Don't blame Facebook for your kids' bad grades

Don't blame Facebook for your kids' bad gradesWashington, Jan 21 - A new study has revealed that the negative relationship between Facebook use and kids' bad grades has little to do with Facebook.

Researcher Reynol Junco of Iowa State University found that while freshman struggle to balance their use, social media is less of a problem for upper classmen and the difference relates to self-regulation.

The study found that for freshmen, all Facebook use had a negative impact on their grades, for sophomores and juniors, only time spent using Facebook while doing schoolwork hurt their GPA and for seniors, there was no relationship between the two.

White House chief of staff shoulders blame for Paris snub

Denis McDonoughWashingto - The White House chief of staff is taking the blame for not having a top-level official at an anti-terror solidarity rally earlier this month in Paris.

Appearing on a nationally broadcast interview today, Denis McDonough noted that the White House has said that it regrets the misstep. The decision, he said, "rests on me. That's my job."

The Obama administration came under sharp criticism for not sending a high-level representative to the march, which was attended by more than 40 world leaders and more than a million people.

The US ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, was the top American official at the rally.

Gold worth millions of dollars can be found in sewage sludge

Gold worth millions of dollars can be found in sewage sludgeWashington, Jan 20 : Scientists have recently revealed that metals including gold, silver worth millions of dollars can be found in sewage sludge.

Scientists at Arizona State University stated that there could be as much as 13 million dollars worth of metals in the sludge produced by a city of one million people each year, including 2.6 million dollars in gold and silver.

Snowden reveals UK's GCHQ eavesdropped on emails from BBC, Reuters, NYT, others

Edward SnowdenWashington, Jan 20 - Newly released NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden have showed that Britain-based GCHQ was eavesdropping on the internal communications of some of the most prestigious media houses of the world including, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, The New York Times, Le Monde, The Sun, NBC, and The Washington Post.

A report in The Guardian described a test exercise that resulted in emails from these journalistic institutions to be deposited into GCHQ's internal intranet, which was available to anyone who logged into the system, reported The Verge.

Meet Facebook's oldest registered user who just turned 107

Meet Facebook's oldest registered user who just turned 107Washington, Jan. 20 - Facebook's oldest registered user, who will turn 107 in January 2015, earned the distinction when her friends at the medical aid charity signed her up for an account on her 105th birthday.

Santa Barbara resident Edythe Kirchmaier , who was born in 1908- that's 49 years before the Internet was invented, now has nearly 55,000 followers on her Facebook page, ABC News reported.

Kirchmaier said she embraces social media because it allows her to check in daily with friends and family. She's also used her status to raise awareness for causes she believes in, such as Direct Relief.

Science behind movies' greatness revealed

Science behind movies' greatness revealedWashington, Jan. 20 - A new study has recently revealed that automated method beats critics, wisdom of crowds, the numbers of awards won and the amount of box office sales, among others in picking great movies, especially in movies 25 years old or older.

According to a new Northwestern University study, the best predictor of a movie's significance was how often a movie was referenced by other movies. In other words, a movie's significance was decided by today's and tomorrow's film directors, not the critics.

Michelle invites Indian doctor for State of the Union Address

US First Lady Michelle ObamaWashington - US First Lady Michelle Obama has invited a prominent Indian-American doctor, who is playing a key role in fighting the dreaded Ebola disease in West Africa, for tomorrow's State of the Union Address.

Dr Pranav Shetty from the International Medical Corps is the only Indian-American to be invited by the First Lady to her box in the US Congress when US President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union Address here.

Shetty is the Global Emergency Health Coordinator for International Medical Corps, a critical partner in the US-supported effort to bring the Ebola epidemic under control in West Africa.

65m-yr-old ankle bones reveal Earth`s earliest primates were `tree-dwellers`

65m-yr-old ankle bones reveal Earth`s earliest primates were `tree-dwellers`Washington, Jan 20 - A new study of 65-million-year-old ankle bones, discovered from the sites in northeastern Montana, has revealed that Earth's earliest primates lived in trees.

Paleontologists at Yale University found that Purgatorius, a small mammal that lived on a diet of fruit and insects and is a part of an extinct group of primates called plesiadapiforms that first appears in the fossil record shortly after the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs, was a tree dweller.

Mysterious `cosmic radio burst` captured in real-time for first time ever

Mysterious `cosmic radio burst` captured in real-time for first time everWashington, Jan 20 - Australia astronomers have, for the first time, captured cosmic radio burst in real-time by using CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.

Researcher Emily Petroff from University of Technology in Melbourne said that these bursts were generally discovered weeks or months or even more than a decade after they happened and they're the first to catch one in real time.

Banking that she'd spot a "live" burst, Petroff had an international team poised to make rapid follow-up observations, at wavelengths from radio to X-rays.

Poroshenko vows to not give up 'an inch' of eastern Ukraine to 'Russia-backed rebels'

Petro PoroshenkoWashington, Jan 19 - Reaffirming his control over the conflict-torn eastern parts of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko has declared that the nation would not give up "an inch of its land" to Russian-backed separatists.

He made the above statement while addressing a crowd of several thousand in central Kiev on Sunday as violence in eastern Ukraine touched a new peak of intensity, reported Fox News.

The separatist stronghold of Donetsk has witnessed intense shelling from both sides as the battle to claim control over the city's airport raged. Streets in the city, which were home to nearly one million people earlier, were completely deserted.

Multiple gunshots fired outside Biden's residence in Delaware

Joe BidenWashington : Multiple gunshots were fired from a moving vehicle outside the Delaware residence of US Vice President Joe Biden, the Secret Service said on Sunday as it launched an investigation into the incident.

Biden and his family were not at home when the firing happened last night at around 8.25 pm local time.

According to Secret Service spokesman, Robert Hoback, at about 8.25 pm residents of the Biden's neighbourhood saw a vehicle drive past at a high speed, fleeing the scene.

Presidential candidate's expressions do as much to drive public reaction to debates as their words

Barack ObamaWashington, Jan 18 - A new study has revealed that facial expressions, gestures and voice tone are as important as words in the presidential debates.

Research at Texas Tech University show through visual analysis and social media gives a good indication that voters pick up on nonverbal communications as much as a candidate's rhetoric.

Researcher Erik Bucy said that not everybody pays really that close of attention to elections or knows all their party's positions on the issues, but they can get a sense of the candidates' traits by observing competitive political behavior and traits are reliable predictors of candidate support.

IS militants force children to donate blood in Syrian province of Raqqa

IS militants force children to donate blood in Syrian province of RaqqaWashington, Jan 18 - According to stranded residents in the Syrian province of Raqqa, children in the area are being forced to donate blood by Islamic State (IS) militants who have taken over the province.

According to Fox News, IS militants often threaten residents with death sentences in the mosques where around 2,20,000 people once worshipped freely.

Abu Ibrahim RaqqAwi, the pseudonym of a lifelong Raqqa resident who in April 2014, founded the activist campaign "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", said that people have now become accustomed to death threats and are no longer afraid of it.

2 killed in `possible` domestic violence shooting in Florida mall food court

2 killed in `possible` domestic violence shooting in Florida mall food courtWashington, Jan 18 - Two people have been killed at a mall southeast of Orlando in a possible domestic violence shooting, a report said.

A gunman, identified as Jose Garcia Rodriguez, 57, opened fire near the food court area of the Melbourne Square Mall in Melbourne on Saturday morning. While two people died including the gunman, a woman, identified as the alleged shooter's wife, Ida Garcia, 33, was injured, reported ABC News.

Police said that Rodriguez's wound may have been self-inflicted. His wife has been hospitalized and listed in good condition.

Small, locally owned businesses are big on employee loyalty

Small, locally owned businesses are big on employee loyaltyWashington, Jan 18 - A new study has revealed that employees who work at small, locally owned businesses have the highest level of loyalty to their employers.

Baylor University researchers found that for rural workers, working for a company that was both small and locally owned was the greatest predictor for organizational commitment as it may be a matter of, "I have to be committed, because I don't have many other job opportunities."

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