Japanese maglev train sets new world speed record

Japanese maglev train sets new world speed record

Washington, April 18 - A maglev train in Japan has set a new world record for speed by going 590 kilometers (366 miles) per hour.

Central Japan Railway Co. announced the achievement after the company's seven-car train successfully finished a test run on an experimental track in Yamanashi prefecture, breaking a 12 year world record , the Verge reported.

The previous record was set at 581 kilometers (361 miles) per hour, in 2003.

However, a spokesman said that the record may not stand for long, as another test run was scheduled to happen, where the vehicle could reach the mark of 600 kilometers per hour (373 miles).

Men compete over being 'most helpful' to women online

Men compete over being 'most helpful' to women online

Washington, April 17 - Ladies! If you need any help online, men would be at your service, for a new study shows that males tend to compete with each other when it comes to being generous to women online.

Nichola Raihani of University College London (UCL) said that people are really generous and were right to say most of the time, that their motives for giving to charity were not self-serving. However, this does not preclude these motives from having evolved to benefit the donor in some way.

The researchers were quite surprised at how clear it was from their real-world data that people, and particularly men, engage in "competitive helping."

US-led coalition airstrikes help contain IS' advance in Iraqi city of Ramadi

US-led coalition airstrikes help contain IS' advance in Iraqi city of Ramadi

Washington, Apr. 15 - US-led coalition airstrike against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq have helped stem IS' advance in the key Iraq i city of Ramadi, said a provincial leader.

According to CNN, IS recently took control of various areas near Ramadi, that lies 110 kilometers west of Baghdad.

IS' advance in Ramadi has led thousands of civilians to flee east to Baghdad.

Ramadi officials have warned that the city could fall if more troops are not sent.

On Thursday, coalition airstrikes helped cut IS' logistical resupply routes and prevent the group from advancing in the city of Ramadi, said deputy chief of the Anbar provincial council. (ANI)

PM Modi is India's 'Reformer-in-Chief', says President Obama

PM Modi is India's 'Reformer-in-Chief', says President Obama

Washington, Apr 16 : Describing Prime Minister as India's "reformer-in-chief", U.S. President Barack Obama has said that the former's rise from poverty to be the leader of the world's largest democracy reflects India's rise in the comity of nations, as also its dynamism.

In an article for the Time magazine, which has just announced that Narendra Modi is one of the 100 most influential people of the world in 2015, President Obama has praised Modi for his ambitious vision to help more Indians to overcome socio-economic injustices like poverty, lack of education and disempowered women.

IS jihadists committing harrowing crimes against Yazidi women including rape, sexual assault

IS jihadists committing harrowing crimes against Yazidi women including rape, se

New York, Apr 16 : Islamic State (IS) militants are committing heinous crimes against Yazidi women and girls in Iraq, including organized rape and sexual assault, according to a Human Rights Watch.

The group said that the harrowing crimes being committed by the group may be crimes against humanity, reported the New York Post.

The rights group conducted research in the town of Dohuk early this year and interviewed 20 women and girls who escaped the clutches of IS.

The fanatics captured several thousand Yazidis in northern Iraq's Nineveh province in 2014.

According to witnesses, the young women and girls were separated from their families and other captives, and then moved from place to place in Iraq and Syria. (ANI)

US security questioned after gyrocopter lands on West front of Capitol building

US security questioned after gyrocopter lands on West front of Capitol building

Washington, Apr. 15 - The US security has been questioned after a gyrocopter flew into the restricted airspace over the Capitol building in Washington , D. C., on Wednesday

The military said that it had been unaware of any aircraft flying and was only informed after it landed.

According to ABC News, US Capitol Police said that the pilot Douglas Hughes was arrested after landing his gyrocopter on the West front of the United States Capitol building.

The United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the military organizations responsible for protecting the capital region airspace, said that they never saw the aircraft.

Hillary Clinton says 'marriage equality' should be constitutional right

Hillary Clinton

Washington, April 16 - Barely days after announcing her presidential bid, former U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced her support for one of the most hotly debated topics in politics: same sex marriage, in her first remarks on the issue in nearly a year.

Adrienne Elrod, a spokeswoman for Clinton's campaign, said that the former FLOTUS supported " marriage equality" and hoped that the Supreme Court will "come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right" when it considered cases out of four states on April 28, reported E Online.

So far, Clinton is the only presidential candidate who believes that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

IS militants may be hours away from capturing key city of Ramadi in Iraq

IS militants may be hours away from capturing key city of Ramadi in Iraq

Washington, Apr. 16 - The deputy head of the Anbar Provincial Council in Iraq has said that the Islamic State (IS) militants might be just hours away from taking over the key city of Ramadi, which lies 70 miles west of Baghdad.

According to CNN, Falih Essawi said that it is not clear as to for how long the government troops can hold their front lines against the IS offensive.

The city of Ramadi has been engulfed with fierce fighting.

Essawi said that the security was rapidly collapsing as he was on a front line himself, armed with a machine gun.

At least 150,000 people have fled Ramadi since Wednesday morning, causing huge traffic jams on the roads leading outside the city, according to Essawi. (ANI)

Pope Francis' old iPad fetches $30,500 at charity auction

Pope Francis' old iPad fetches $30,500 at charity auction

Washington, Apr 16 - Pope Francis' old iPad has fetched 30,500 dollars at a charity auction in Uruguay, it has been revealed.

The proceedings from the sale will go to a local Uruguayan school for the poor, the Verge reported.

iPad's back inscription reads, "His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013" and it also comes with a signed certificate from the Vatican and, a black Logitech keyboard, according to photos published to the Castells auction house website.

Pope Francis has openly embraced technology during his tenure, pointing to the internet as a powerful way to foster dialogue across different faiths.

IS releases animated video depicting Jihadi John beheading Obama

IS releases animated video depicting Jihadi John beheading Obama

Washington, Apr. 15 - Pro- Islamic State ( IS) activists have released an animated video that depicts the masked executioner Jihadi John beheading the US President Barack Obama.

According to Fox News, the clip is titled "A Message to America" and was posted on Saturday by the Fadhaeh Al-'Ilmaniyya group.

Obama is seen kneeling in front of Jihadi John in the cartoon with the caption that reads "the knife has been craving for Obama's stinky blood".

He then says "save me!" before the video cuts to an image of Obama lying in a pool of blood with his head severed.

The video concludes with Obama waking up from a nap in an office. (ANI)

Obama may not get Congressional war authority against IS militants, says John Boehner

Barack Obama

Washington, Apr. 15 - United States House speaker John Boehner has said that it would be "virtually impossible" to pass the authorization that President Barack Obama sought to get the war authority against Islamic State

According to CNN, Boehner said that there was no reason to give Obama less authority than what he already has until he has a strategy about the battle.

Obama had sent a proposal in February to Congress that limited the President's authority to wage a military campaign against IS to three years.

Boehner's comments about the authorization comes a day after another House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California said that there were not enough votes in the House to pass Obama's proposal. (ANI)

Artists demand NY police return Snowden bust

Edward Snowden

New York : Three artists on Tuesday demanded that New York police return a bust of fugitive US whistle blower Edward Snowden to public display or threatened legal action.

Civil rights lawyer Ronald Kuby said the artists would remain anonymous because they feared arrest and prosecution after authorities removed the sculpture from a Brooklyn park last week.

"We hope New York City will release the statue so it may continue to spark healthy conversations about issues central to our freedoms," the artists said in a written statement.

They erected the 100 pound (45 kilo) bust at an American Revolution war memorial in Fort Greene park shortly before dawn on April 6 but within hours it was confiscated by police.

Richard III managed to hide his scoliosis until death in 1485

Richard III managed to hide his scoliosis until death in 1485

Washington, Apr 14 - Richard III kept his physique, not least the scoliosis revealed by forensic examinations of his skeleton, a secret from the public as part of his "propaganda of power," as per researchers.

A month after Richard's remains were reinterred at Leicester Cathedral, Mary Ann Lund, of the School of English at the University of Leicester, has reflected on the notoriety the ruler's body received during the Tudor period, when his physical appearance was frequently used to cast aspersions on his character.

In later depictions, following the disrobing and exhibition of Richard III's body following the Battle of Bosworth, he was falsely portrayed with a withered arm and unequal limbs.

IS threatens to launch another 9/11 style attack on US

IS threatens to launch another 9/11 style attack on US

New York, Apr. 12 - Islamic State (IS) militants have threatened to launch another 9/11 style terror attack on US homeland in a message on Twitter using the hashtag, "We Will Burn America".

According to the New York Post, the IS extremists posted a propaganda video on Twitter that was filled with ominous threats and a bloodthirsty highlight reel of their "greatest hits".

The video is 11-minute long and a compilation of IS' most atrocious acts of terrorism and savagery can be seen.

As images of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center repeatedly flash across the screen, it read that the "blessed incursion was a fatal blow".

IS militants can be seen throughout the footage steering tanks and blasting mortar shells at unknown targets. (ANI)

Marco Rubio joins 2016 US presidential race urging for way to 'new American century'

Marco Rubio

Washington, Apr. 14 - Miami Senator Marco Rubio has kicked off his 2016 presidential campaign with a generational message for his supporters that said that it is the time for this generation "to lead the way toward a new American Century".

According to CBS News, Rubio said that the campaign was more than just the laws that they are going to pass.

Rubio became the third politician to enter the race on the Republican side, joining fellow senators.

Rubio said that Americans are proud of their history and that the country is about the future.

Rubio's rally was held at Miami's Freedom Tower, which was once the building where the U. S. processed Cuban refugees fleeing Fidel Castro's violent revolution in the late 1950s. (ANI)

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