Fictional 'bad' FLOTUS Robin Wright introduces Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Washington DC, 3 July - It was fiction meets reality when actress Robin Wright, who plays "evil" First Lady in 'House of Cards,' introduced real life "good" FLOTUS Michelle Obama at the recently held MORE Magazine Impact Awards.

President Barack Obama's wife, who has garnered a spotless image as first lady and is MORE July issue guest editor, was the keynote speaker at a Newseum ladies' luncheon, the Politico reported.

She started by thanking Wright for her introduction and for her humanitarian work on behalf of Congo, and said that she was inspired by the actress, quickly adding but not from her character Claire Underwood.

Obama talked about her vision for her initiative Let Girls Learn, which is aimed at promoting the importance of educating girls worldwide.

Chris Christie jumps into 2016 US presidential fray

Chris Christie jumps into 2016 US presidential fray

New York, July 1 - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has launched his bid for the United States presidential elections in 2016, promising to bring back 'strength and authority' to the Oval Office.

During the launch of his bid, Christie walked up to the stage without a prepared text and vowed to campaign and lead as a 'colourful teller of hard truths'. He told a gathering of supporters at his alma mater, Livingston High School, "There is one thing you will know for sure: I say what I mean and I mean what I say," reported The New York Times.

Christie portrayed himself as the only candidate in the Republican field who was 'forthright and forceful enough' to run the U. S. He declared that he was not running for the post as surrogate for being elected 'prom king of America'.

Afghanistan battling extremists from 10 countries 'alone', says Ghani

Afghanistan battling extremists from 10 countries 'alone', says Ghani

New York, July 1 - Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Islamic Republic is battling extremists from around 10 countries and is making all the sacrifices 'alone'.

Addressing a gathering of women activists, politicians and diplomats in Kabul on Tuesday, Ghani called for an 'enhanced' regional cooperation to address regional challenges. He also urged the international community to help Afghanistan in eliminating the militant threat, reported NBC News.

The statements came as reports broke of Afghanistan's decade-and-a-half-long insurgency gaining ground and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( ISIS) making inroads into the war-torn country.

I will walk away from bad nuclear deal with Iran: Barack Obama

I will walk away from bad nuclear deal with Iran: Barack Obama

Washington : US President Barack Obama Tuesday warned that he will "walk away" from a bad nuclear deal with Iran, emphasising that the goal of the agreement is to ensure that Tehran does not get a nuclear weapon and that the pact has a strong verifiable mechanism.

"There are deep-seated disagreements and divisions between the United States and Iran. And those aren't going to go away overnight.

The goal of the nuclear negotiations is not to rely on trust but to set up a verifiable mechanism where we are cutting off the pathways for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon," Obama told White House reporters at a joint news conference with his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff.

Greece crisis unlikely to have major impact on US: Obama

Barack Obama

Washington : US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said the economic crisis in Greece is an issue of substantial concern, but is unlikely to have a major impact on the American system.

"In layman's terms, for the American people, this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system, but obviously it's very painful for the Greek people and it can have a significant effect on growth rates in Europe," Obama told reporters at a White House news conference.

"It is an issue of substantial concern. It is an issue primarily of concern to Europe. Essentially what you have here is a country that has gone through some very difficult economic times, needs to find a path towards growth and a path to stay in the Eurozone," he said in response to a question.

Hillary Clinton breached national security by hiding e-mails: Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal

Washington : Bobby Jindal, the first ever Indian-American to run for White House, on Tuesday attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, alleging that as the top American diplomat in the first term of the Obama Administration she "breached national security".

The Louisiana Governor, who last week announced his bid for the 2016 presidential elections, said Clinton as the Secretary of State, created a major breach of national security by hiding her e-mails on a personal server and that the US may be the only superpower in the world who has not seen the Secretary's e-mails.

FBI sets up command centres to tackle potential terror threats on US Independence Day


New York, June 30 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly set up command centres across the United States to monitor any potential terror threats around its Independence Day on July 4, a federal law enforcement source said.

The source added that while no credible, specific threats surrounding the holiday had been received, its symbolic significance could make it a potential target for terror groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), reported Fox News.

Law enforcement authorities however, are particularly concerned about soft targets like shopping malls and other areas, which witness large gatherings of people and light security.

'Black Friday's' triple attacks prompt London to beef up security at major events

'Black Friday's' triple attacks prompt London to beef up security at major event

New York, June 27 - With three terror attacks rocking France, Tunisia and Kuwait on so-called 'Black Friday,' security has been beefed up in London as two major events take place in the city.

While London's Armed Forces Day will take place between 11am and 6pm at Woolwich Barracks, this year's Pride Festival will start from Baker Street to Whitehall at about 1 pm. Last year's event was attended by almost 750,000 people, reported International Business Times.

Following a COBRA security committee meeting on June 26, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball said that the threat level in the United Kingdom remained 'severe' but added that additional security measures were being taken at events over the weekend.

Obama's moving Charleston eulogy

Obama's moving Charleston eulogy

Washington DC, Jun 27 - The US President Barack Obama has paid tribute to nine African-Americans who lost their lives in a recent church shooting, saying their deaths should inspire Americans to finally confront the challenges of gun violence and race relations.

The 53-year-old President said at a funeral for the church pastor that as a nation, out of this terrible tragedy, "God has visited grace upon us. For He has allowed us to see where we've been blind and to find our best selves where we've been lost," USA Today reported.

The nation's first African-American president added that on issues ranging from the Confederate flag to voting rights to hiring practices, the nation can do a better job of living up to its creed of equal opportunity.

Internet turns festive over gay marriage decision

Internet turns festive over gay marriage decision

Washington DC, June 27 - The internet has pulled out all stops in marking the victory of love after Supreme Court's historic verdict on gay marriage came out.

With colorful, hilarious and heartwarming posts that flooded social media sites after the big decision, it looked like internet celebrated the marriage equality decision harder than it has celebrated anything ever, reported E! Online.

The world's message came out clear when hilarious memes such as the Statue of liberty kissing the statue of justice became viral on social networking sites.

Many posts showcased the "rainbow" flag which has been declared as the sign of LGBT equality rights, with the best one being where President Barack Obama was riding a white unicorn with rainbow flashlights coming out of his hands. (ANI)

Krauthammer claims gay marriage decision to be a 'huge loss to democracy'

Krauthammer claims gay marriage decision to be a 'huge loss to democracy'

Washington DC, June 27 - The world might be celebrating the joy of equality after the Supreme Court's historic gay marriage decision but columnist and Pulitzer prize winner, Charles Krauthammer thinks that this was a huge loss to a democracy.

Comparing the decision to the invention of the right to abortion on the 'Special Report with Bret Baier,' the 65-year-old Fox News contributor said that the idea of LGBT marriage has been hidden in the Constitution for over a hundred years but wasn't recognized before, so it can be said that it has been removed from the democratic arena.

Restaurants across U.S. manifest support in favour of marriage equality

Restaurants across U.S. manifest support in favour of marriage equality

New York, June 27 - After the victory of love in the United States, many restaurants and food chains are showing their support in favour of gay marriage, and leading amongst them is the Chipotle.

The fast-food chain has used social media to show its support for June 26th 5-4 ruling from the Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage across the U. S., reported the Time.

Using the phrase "Homo Estas," which have been used in their previous gay pride events, the company tweeted, "Homo Estas? Very well, thank you. #LoveWins"

Their tweet was met with mixed reactions on social media as some thanked them for bravely exploiting a historic moment for human rights while others asked to keep politics away from food.

Significant rights abuses by Indian security forces : US report

Significant rights abuses by Indian security forces : US report

Washington : Abuses by police and security forces were among the most significant human rights problems in India last year, a US government report Thursday said even as it noted last year's Indian general election as the largest ever in history.

"India's parliamentary contest in April 2014 was one of the largest elections in history," Secretary of State John Kerry said in his preface to the State Department's annual Congressional-mandated report in which he noted that around the world, more people chose their leaders in competitive elections than ever before.

The lengthy India section of the report says that the 2014 general elections, the largest democratic elections in history, were considered free and fair, despite isolated instances of violence.

Would you eat 'animal poop-shaped' treats sold at Disney World?

Would you eat 'animal poop-shaped' treats sold at Disney World?

New York, June 25 - Disney World now has a disgustingly special treat for its visitors, as they introduce animal poop deserts onto the menu of an Animal Kingdom shop.

Visitors will now be served chocolate animal poop available in four varieties of edible excrement at the Florida theme park, which will cost $ 3.99 per pop, reported the New York Daily News.

They are of course not actual steaming piles of manure but chocolate, brownie and fudge creations available under names elephant, hippo, giraffe and cotton top tamarin.

Visitors claim that this is not the best treat they have had at Disney but they are a conversation piece. (ANI)

China defends its 'dog meat' festival post protests

China defends its 'dog meat' festival post protests

New York, June 25 - After the hype that was created due to the dog meat festival in China, where almost 10,000 dogs were feasted upon, the citizens of Yulin are now raising their voice in favour of this festival.

During the occasion, the street-side food stalls were set with various delicacies along with two most essential traditional dishes, lychees and heaping bowls of stewed dog, reported the New York Times.

After the big dispute it looks like it is the perceived hypocrisy of the critics that has annoyed the residents of this bustling city of seven million in the southern region of Guangxi.

Claiming that there was nothing bad in eating dog meat, resident Tang Chengfei said, "Haven't you seen how the Japanese eat live bullfrog sashimi?"

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