Book claims 9/11 site haunted by female ghost

Book claims 9/11 site haunted by female ghost

New York, March 16 : A retired police officer has claimed in his book that the 9/11 site was haunted by a female ghost who protected and served workers at the site.

Retired NYPD Lt. Frank Marra, author of " From Landfill to Hallowed Ground," said that a number of workers sifting the rubble from the 9/11 attacks at the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island saw a female ghost carrying a tray of sandwiches, reported New York Post.

Marra, who was the supervisor of the World Trade Center vehicle impound section of the landfill and is the son of a high-ranking NYPD chief, noted that the apparition was an African-American, dressed in white, in the style of a Red Cross worker during World War II. He added that he believed that "she was trying to help us, being first responders."

India's Daughter: Udwin responds to critics saying 'you cannot go out saying such things without seeing film'

India's Daughter: Udwin responds to critics saying 'you cannot go out saying suc

Washington, March 14 : Leslie Udwin, the filmmaker of the controversial documentary 'India's Daughter' based on the Nirbhaya rape case, has responded to the critics saying that "you cannot go out saying such things without seeing the film".

According to Fox News, Udwin said that people who say that the film sensationalizes the crime or puts blame on the victim sorely miss the point.

Udwin said that if a person is civilized and wants to engage in the bigger issue, provided they have seen the film, then they would not say such things.

New Delhi had banned the film last week saying it could cause a breach of law and order. (ANI)

Time Magazine shows Hillary Clinton's silhouette with devil horns on cover

Time Magazine shows Hillary Clinton's silhouette with devil horns on cover

Washington, Mar 14 : Time Magazine has shown Hillary Clinton's silhouette with devil horns with the magazine's "M" featured behind her head in their latest cover.

The magazine also stated on their official website that any resemblance to cats, bats or devil horns was entirely coincidental, E! Online reported.

The former senator and first lady, who is expected to announce a 2016 presidential run, has been depicted this way on a cover of the magazine before.

Hillary made headlines recently by saying she had used a personal email account for work instead of a government-issued one when she was secretary of state, from 2009 to 2013.

Texas man does 4,321 pull-ups in 24 hrs to set Guinness World Record at age 54

Mark Jordan

Washington, March 14 - A 54 -year-old man from Texas has smashed the world record for most pull-ups in a 24-hour period.

Mark Jordan's accomplishment has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as a new world record for pull-ups in 24-hours with an amazing 4,321 pull-ups during a charity fundraiser last fall, Fox News reported.

The Corpus Christi resident said that the message was that one should be able to "take care of your health, and address it in many ways, no matter what age you are."

Jordan, who had trained for a year before trying for the record, added that he decided 4-3-2-1 was an easy target to remember after he passed the previous record of 4,210.

Obama clueless about aliens

Barack Obama

Washington, Mar 14 - US President Barack Obama has denied knowing anything about aliens when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the first time since he got elected.

Kimmel joked that he was ever a US President, he would immediately head to wherever they kept the files on Area 51 and read them to which Obama jokingly replied that's why Kimmel cannot become a President, Deadline. com reported.

The 53-year-old politician then continued that aliens won't let that happen and exercise strict control over them.

Kimmel pointed out President Clinton had said he did, in fact, look at the files, and found nothing to which Obama responded that was what they were instructed to say. (ANI)

Michelle Obama does some serious 'hip thrusting' on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Michelle Obama

Washington, March 14 - Michelle Obama showed off her funky side when she decided to dance to hit single ' Uptown Funk ' on ' The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

In a preview clip of the upcoming episode, the 51-year-old first lady is seen performing a not-so-simple routine with DeGeneres and dancers from the 'So You Think You Can Dance: All Stars,' to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit song, CBS News reported.

Mrs. Obama said that it required "a lot of hip thrusting," and even showed how.

The first lady, who had also previously appeared on the show when she did push-ups with DeGeneres, had paid a visit to the set to talk about the 5th anniversary of her anti-childhood obesity initiative. (ANI)

Offensive to retake Tikrit vital to roll back IS' gain in Iraq, Syria, say analysts

Offensive to retake Tikrit vital to roll back IS' gain in Iraq, Syria, say analy

Washington, March 13 - According to Iraqi officials and outside analysts, the Tikrit offensive against Islamic State (IS) militants to retake the strategically located city is vital to roll back IS' gains in Iraq and Syria.

Strong resistance from IS extremists is expected to intensify in the coming days, reported the Washington Times.

Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said that the Tikrit offensive is "essential to opening a corridor" for Baghdad-aligned forces to move towards the northern region in Mosul.

At least 30,000 men are involved in the offensive and the forces have come up against suicide bombers, sniper fire, heavy machine guns and mortars as they close in on Tikrit, said Iraqi officials.

Work schedules based on biological clocks may cure 'social jetlag'

Work schedules based on biological clocks may cure 'social jetlag'

Washington, Mar 13 : The grind of a work week can be difficult for any employee, but people with work schedules not matching their biological clocks may experience "social jetlag" or the feeling of walking around in a fog.

Researchers of Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Germany report that sleep and workers' general wellbeing could be improved if work schedules took workers' biological clocks into account.

Researcher Till Roenneberg said that a simple re-organization of shifts according to chronotype allowed workers to sleep more on workday nights. As a consequence, they were also able to sleep less on their free days due to a decreased need for compensating an accumulating sleep loss. This is a double-win situation.

Analysts say retaking 'strategic' Tikrit could play 'outsized role' in anti-IS campaign

Khaled al-Obaidi

Washington, March 13 - The strategic Iraqi town of Tikrit could play an "outsized role" in the larger campaign to push back Islamic State (IS) from Iraq and Syria, Iraqi officials and outside analysts said.

Iraq's Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi stressed on the importance of the operation to retake Tikrit by saying that it is "essential to opening a corridor" for Baghdad-aligned forces to move north towards Mosul, Iraq's second- largest city and the biggest urban stronghold of the terror outfit, reported The Washington Times.

2 cops shot in Ferguson as demonstrations to celebrate police chief's resignation turn violent

2 cops shot in Ferguson as demonstrations to celebrate police chief's resignatio

Washington, March 12 : Two cops have been shot in Ferguson after a demonstration that started as a celebration of the police chief's resignation turned violent, leading to gunfire, a report said.

According to St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar, while a St. Louis County police officer was struck in the shoulder, the other, a Webster Groves officer, was hit in the face, reported the CNN.

He added that the officers were hospitalized and conscious.

The incident took place after Ferguson Police chief announced his decision to step down from post after a federal probe found evidence of racial bias against his police department.

Email scandal may land ex-US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in jail, claim experts

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Washington, Mar 12 - Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who admitted to have kept secret email address during her tenure, could face up to three years in jail if she is found to have handled classified information on the secret account, according to experts.

According to Washington Post, one open records expert revealed that Mrs. Clinton could face up to three years in prison per message if she is found to have broken her word and handled classified information on the secret account.

A federal lawsuit has reportedly been filed, claiming that the State Department has caused obstruction to five years' worth of requests for Mrs. Clinton's emails.

US not negotiating a legally binding plan with Iran: Kerry

John Kerry

Washington : The US is not negotiating a legally binding plan with Iran on its nuclear weapons plan, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday, refuting reports that several of American allies are dissatisfied with the deal under talks with the Iranian regime.

"We've been clear from the beginning. We're not negotiating a legally binding plan. We're negotiating a plan that will have in it a capacity for enforcement," Kerry told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing.

"It's incorrect when it says that Congress could actually modify the terms of an agreement at any time. That's flat wrong. They don't have the right to modify an agreement reached, executive to executive, between leaders of a country," he said in response to a question.

How psychology of colors sway consumers

How psychology of colors sway consumers

Washington, Mar 11 : A new study has provided a deeper insight into how color images can influence consumers.

The Ohio State University found that people who were shown product images in color were more likely to focus on small product details, even superfluous ones, instead of practical concerns such as cost and functionality.

If a product has broad features that set it apart from the competition, then black-and-white images will help customers cast aside minor details and focus on those key features, the researchers found. If a product's details are what set it apart, color images will make those details stand out.

The findings also suggested how marketers can strategically use color or its absence to change how people feel about a product.

'President Obama Skateboarding' voted as best GIF of 2014

Barack Obama

Washington, Mar 11 : An awards show, the GIFYs, that celebrates GIFs specifically has announced ' President Obama Skateboarding' GIF as its winner of 2014.

The No. 1 gif, featuring President Barack Obama skateboarding, debuted on an episode of 'The Tonight Show,' People Magazine reported.

After accepting votes from the public for 2014's best GIFs in categories such as "animals," "cats," "weird" and "art + design," winners were announced March 5. (ANI)

Pope Francis admits he is a 'scaredy cat' when it comes to physical pain

Pope Francis

New York, March 11 - Pope Francis has said that if is he is assassinated then he wants his killers to at least "make it painless", claiming that he is a " scaredy cat" as far as physical pain was concerned.

According to New York Post, the pontiff's statement came nearly one year after the Islamic State (IS) revealed a plot to kill the Pope.

The Pope said that death was in "God's hands" and if His will is that he should die, then he wants the death to be at least painless.

IS has issued several threats over the past year against the pope, whom they refer to as the "bearer of false truth". (ANI)

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