted that the export from developed to developing regions of e-waste ; everything from used TVs and refrigerators to computers and cell phones has caused concern relating major potential health risks for the people who live there.

How science can make you better guitar player revealed

How science can make you better guitar player revealedWashington, July 24 : A study has revealed the physics underlying the differences in the lead guitar playing techniques like string bends, tapping, vibrato and whammy.

Now guitarist and physicist, Dr David Robert Grimes, has described physics underlying these techniques and said that very good guitarists would manipulate the strings to make the instrument sing.

He explained that on a piano, there are 12 chromatic notes in a scale, but on a guitar, one can bend the strings to get the notes in between and also said that, he wanted to understand what it was about the guitar techniques that allowed one to manipulate pitch.

Oz solar racing car team breaks 26-year-old world record

Oz solar racing car team breaks 26-year-old world recordWashington, July 24 : A solar car racing team from Australia has broken a 26-year-old electric car world record that has stood since 1988.

Sunswift, a solar car racing team from the University of New South Wales, broke the record, which was overseen by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
(FIA), who measures the average speed of an electric vehicle over a 500-kilometre distance on a single charge.

The Sunswift eVe broke the long-standing electric car speed record and now they are planning to make the car street-legal, CNet reported.

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