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Chelsea Clinton stuns on cover of Elle, gushes over 'perfect' baby daughter

Chelsea Clinton stuns on cover of Elle, gushes over 'perfect' baby daughter

Washington, Apr 11 : Chelsea Clinton has gushed about her baby daughter Charlotte on the cover of the May issue of Elle magazine

The 35-year-old First Daughter, who welcomed daughter Charlotte in September 2014 with her husband of four years, Marc Mezvinsky, said that her whole life is reoriented around her 6-month-old baby in the most blessed sense, Us Magazine reported.

The only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton that she now understands that this is something else that she and Marc talk about all the time, all of the enthusiastic, bombastically spectacular, wonderful things people say about their children, because they also feel and think all those things about Charlotte.

There's going to be off-Broadway musical about Bill, Hillary Clinton in April

There's going to be off-Broadway musical about Bill, Hillary Clinton in April

Washington, Mar 28 : 'Clinton: the Musical' will debut off-Broadway in New York in April, featuring dancing reporters and Lewinsky scandal prosecutor Kenneth Starr singing a number called 'Sexual Relations.'

The play, the brainchild of two Australian brothers Paul and Michael Hodge, celebrates the first baby-boomer president, who preferred briefs to boxers, played a sax on national TV, presided over an economic boom and got himself impeached, CBS News reported.

Paul, who wrote the music and lyrics and co-wrote the story said that the thing that endeared Bill Clinton and continues to endear him to the American public is that he was a very identifiable human being, adding that he was clearly human and he had flaws like everyone.

Harper Lee's new book sparks 'elder abuse' inquiry

Harper Lee's new book sparks 'elder abuse' inquiry

Washington, Mar 13 : Investigators in Alabama are reportedly examining a claim of possible "elder abuse" related to the upcoming publication of the second novel by Harper Lee.

The state of Alabama was investigating the quality of the iconic 88-year-old author's care at the assisted-living facility where she resides, in the wake of ongoing concern over whether she was capable of consenting to the publication of 'Go Set a Watchman,' E! Online reported.

'Picky' actresses likelier to survive in movie industry

'Picky' actresses likelier to survive in movie industry

Washington, Mar 13 - A new study has revealed actresses, who are "picky," are more successful.

The study of Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) in Germany suggested that actresses need to be pickier than men about with whom they work if they want to survive in the movie industry.

Lead author Mark Lutter said that his research indicates that women in the film industry suffer a lack of access to future career opportunities when they tend to work with people who have collaborated frequently in the past.

Sarah Palin gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper', but slams Hollywood

Sarah Palin gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper', but slams HollywoodWashington, Jan 21 : Sarah Palin showed her love for new flick 'American Sniper,' while criticizing Hollywood in a recent Facebook post.

The 50-year-old former Governor of Alaska wrote " Hollywood leftists: while caressing shiny plastic trophies you exchange among one another while spitting on the graves of freedom fighters who allow you to do what you do, just realize the rest of America knows you're not fit to shine Chris Kyle's combat boots.

May the epic " American Sniper" bring nothing but blessings to Taya and the children of this true American hero.

Obama says could have helped stop screening of 'The Interview' if asked by Sony bosses

Barack ObamaWashington, Dec 22 : Barack Obama has revealed that he could have offered to call theatre bosses threatening not to screen Seth Rogen 's ' The Interview', if Sony heads bosses had come to him with their concerns.

Obama said that he thought studio executives had "made a mistake" in scrapping the film's 25 December release after bowing to pressure from cyberterrorists unhappy with the movie, Contactmusic reported.

During his appearance on CNN's State of the Union show, the US president said that he has been in contact with Sony executives and he could have offered them a lot of help.

'Disappointed' Sony CEO tells Obama 'we have not caved' by scrapping The Interview release

'Disappointed' Sony CEO tells ObamaWashington, Dec 20 : Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton has denied U. S. President Barack Obama's remarks that the studio had "made a mistake" and that it had "caved" by scrapping the Christmas release of The Interview.

Lynton said "we have not caved, we have not given in" after Obama said that Sony had made a mistake in cancelling the controversial comedy movie.

According to CNN, Lynton said that Sony is considering some sort of a release on the Internet and that it was their hope that people get an opportunity to see this movie.

The company refused to comment on whether any distributors had agreed to help the company with the release of the movie.

Harry Styles rubbishes rumor of having affair with Barack Obama

Harry Styles rubbishes rumor of having affair with Barack ObamaWashington, Dec 13 : Harry Styles has responded to the reports that he had an affair with Barack Obama after US tabloid National Examiner featured the story in one of their covers.

The One Direction member addressed the rumor at the BBC Music Awards, saying that he honestly had no idea what they were talking about, E! Online reported.

The hoax National Examiner cover features Obama with a line of text that reads, "[Obama] had sex with THIS MAN" with an arrow pointing to the One Direction member. (ANI)

Gwyneth Paltrow finds Obama very `handsome`

Gwyneth Paltrow, Barack ObamaWashington, Oct 10 : Gwyneth Paltrow told the U.S President Barack Obama at a glitzy fundraiser inside her Brentwood estate in California that he was "so handsome" that she couldn't speak properly.

The 42-year-old actress said that she is one of Obama's biggest fans, if not the biggest, as the life that he brought to the US and the passion will historically be the most looked at and scrutinized presidencies of all time, ABC News reported.

Paltrow praised Obama's advocacy for equal pay for women, which she called very important to her as a working mother and called him an "incredible role model for this generation." (ANI)

Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza plans to film court-ordered community service

Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza plans to film court-ordered community serviceWashington, Oct 9 : Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza is planning to turn his probation sentence for illegal campaign contributions into reality TV.

D'Souza was sentenced in Manhattan federal court on Sept. 23 to five years' probation, including eight months in a halfway house, for illegally providing straw donations to his college friend and New York Senatorial candidate Wendy Long, Breitbart News reported.

D'Souza revealed that he is definitely going to make a big film in 2016 and will release it in the summer, just like the movie '2016,' which came out in 2012.

Idris Elba hints at Nicolas Cage being a 'vampire'

Idris Elba hints at Nicolas Cage being a 'vampire'Washington, Sept 22 : Idris Elba recently revealed a story which hinted towards actor Nicolas Cage to be the nocturnal man with fangs.

During Elba's Ask Me Anything session with Reddit, the 38-year-old actor said that once while they were hooting in Romania, Transylvania, he had asked 'The Ghost Rider' actor, 50, why he looked like he hadn't slept all night, the Huffington Post reported.

Elba said that Cage casually responded saying that he had stayed the night at Dracula's castle as he just wanted to "channel the energy," admitting that it was "spooky up there" and walked away. (ANI)

Kim K chides Obama for calling hubby Kanye West 'jacka**'

Kim K chides Obama for calling hubby Kanye West 'jacka**'Washington, Sept 6 : Kim Kadarshian has slammed U. S. President Barack Obama for calling her husband Kanye West a "jacka**".

According to GQ magazine, the 33-year-old reality star insisted that the 44th and current President of the United States should not have commented on pop-culture and abused her husband, Contactmusic reported.

Obama, who had previously accused the couple of encouraging youngsters to become obsessed with wealth and fame, had made the remark to an aide when West interrupted Taylor Swift's speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. (ANI)

I love Katy Perry: Barack Obama

I love Katy Perry: Barack ObamaLos Angeles: US president Barack Obama is fond of singer Katy Perry and finds the pop star wonderful as a person.

Perry, who performed at the White house yesterday at a dinner celebration honouring the 46th anniversary of the Special Olympics and its founder, was introduced by Obama as one of his favourite people, reportedly.

"We have just one of my favourite people performing tonight? Katy Perry. We are so grateful to her. I love Katy Perry," the leader said.

Perry was accompanied by her mother and Obama was all praise for her. "Katy is just a wonderful person. I`ve just met her mom and now I know why she is such a wonderful person," he said.

Obama's daughter joins Halle Berry's new TV series as production assistant

Obama's daughter joins Halle Berry's new TV series as production assistantWashington, June 16 : US President Barack Obama's eldest daughter Malia Obama has reportedly worked on the sets of Halle Berry's new TV series 'Extant' as an assistant producer for one day.

According to TheWrap. com, the first daughter was accompanied by her mother Michelle Obama to the CBS Studios , where she helped with re-shoots of the show's pilot, Contactmusic reported.

The director let her use a production slate before the take and she even assisted with computer alignments.

Fans to choose best of Marvel comics for 75th anniversary

Fans to choose best of Marvel comics for 75th anniversaryWashington, May 8 : Marvel Entertainment will be including their fans in the celebration of their 75th anniversary by letting them select the best comics for their special 1,200 page omnibus .

David Gabriel, Marvel's senior vice president sales and marketing, said that since the fans have played a crucial role in where the company is standing now, they are as much as part of anniversary as the creators and everyone behind the scenes, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

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