Chinese army not ready 'to fight and win future wars', says U.S. report

Chinese army not ready 'to fight and win future wars', says U.S. report

Washington, Feb 16 - A United States Congress study has said that China's military is not ready "to fight and win future wars" as it suffers from "serious weaknesses" in spite of huge advances.

According to CNN, the 184-page report sponsored by the U. S. Congress-mandated U. S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission and prepared by the Rand Corporation said that the People's Liberation Army has made rapid progress in a short time.

The report said that the military faces serious challenges as it is weak in organizational structure and there is corruption in its ranks and combat capabilities.

China's Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the issue. (ANI)

Gunman killed, cop injured in shooting at Mississippi Walmart


Washington, Feb 16 - The shooting at a Walmart in Luka, Mississippi has left one police officer wounded and the gunman dead, said officials.

According to ABC News, a spokesman for the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said that the gunman was killed in gunfire exchange with the police.

The spokesperson also said that the officer was grazed by a bullet.

The officer was treated at a hospital and has not been discharged. (ANI)

Utah woman seeks Guinness World Records title for catching most 'bridal bouquets'

Utah woman seeks Guinness World Records title for catching most 'bridal bouquets

Washington, Feb 16 - A woman from Utah has claimed that she made record for catching most bridal bouquets at weddings and now wants to make things official.

Jamie Jackson from Salt Lake City has submitted an application to Guinness World Records, saying she has broken the 2004 record of Stephanie Monyak of Pennsylvania of catching 11 bouquets, as she had caught 46 since
1996, and has the documentation to prove it, Fox News reported.

Jackson, who claims to have attended about 100 weddings over the years, joked that it started out as a hobby but turned into "her sport," and her strategy was to stand right in the front.

She added that she had had to jump for a lot of catches and had accidentally ended up hitting kids in the process too.

Obama spends Valentine's Day away from Michelle Obama again

Obama spends Valentine's Day away from Michelle Obama again

Washington, Feb 15 - Barack Obama spend this Valentine's Day away from his wife Michelle Obama again like last year as he was on a trip to Palm Springs.

The President of US landed on the West Coast without his family as he had to attend the White House's cyber security summit with King Abdullah of Jordan at Stanford, and then traveled to his favorite place to play golf with his high-school pals, ABC News reported.

However, Michelle Obama tweeted a Valentine's Day message with a picture of her with husband and wished him the day with stating that love is all they need. (ANI)

Backseats more lethal than front ones during car accidents

Washington, Feb. 14 - It has been analyzed that during car accidents, backseats are now more dangerous than the front ones.

Major advances in car safety, from basic air bags and "crumple zones" to seat belts that absorb the force of impacts during a crash, have greatly reduced the likelihood of getting injured or killed while riding in the front seat but far less progress has been made protecting backseat passengers, CBS News reported.

The chances of surviving any serious car crash vary widely, depending on the nature of the collision, speed and type of vehicles involved.

PETA mulls `feeding kids meat is child abuse` billboard for `go vegan` campaign


Washington, Feb 14 - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has started a campaign to push the benefits of a vegan diet.

PETA reported in an emailed statement that their campaign is to put up a billboard on a Puerto Rican highway that reads "Feeding Kids Meat Is Child Abuse. Fight the Fight. Go Vegan," Washington Times reported.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said that in addition to facing social challenges caused by childhood obesity, children who are fed a diet laden with saturated animal fat and cholesterol face the risk of developing diabetes and other health problems.

Pope Francis calls choice to not have children 'selfish'

Pope Francis calls choice to not have children 'selfish'

Washington, Feb 13 : Pope Francis says that the choice to not have children is selfish.

According to Washington Times, Pope Francis told a crowd Wednesday at the Vatican that an enriched society requires that children be valued and that "the choice to not have children is selfish."

Raised in a family with five children, the Pope said that children are really the supreme gift of marriage and contribute very substantially to the welfare of their parents.

The pope added: " A society with a greedy generation, that doesn't want to surround itself with children, that considers them above all worrisome, a weight, a risk, is a depressed society." (ANI)

George Bush says IS' brutality shows 'evil is real'

George Bush says IS' brutality shows 'evil is real'

Washington, Feb 13 : Former U. S. President George W. Bush has expressed is views about the brutal actions of Islamic State (IS) saying that the group shows that "Evil is real".

According to Washington Times, Bush said that it has always been and will be evil to murder innocent people to prove a political point of view.

When asked about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bush said referring to 9/11, that these terrorists were the same.

He also said that these terrorists attack in order to frighten people who believe in freedom. (ANI)

Meet the man who penned love letters to wife every day for 40 yrs

Meet the man who penned love letters to wife every day for 40 yrs

Washington, Feb 13 : A New Jersey man has written love letters to his wife every day for almost 40 years.

Bill Bresnan, Toms River resident, has written a love letter every day to Kirsten Bresnan his wife of almost 40 years, and there are more than 10,000 of them filed chronologically in 25 boxes at their home, ABC News reported.

The daily expressions of love began as notes scribbled on napkins and small pieces of paper the 74-year-old gave to his wife over coffee while commuting together shortly after they met. (ANI)

IS' French language magazine claims widow of Paris supermarket gunman in Syria


Washington, Feb 13 - A new issue of an Islamic State (IS) French language magazine has claimed that Hayat Boumeddiene , the widow of Paris kosher supermarket gunman has arrived in Syria safely.

According to CNN, the magazine entitled Dar al Islam did not offer any pictures or other evidence to prove the claim.

It was the second issue of the IS' magazine that began circulating on pro-IS Twitter accounts on Wednesday and contains a two-page question and answer story with Hayat Boumeddience who was believed to have disappeared in Syria before the January 9 attack.

In the interview, Boumeddiene did not say anything about her role in Paris attacks and said that she felt good to be on IS soil.

Ashton Carter to replace 'outgoing' Chuck Hagel as US Defense Secretary

Chuck Hagel

Washington, Feb 13 - The United States has reportedly named Ashton Carter as the next defense secretary by a vote of 93 to five.

The five senators who voted against Carter were Republicans Roy Blunt of Missouri, John Boozman of Arkansas, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Mark Kirk of Illinois and James Risch of Idaho. Two senators, Republican Jerry Moran of Kansas and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, abstained from voting, reported CBS News.

Carter was also unanimously approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this week. President Barack Obama's nominee will replace outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and will be his fourth secretary of defense.

Bill Gates envisions future where 'world-class education' centres will be few clicks away from 'developing world'

Bill Gates envisions future where 'world-class education' centres will be few cl

Washington, Feb 12 : In his foundation's 2015 annual letter, Bill Gates has envisioned a future where " world-class education" would be just a few clicks away and online classes would not merely help a few exceptional students but the developing world at large, a report said.

Stressing on the role that technology could play in future in improving the rate of literacy in developing countries, Gates said that if a child has access to a smartphone , even before they get enrolled in a primary school, they could learn letters and numbers which would give them "a big headstart," reported The Verge.

Gates argued that students will be able to lift themselves out of poverty by "figuring out the requirements for their chosen field and fulfilling them with online classes."

Ernst and Young names China, India, Russia, Mexico top emerging markets for online media

online media

Washington, Feb 12 - According to a report by Ernst and Young, China, India, Russia and Mexico are the top emerging markets for online media companies.

While the U. S. still has the highest earning potential for both online media and entertainment companies, broadband connections in the emerging markets by 2016 is expected to be two billion, reported TechCrunch.

China makes it to the top emerging market for online media companies and is expected to have 500 million wireless broadband connections by 2016.

India is not expected to generate much online advertising revenue in the near-term, especially in comparison with other emerging markets, said the report. (ANI)

FBI warns threat from Americans who trained with IS 'not even close to being under control'

FBI warns threat from Americans who trained with IS 'not even close to being und

Washington, Feb 12 : The Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI has said that the threat in the United States from American jihadists who have trained with Islamic State ( IS) militant group "is not even close to being under control".

According to ABC News, Michael Steinbach laid out the evolving threats to the U. S. and the efforts that are under pipeline to stop them.

Steinbach was joined by the director of the National Counterterrorism Center and the Department of Homeland Security's top intelligence official.

The U. S. government does not have much insight into who is joining terrorist groups as there are few intelligence assets on the ground in the region, said the FBI officials. (ANI)

Parents mad at school for giving explicit '50 Shades' puzzles to kids

Parents mad at school for giving explicit '50 Shades' puzzles to kids

Washington, Feb 12 - Parents are outraged at the school authorities for handing out erotic ' Fifty Shades of Grey' word search puzzles to middle school students in Pennsylvania.

According to Pittsburgh's local ABC affiliate, parents brought up the incident during a Monessen School District board meeting and have lodged a complaint against the school district, Us magazine reported.

The word search puzzles allegedly included words like 'bondage,' 'submissive,' 'leather cuffs,' and 'spanking,' and while the school district officials are looking into the matter, the culprit is still unknown.

A parent named James Carter said that his son had told him that it was a teacher who passed out the puzzles, and he thinks that it was inappropriate for 8th grade level to be doing this.

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