Uber agrees to suspend operations in Portland post lawsuit

Uber agrees to suspend operations in Portland post lawsuitWashington, Dec 19 - Uber has agreed to suspend services for three months in Portland while officials revise regulations governing taxis and ride-sharing apps, the company said.

Uber said on Thursday that it will cease to operate on Sunday evening and resume services on April 9, even if the new rules are not in place, reported CNET.

A statement released by the company said that the web-based taxi service was "dedicated to curating and continuing a valuable and constructive relationship with Portland's lawmakers" and is working to create a regulatory framework that applies to "everyone."

`Another` Uber driver faces rape charges in Boston

`Another` Uber driver faces rape charges in BostonWashington, Dec 19 - Just weeks after an Uber driver was accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger in India, another Uber driver in Boston is facing rape charges after he allegedly beat and sexually abused a passenger earlier this month.

According to a statement issued by Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan and Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas, 46-year-old Alejandro Done, of Boston, was charged with rape, assault to rape , kidnapping, and two counts of assault and battery, reported PC World.

US hotelier Chatwal avoids jail in illegal donations case

Sant Singh ChatwalNew York : Indian-American hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal on Thursday avoided jail time and was sentenced to three years probation and a USD 500,000 fine on charges of illegally donating thousands of dollars to political campaigns.

Chatwal, 70, a Padma Bhushan awardee and major fundraiser for former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had pleaded guilty in April this year to violating the Federal Election Campaign Act by making more than USD 180,000 in campaign donations to three candidates through straw donors and to witness tampering.

He was sentenced today by US District Judge I Leo Glasser in the Eastern District of New York federal court here.

Survey reveals less than 3 percent of U.S. adults belong to LGBT community

Survey reveals less than 3 percent of U.S. adults belong to LGBT communityWashington, Dec 18 : A new survey has revealed that less than percent of the adult U. S. population is a sexual minority, as they belong to LGBT community.

According to federal government's report that asked people about their sexual orientation and health, about 97 percent of the adult U. S. population, or 224 million people, described themselves as "straight" or heterosexual , the Washington Times reported.

Meet the man who found woman with same name as ex for free world trip

Meet the man who found woman with same name as ex for free world tripNew York, Dec 18 - A man who had earlier made headlines for offering a free around-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his former girlfriend has finally found his match.

Jordan Axani and his then- girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher had booked heavily discounted around-the- world air tickets in May, but their relationship ended and he didn't want her ticket to go to waste, the New York Post reported.

The ticket had a strict no-transfer policy, but since passport information was not required when booking, any Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher would have been able to use it.

IS militant suspected of killing 150 females for refusing to marry terror group members

IS militant suspected of killing 150 females for refusing to marry terror group membersWashington, Dec 18 : Iraqi officials say that an Islamic State (IS) militant gunned down at least 150 women for refusing to marry members of the terror group.

According to FOX News, Abu Anas Al-Libi is suspected of gunning down the women, mostly Yazidis, because they refused to enter into sham temporary marriages with Islamic State fighters simply to have sex in what the terrorists believe to be a Koranic loophole.

Discuss your religion to stay happy at job

Discuss your religion to stay happy at jobWashington, Dec 18 : A new study has demonstrated that employees who are open about religion are happier in their job.

The study conducted by Kansas State University found that employees who openly discuss their religious beliefs at work are often happier and have higher job satisfaction than those employees who do not.

Obama's decision to renew diplomatic relations with Cuba met with both admiration and anger

Barack ObamaWashington, Dec 18 - As United States President Barack Obama hailed a "new chapter" in U. S. relations with Cuba following a five decade-long political standoff; reactions in Miami were split, mostly along generational lines.

Obama's decision to trash the "outdated" U. S. approach towards Cuba was welcomed by groups of younger demonstrators on the one hand but was opposed by older protesters in Havana. Angry protesters flashed placards that read, "Obama administration conspiracy with Castro terrorist" and shouted "Obama a coward! Coward, coward, coward" outside the iconic Versailles Cafe, reported the CNN.

Obamas recall their encounters with racism

Barack Obama and Michelle ObamaWashington, Dec 18 - The US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have opened up about their encounters with racism.

The 50-year-old first lady said that she thinks people forget that they've lived in the White House for six years, before which, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs, People Magazine reported.

President Obama names 'Boyhood' his favorite movie of 2014

President Obama names 'Boyhood' his favorite movie of 2014Washington, Dec 18 - US President Barack Obama has revealed that 'Boyhood' was the best film he saw this year.

While talking to the People Magazine along with First Lady Michelle Obama, the 53-year-old president revealed his own "Best of 2014" list, and said that the groundbreaking film, which had been 12-years in the making, was just great.

Obama also said that he was in the midst of reading a "wonderful book" called Redeployment, by Phil Klay, who's an Iraq War veteran and had penned some "powerful" short stories.

Why introverts have more power at work place than extroverts

Why introverts have more power at work place than extrovertsWashington, Dec 17 : A new study has revealed that introverted employees are more likely to give low evaluations of JOB performance to extroverted co-workers, giving introverts a powerful role in workplaces that rely on peer-to-peer evaluation tools for awarding raises, bonuses or promotions.

Researchers at Oregon State University, the University of Florida and University of Notre Dame found that introverts consistently rated extroverted co-workers as worse performers, and were less likely to give them credit for work performed or endorse them for advancement opportunities.

Peshawar school attack: US in touch with Pakistan to offer assistance

Peshawar school attack: US in touch with Pakistan to offer assistanceWashington : The US is in touch with Pakistani authorities to offer assistance in the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attack on a Peshawar school that killed 141 people, the White House said on Tuesday.

"The depraved decision that one has to make to storm a school of innocent children and open fire on them I think is a testament to how cold-blooded these extremists are," the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest said.

Obama admits 'small IS victories' may mean prolonged US engagement in Middle East

Obama admits 'small IS victoriesWashington, Dec 16 : While warning the Islamic State (IS) that they may be amassing some quick victories but the United States' "reach is long," President Barack Obama admitted that these victories may mean that the nation's engagement there will be prolonged.

Obama warned the IS that if they threaten America , they will have no safe haven and the U. S. will get them, just like the "petty tyrants and terrorists" before them, reported the CNN.

He also said that the U. S.-led coalition was "hammering" the militants by taking out their supply chains and disrupting the network's command structure.

Cheney says will approve 'CIA's brutal interrogation programme' again without hesitation

Cheney says will approve 'CIA's brutal interrogation programme' again without hesitationWashington, Dec 15 : Former Vice President Dick Cheney has reportedly gone on record to say that despite the outrage courted by a recent Senate committee report on interrogation and detention programme employed by the Central Investigative Agency ( CIA) after 9/11 attack , he would still authorize the programme again without any hesitation.

Cheney said that the tactics have worked for 13 years now and have helped to avert another mass-casualty event against the United States and he would approve it again "in a minute," reported The Washington Times.

Moscow Movie Theater replaces seats with beds as part of `awake love` campaign

Moscow Movie Theater replaces seats with beds as part of `awake love` campaignWashington, Dec. 15 - A movie theater in Moscow has recently replaced seats with beds in order to promote its Russian "awake love" campaign.

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA took over the Moscow cinema, allowed theatergoers to enjoy what more closely resembled to an enormous slumber party than an afternoon at the movies, People magazine reported.

The switchover took place in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, not far from a branch of the store beloved by many Russians. The campaign, which lasts until Dec. 14, was modeled after a similar event in 2010 at a Paris music hall.

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