Robin Raphel: Fatal attraction for Pakistan?

Robin RaphelWashington, Nov 11 : Robin Raphel, a former US diplomat now under a counter intelligence investigation, has spent much of her professional life dealing with Pakistan and defending it against criticism as she doled out billions in aid to the "frenemy".

She said she "understood" Pakistan. It can be argued that her understanding of India was in inverse proportion-the more she understood Pakistan, the more she pushed its agenda and the less she understood India.

Amazon lists top books of 2014

Amazon lists top books of 2014Washington, Nov 10 : After a thorough research, Amazon has revealed its list of top 100 books of 2014.

According to CBS News, the editorial team had gone through 480 books and read over a quarter of a million pages in order to decide their selection for the year.

The top 100 list contains 17 debut authors, of which 2 have even made it in the top 10, and there are 31 authors who have graced Amazon's Best Books of the Year lists before as well.

The top 10 Books of 2014 include:

1. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

2. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Now, umbrella that stands on its own

Now, umbrella that stands on its ownWashington, Nov 10 : A new kind of umbrella is now available in the Japanese market that promises to stand on its own.

The umbrella designed by a Japanese designer Oki Sato can stand it upright by the handle or hang it off of a table with the help of the two prongs the stick out at the end, the Verge reported.

The umbrella won't fall down when you lean it on the wall.

The clever umbrella is on sale at Seibu for roughly 54 dollars. (ANI)

US Navy SEAL says shot Osama third time 'for good luck'

US Navy SEAL says shot Osama third time 'for good luck'New York, Nov 10 - The retired US Navy SEAL, who claims to have shot and killed Osama bin Laden almost single-handedly during the Abbottabad operation, said that he shot the al-Qaeda leader a third time in the head for good luck.

Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill told rapt 9/11 family members during a top-secret gathering at the 9/11 Museum in lower Manhattan in July that while he had been taught to fire two head shots-called the double-tap, he thought there was "no harm in putting one more bullet in him, "New York Post reported.

IAEA accuses Iran of continuing to block access to its nuclear program

IAEA accuses Iran of continuing to block access to its nuclear programWashington, Nov 08 : According to a new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran is constantly preventing its attempts to learn about the country's nuclear program.

The report revealed on Friday said that Iran is continuing to prevent its nuclear program's possible military dimensions and other technical details.

Iran will not discuss its nuclear program before the P5 + 1 nations' November 24 deadline for a nuclear agreement, says the report.

Only 2 out of 5 employees trust their bosses

Only 2 out of 5 employees trust their bossesWashington, Nov 8 : A new study has found that only 40 percent of employees have a high level of trust in their individual bosses, or in their organization as a whole.

According to a new study from Interaction Associates, employees have much more trust in their coworkers than they do in their supervisors, Mashable reported.

The study found that 54 percent of workers feel safe communicating their ideas and opinions to colleagues and peers, compared with 38 percent who feel the same about their company's leaders.

Top US military officer says air strikes have crippled IS' command structure

Top US military officer says air strikes have crippled IS' command structureWashington, Nov 07 - The United States military commander heading the fight against the Islamic State (IS) has reportedly revealed that the military is listening to the terror group and knows that it has been "demoralized" by the persistent precision air strikes conducted by U.S.-led coalition.

While speaking at an event at the Atlantic Council on Thursday, Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, who heads the U.S. Central Command, said that the U.S.-led air strikes have been effective and are working to erode the group's capabilities, reported the CNN(ANI)

New airport screening method 20 times more effective than older one

Washington, Nov 7 - A new research has demonstrated that a new conversation-based screening method is 20 times more effective than traditional method of examining body language for suspicious signs.

Researcher Thomas Ormerod, PhD, head of the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex in England, said that in experiments spanning eight months, security agents at eight international airports in Europe detected dishonesty in 66 percent of the deceptive mock passengers using the new screening method, compared to just 3 percent for agents who observed signs thought to be associated with deception, including lack of eye contact, fidgeting and nervousness.

US diplomat-cum-Pak expert under investigation over counter-intelligence allegations

US diplomat-cum-Pak expert under investigation over counter-intelligence allegationsWashington, Nov 07 - Veteran US diplomat and long-time Pakistan expert Robin L. Raphel is reportedly facing federal investigation on counter-intelligence allegations.

The Washington Post reported that Raphel, 67, was under investigation as part of a counterintelligence probe and has had her security clearances withdrawn.

Raphael's contract with the State Department is said to have expired this week.

The US diplomat's Northwest Washington home was raided by the FBI last month, and her State Department office was also examined and sealed, the report said.

U.S. led airstrikes target new Islamist rebel group Ahrar al Sham in Syria

Washington, Nov 07 - The United States led coalition airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) in Syria have targeted the Islamist rebel group Ahrar al Sham for the first time, said a monitoring group on Thursday.

London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that one airstrike hit the Ahrar al Sham headquarters in Babsaqa, Idlib province near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey.

According to CNN, videos and photos show scenes of large explosions and a building blown into rubble.

Ahrar al Sham rebel group is not on the U.S. list of designated terrorist organizations.

Ahrar al Sham has not pledged allegiance to al Qaeda but their members sometimes fight alongside the al-Qaeda affiliated Islamist militant group Jabhat al-Nusra but against IS. (ANI)

US Air Force believes fighter jet crashed in Gulf

US Air Force believes fighter jet crashed in GulfTyndall Air Force Base, Florida - Air Force officials say they believe an F-16 fighter jet has crashed in the Gulf of Mexico.

A news release from Tyndall Air Force Base says the jet was on a routine training mission over the Gulf yesterday morning when the Florida Panhandle base lost contact with the pilot.

Aircraft and rescue forces were immediately sent to the missing jet's last known location.

No wreckage has been found, but officials are working under the assumption that the plane went down in the water. The US Coast Guard is leading the search.

Silk Road sequel leads to California arrest

Silk Road sequel leads to California arrestNew York - A man has been arrested for starting a spinoff version of the shuttered Silk Road website, enabling more than 100,000 people to buy and sell illegal drugs in the last year, authorities announced Thursday.

Blake Benthall, 26, faces a conspiracy to commit narcotics trafficking count that carries a potential penalty of life in prison and a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

He also faces related charges after his arrest in San Francisco yesterday.

US Navy SEAL who wrote book on Bin-Laden's death files lawsuit against ex-attorneys

US Navy SEAL who wrote book on Bin-Laden's death files lawsuit against ex-attorneysWashington, Nov 06 : A former US Navy SEAL who wrote a book on the killing of Osama bin Laden has filed a lawsuit against his former lawyers for giving him bad advice that cost him both his reputation and US security clearance.

The ex-Navy SEAL reportedly filed the lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan under the pseudo name "Mark Owen".

According to CBS News, his 2012 book, "No Easy Day," based on the Abbottabad operation , prompted a Pentagon inquiry that evolved into a criminal probe by the Justice Department, over whether the book disclosed classified information.

Geneva tops ten most 'liveable' cities list

Geneva tops ten most 'liveable' cities listWashington, Nov 06 - Geneva has been recently ranked as number one on the list of top ten most "liveable" cities across the world including Zurich, Singapore, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong, Auckland, it has been reported.

However, the Global Liveable Cities Index (GLCI) took into account the sensibilities of ordinary working people from 64 cities, balancing work and play, environmental awareness, localism, globalism and many other factors.

An international study has devised a new measure for the "livability" of major cities across the world.

Obama set to become 'lame duck' president post loss of Senate to Republicans

Barack ObamaWashington, Nov 05 - The United States midterm elections that has witnessed a Republican tide sweeping the Senate away from the Democrats and strengthening its control over the House of Representatives, is set to reduce President Barack Obama into a lame duck president.

The thumping victory has disturbed the balance of power between the White House and Capitol Hill six years after the Republicans were relegated to the margins by Obama's Democrats, reported the CNN. (ANI)

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