Berlusconi's income fell 87 pc in one yr due to media company's struggles

Berlusconi's income fell 87 pc in one yr due to media company's strugglesWashington, April 15 - Silvio Berlusconi's annual income went down from 46 million dollars to 6 million dollars from 2011 to 2012.

According to La Repubblica, the 77-year-old politician's income dropped after the shares of the media company Mediaset that he owns reached an all-time low of 1.61 dollars in late 2012 before rebounding last year, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

The company that is one of Europe's largest media conglomerates started strong in 2014, and reached a nearly three-year high of 5.81 dollars last month before losing steam in recent weeks. (ANI)

Kansas shootings suspect to face hate crime charges

Washington, April 15 - A 73-year-old former Ku Klux Klan member accused of killing three people in suburban Kansas city shootings Sunday will face hate crime charges, US law enforcement officials said Monday.

The federal and local law enforcement have said the shooting at a Jewish community centre and a retirement home in Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb in the US state of Kansas, constituted a hate crime, Xinhua reported.

"We have unquestionably determined through the work of local and federal law enforcement agencies that this was a hate crime," Overland Park police chief John Douglass told a press conference Monday.

Douglass said the law enforcement officials made the determination following the suspect's statements to police after the shooting.

Pentagon says Russian jet flies near US warship

Pentagon says Russian jet flies near US warshipWashington, April 15 - A Russian fighter jet flew near a US warship in the Black Sea for 12 times Saturday amid rising tensions in eastern Ukraine, the Pentagon said Monday.

The USS Donald Cook, a navy destroyer that arrived in the Black Sea April 10, was patrolling in international waters in the western Black Sea when an unarmed Russian Su-24 Fencer attack aircraft repeatedly flew nearby, Xinhua quoted Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesperson, as saying.

"The aircraft did not respond to multiple queries and warnings from Donald Cook, and the event ended without incident after approximately 90 minutes," Warren said.

Jewish centre 'killer' yelled 'heil Hitler' as he shot dead victims in Kansas

Jewish centre 'killer' yelled 'heil Hitler' as he shot dead victims in KansasNew York, Apr 14 - A 73 year old gun man, who reportedly killed three people at Jewish-related locations in the Kansas City area, yelled 'heil Hiltler!'as he opened fire on his victims, the police said.

The man, identified as Frazier Glenn opened fire with a shotgun outside the community center, killing two people, after which, he then drove to a nearby Jewish senior living facility and shot an elderly woman, New York Daily reported.

Cross was later arrested 11 miles south of Kansas City.

Jeans going out of fashion among teens

Jeans going out of fashion among teensWashington, Apr 14 : America's teenagers are replacing denims with elastic-waistband stretch pants called Leggings, according to a report on teens' buying habits.

According to a semi-annual study released by financial services firm Piper Jaffray, leggings and yoga pants from Lululemon were ranked as the favorites among female teens this spring and Nike was the most popular trend brand among boys, the Huffington Post reported.

A new term 'Athleisure' has been coined for clothes that can be worn outside the gym as well.

UNSC holds 'urgent' meeting amid 'worsening' Ukraine crisis

UNSC holds 'urgent' meeting amid 'worsening' Ukraine crisisWashington, Apr 14 - The UN Security Council reportedly held an urgent meeting recently to discuss the deepening Ukraine crisis, evoking strong criticism and accusations.

According to CNN, speaking first, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, U. N. assistant secretary-general for political affairs, set the tone for discussions, saying that Ukraine "teeters on the brink."

Taranco said that it is not just Ukraine that will suffer from a scenario where the likelihood of further bloodshed and violent clashes grows by the hour.

Coming, glasses as strong as steel

Coming, glasses as strong as steelNew York, April 14 - Imagine glasses that are strong as steel and can be used for producing hard, durable and seamless complex shapes that no other metal processing method can.

Scientists at Yale University have devised a dramatically faster way of identifying and characterising complex alloys known as bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), a versatile type of pliable glass that is stronger than steel.

Using traditional methods, it usually takes a full day to identify a single metal alloy appropriate for making BMGs.

American women forgoing motherhood for pooches: Study

American women forgoing motherhood for pooches: StudyNew York, April 13 : A new study has shown that more American women are choosing dogs over motherhood .

According to business-news site Quartz, a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a big drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 to 29, which corresponds with a huge increase in the number of tiny dogs owned by young women, the New York Post reported.

MH370 pinger locator search will soon end without new leads, says US Navy

MH370 pinger locator search will soon end without new leads, says US NavyWashington, Apr 13 : The U. S. Navy's underwater black box locator will be abandoned in the next few days if credible new signals are not picked up from possible emergency beacons in search for missing MH370.

U. S. Navy Captain Mark Matthews told ABC News that when the time is right the move will be taken.

He said that no credible signals have been heard since. While acknowledging the pinger locator search will soon end without new leads, he said the team wants a few more days to try and narrow the underwater search area.

Barack and Michelle Obama watch `A Raisin in the Sun` on Broadway

Barack and Michelle Obama watch `A Raisin in the Sun` on BroadwayWashington, April 13 - President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama took the night off on Friday to watch the Broadway revival of ' A Raisin in the Sun.' LaTanya Richardson told People magazine said that Michelle and Barack loved it, asserting that she didn't want to say that they're coming back, but the First Lady is trying to come back with her mom and that she goes to a lot of shows with her daughters.

The First Couple, during intermission, made their way backstage - with Secret Service - to meet and get their pictures clicked with the cast of the play.

US vice president to visit Ukraine

Joe BidenWashington, April 13 - US Vice President Joe Biden will travel to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to meet officials and members of the public April 22, the White House said Saturday.

Biden will underscore the strong US support for "a united, democratic Ukraine that makes its own choices about its future path", Xinhua quoted the White House as saying in a statement.

Now, couples can fulfill their mile-high fantasies on board Love Cloud

Now, couples can fulfill their mile-high fantasies on board Love CloudWashington, Apr 12 : Love Cloud, a Las Vegas-based company, is now offering couples flights in a private plane so that they can fulfill their mile-high fantasies.

The flight leaves from a private hanger in Las Vegas and returns clients to the same place, Fox News reported.

For 800 dollars you get 40 minutes on the flight, but you have the option of paying for more time.

The captain will fly over the Las Vegas strip or take you over scenic spots like the Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon.

Discovery channel to air man jump from top of Mount Everest live next month

Discovery channel to air man jump from top of Mount Everest live next monthWashington, Apr 12 : Discovery channel will air a guy jump from the top of Mount Everest live next month.

Joby Ogwyn's wing-suit leap from the world's highest peak will broadcast five nights of live programs from his base camp in the lead-up to the stunt, Deadline Hollywood reported.

Hosted by Kyle Martino and Chris Jacobs, Everest: Live From Base Camp will offer behind-the-scenes looks at what Discovery calls "the most challenging and complicated live broadcast ever attempted."

Nobel prize candidates wait for over 20 years to win prize

Nobel prize candidates wait for over 20 years to win prizeWashington, Apr 12 - Candidates for a Nobel prize often have to wait more than 20 years in order to receive this highest of scientific accolades.

According to a Correspondence by Santo Fortunato of Aalto University in Finland and colleagues, such nail-biting delays are becoming the norm - to the point that aspiring laureates may themselves have expired by the time the medal is due to be presented.

'Painter' George W. Bush is a pro at telling dirty jokes too!

George Walker BushWashington, April 12 - George W. Bush slipped a very dirty joke while giving a speech at a Thursday summit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

The 67-year-old former US President firstly discussed having the setting of former President Lyndon Johnson's presidential library, then jokingly added that "former presidents compare their libraries the way other men may compare their, well...," drawing some laughs, the Huffington Post reported.

He then said that he was thinking how Lyndon Johnson would have handled that, asserting that he was a funny guy at times. (ANI)

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