White House evacuated following telephoned bomb threat

White House evacuated following telephoned bomb threat

Washington, June 10 - The White House was evacuated on Tuesday following a telephoned bomb threat, hours after a Senate hearing was interrupted by a similar threat.

According to The Washington Times, the press briefing room was evacuated immediately after a Secret Service agent interrupted ongoing proceedings to say that the room needed to be evacuated.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was in the midst of his regular daily briefing with reporters shortly after 2 p. m. when the Secret Service interruption came

Earnest said that US President Barack Obama was in the room but was not evacuated.

The Secret Service gave the "all clear" signal about 30 minutes later. (ANI)

Voldemort beats Presidential candidates in popularity poll

Voldemort beats Presidential candidates in popularity poll

Washington, June 10 - Apparently American citizens prefer Voldemort over the group of Republican candidates, who are in line of becoming their next President.

In a recent poll, conducted by the Washington Post, the one who 'Must Not Be Named' was declared a better alternative than Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump Chris Christie and their rivals Ted Cruz and George Bush, reported E! Online.

Hollywood's popular villains, Darth Vader, the Terminator and the Shark received positive scores in the poll leaving the politicians far behind. Donald Trump came in dead last with Chris Christie following closely behind.

Obama administration criticizes Egypt in report to Congress

Barack Obama

Washington: The Obama administration has sent Congress a report that harshly criticizes the Egyptian government of restricting free speech, arresting political dissidents and undermining democracy, but recommends the US continue sending it USD 1.3 billion in mostly military aid.

The report, quietly submitted to lawmakers last month, said that while Egypt has implemented some democratic reforms, "the overall trajectory of rights and democracy has been negative."

The six-page report, which the administration is required to send to Congress, said human rights and civil activists have reported a "steadily shrinking space for political dissent" that has prompted them to censor their activities or leave the country.

Air raids targeting IS jihadists, avoiding civilian casualties: US official

Air raids targeting IS jihadists, avoiding civilian casualties: US official

Washington, June 7 - A senior U. S. official has reportedly dismissed the latest criticism of the country's air campaign against the Islamic State (IS), saying that the raids have killed militants without killing large number of civilians.

Claiming that the air offensive was killing more than 1,000 militants a month while avoiding civilian casualties, U. S. Air Force Lieutenant General John W. Hesterman III said that the idea that the country was only observing large number of IS members and not killing them was fiction, reported Fox News.

Taiwan commissions two new ships amid tension in South China Sea

Taiwan commissions two new ships amid tension in South China Sea

New York, June 7 - In a bid to counter China's growing influence in the South China Sea, Taiwan's coast guard has commissioned two 3,000-ton patrol vessels for duty.

The vessels will be able to dock at a new port being built on Taiping Island, the largest of the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, before the end of this year. While one of the two ships will be sent to the South China Sea, the other will move to waters north of Taiwan, where it has overlapping claims with Japan, reported aol. com.

Terrorist's selfie gives up location of ISIS centre in Syria, US destroys building in 24 hrs

isis militants

Washington : A selfie, bragging about the command and control capabilities of the Islamic State, posted on social media by a terrorist helped the US forces track and destroy its headquarters in Syria in less than 24 hours.

"These guys that are working down at Hurlburt (Florida), they were combing through social media. And they see some moron standing at this command and control capability for Daesh, ISIL," said Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command.

Twenty-two hours after seeing the post, US warplanes went in for the kill and destroyed the building, reported CNN.

"Long story short... Three JDAMs [joint direct attack munitions] take the entire building out," Carlisle said at a speech in Arlington, Virginia.

Death toll from Chinese cruise ship disaster rises to 331

Death toll from Chinese cruise ship disaster rises to 331

Washington, June 6 - The death toll from the cruise ship disaster on China's Yangtze River has risen to 331, even as rescue teams continue to search for more bodies.

According to Fox News, the overturning of the Eastern Star ship has been attributed to sudden and severe winds by the authorities.

The surviving captain of the ship and his first engineer have been taken into police custody for questioning.

Relatives of the passengers have questioned whether the ship should have continued its cruise after the storm started in a section of Hubei province and despite a weather warning earlier in the evening.

The boat had more than 450 people aboard, many of them elderly tourists, for a cruise from Nanjing to the southwestern city of Chongqing. (ANI)

Now, Barbie to wear 'flats' for first time in 56 yrs

Now, Barbie to wear 'flats' for first time in 56 yrs

Washington, June 5 : Times have certainly changed, as now Barbie will be stepping out in flats for the first time in 56 years.

According to Cosmopolitan, Mattel is giving the iconic doll a makeover with their Barbie Fashionista line, by changing the shape of their feet and ankles, which were previously designed to fit only heels.

Kim Culmone, vice president of design for Barbie said in an interview that Barbie was never designed to be realistic, and was always meant to be easy for girls to dress and undress them.

In addition to the flats, the range will also include Barbies of eight different skin tones, 14 different facial sculpts, 18 eye colours, 22 hair styles, and 23 hair colours. (ANI)

Pope Francis foots the bill for homeless people in Rome to visit Shroud of Turin

Pope Francis foots the bill for homeless people in Rome to visit Shroud of Turin

Washington, June 04 - Pope Francis recently paid for Rome's homeless so that they could visit the Shroud of Turin.

The 78-year-old, who has made helping the poor and downtrodden a hallmark of his papacy, has reportedly footed the bill for two busloads of homeless people to visit the famed Shroud of Turin in advance of his own trip to see the artifact many believe to be Jesus Christ's sacred burial cloth, People Magazine reported.

The pontiff paid for 42 people who frequent a soup kitchen run by a parish near the Vatican to board a bus bound for Turin. (ANI)

Earthquake-kit sales soar after fiction flick 'San Andreas' paranoia

Earthquake-kit sales soar after fiction flick 'San Andreas' paranoia

Washington, Jun 4 - Disaster movie ' San Andreas' earthquake paranoia has spiked disaster-kit sales.

The blockbuster flick has freaked out moviegoers so much that the company EarthquakeStore. com saw a 300 percent spike in disaster kit sales, TMZ. com reported.

Among the bestsellers are 'Quake Alarm,' a 34.95 dollars glorified fire detector that picks up a quake's sound wave before the main shock, and 'Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit' for 250 dollars, which includes sleeping bags, emergency food bars, orange safety vests, a folding hand saw, candles, fire starter sticks, water purification kit and so on.

The company raked in 100,000 dollars off the kits in the past two weeks alone. (ANI)

Taiwan president candidate seeks stable relations with China

Xi Jinping

Washington : Taiwan's opposition presidential candidate has said that if she comes to power in January elections, her government would have a responsibility to contribute to peace and stability in relations with mainland China.

Tsai Ing-wen also had a few complimentary words yesterday for China's leader, Xi Jinping, but she deflected knotty questions on whether she accepts the principle of there being only one China. Beijing has claimed sovereignty over Taiwan since the Chinese civil war of the 1940s.

Tsai reassured US officials during a visit to Washington that victory for her Democratic Progressive Party won't revive tensions across the Taiwan Strait. China regards Tsai's party with suspicion because of its traditional pro- independence leanings.

Indian-American jailed for healthcare fraud

Indian-American jailed for healthcare fraud

New York: An Indian-American has been sentenced to over six years in prison for engaging in an USD 2.5 million health care fraud scheme and was ordered to forfeit a similar amount to authorities.

Ankur Roy, 38, of Florida, was sentenced to 75 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release by US District Court Judge Gary Feinerman last Friday.

Roy was also ordered to forfeit more than USD 2.5 million in proceeds he and his codefendants gained by defrauding federal health insurance programmes Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Roy, a former owner and operator of a health clinic that provided outpatient physical and respiratory therapy, has been ordered to surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in July.

Obama praises 'Caitlyn Jenner' on sex change feat

Obama praises 'Caitlyn Jenner' on sex change feat

Washington, June 2 - US President Obama took to Twitter to praise and congratulate newly Caitlyn Jenner on her transition.

The 53-year-old Prez wrote "It takes courage to share your story," adding that her story mattered in the "fight for LGBT rights," TMZ. com has reported.

Obama voicing his support on transition of Bruce Jenner, who's become the most visible transgender person in the world, is a huge victory for the LGBT community.

Jenner also broke Obama's Twitter record by gaining a million followers in mere 4 hours. (ANI)

At least four Americans held by Yemen's Houthi rebels, says report

At least four Americans held by Yemen's Houthi rebels, says report

Washington, May 31: At least four American citizens are reportedly being held by Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, who recently toppled the internationally-recognised government in the country.

While the U. S. State Department refused to provide an exact number of the detainees, they confirmed that several Americans were being detained and added that it was doing everything to secure their release.

Citing unnamed sources, The Washington Post said that the four are believed to be kept in a jail in the capital of Sanaa and added that the attempts to free the hostages have failed so far.

The sources were also quoted as saying that three of the four prisoners held private sector jobs while, the fourth held a dual American-Yemeni citizenship.

President Obama backs little girl's request for marriage equality, world peace

President Obama backs little girl's request for marriage equality, world peace

Washington, May 28 : President Barack Obama recently replied to a letter from a young lady, Yasmeen, who advised him to stop wars.

The five-year-old, in her letter, asked the President to stop the war for our world and instead have a meeting, E! Online reported.

She also requested him to give a speech instead, to tell everyone that they can marry who they want.

Responding to the young lady's letter the Commander in Chief tweeted, "@DrFahmida tell your niece I really like her letter" and "Couldn't agree more."

Dr. Fahmida, Yasmeen's aunt, was the first one who posted the letter on Twitter, and since then the tweet has gone viral.

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