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Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao resigns as co-founder Steve Huffman takes over

Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao resigns as co-founder Steve Huffman takes over

Washington DC, July 11 - Reddit's interim CEO Ellen Pao, who took over the site last year, has officially stepped down as co-founder Steve Huffman has taken over the role.

Reddit board member Sam Altman in a statement that, "Pao resigned from Reddit today by mutual agreement. I'm delighted to announce that Steve Huffman, founder and the original Reddit CEO, is returning as CEO," the Verge reported.

Huffman had co-founded the company with Alexis Ohanian, who left the company for a time before returning as executive chair.

Pao had become the target of criticism last week following the abrupt firing of an employee, which led to widespread blackouts across the platform, and a petition for her resignation has gained popularity since then.

Adidas wants to lighten ocean's burden by turning its plastic waste into clothing

Adidas wants to lighten ocean's burden by turning its plastic waste into clothin

Massachusetts, May 04 : Adidas has come up with an intriguing plan to reuse some of the eight million tons of plastic that end up accumulating in the ocean each year. It will now recycle that plastic to develop fibers for use in clothing and footwear.

The company announced a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, an ocean preservation group, and pledged to rid the ocean of plastic waste, starting in 2016, reported.

The firm also pledged to phase out its use of plastic bags at its retail stores.

The announcement has highlighted a growing focus on sustainability not only at Adidas but throughout the apparel industry, with many other companies taking similar steps.

Xiaomi unveils new Smart TV- Mi TV 2

 Xiaomi unveils new Smart TV- Mi TV 2

Washington, Mar 25 : Chinese electronics company Xiaomi unveiled a smaller and cheaper version of its Mi TV 2.

According to San Francisco- based techcrunch. com website, the new Mi TV 2 is smaller at 40 inches wide and 14.5mm thick thin. Last year's model is 49 inches and 15.5mm thin. A quad-core MStar 6A908 Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali0450 MP4 GPU are integrated this time, alongside 1.5 GB of RAM and 8GB memory.

The new model has a 1080p display, as opposed to last year's 4K screen. The new Mi TV 2 comes in at a cheaper USD 322. Those preferring the 49-inch Mi TV 2 can pay USD 670.

Taxi companies file lawsuit against Uber for 'misleading advertising' in California

Taxi companies file lawsuit against Uber for 'misleading advertising' in Califor

Washington, March 20 - Taxi companies in California have filed a lawsuit against Uber Technologies in a federal court, charging the taxi-hailing service with misleading advertising regarding the safety of its rides.

Nineteen taxi firms claimed in the lawsuit that Uber had made false and misleading advertisements regarding the safety of rides on its UberX platform and had criticized the safety of taxi rides offered by the taxi companies, reported PC World.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco division.

The suit marks the latest blow to the company which has been facing problems in some other countries too.

Microsoft 'not killing' Internet Explorer just yet

Microsoft 'not killing' Internet Explorer just yet

Washington, March 18 - Microsoft's Internet Explorer has although slipped lower and lower on the popularity meter in the past few years, however, several Windows users, including celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, came to its rescue after Microsoft hinted that it might squash the ageing browser.

The confusion started when Microsoft's Chris Capossela said at the Microsoft Convergence event on Monday that the company was working on a new browser name and brand that will feature in Windows 10, reported Mashable.

Capossela added that the project was codenamed "Project Spartan."

This statement was read as a hint that the IE browser in the upcoming Windows OS will be replaced by another browser. However, Microsoft late clarified that the IE browser will be very much alive.

Meltwater Launches Next Generation Media Intelligence Solution

Meltwater Launches Next Generation Media Intelligence Solution

San Francisco (U. S.), Mar. 16 - Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of a new product built for corporate communications and other business decision makers to keep on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog and social media conversations.

The Meltwater solution extracts the insights required to manage your brand, understand competition, and keep on top of industry trends. This product is the latest in a series of technology innovations built on the promise of delivering insights from data on the outside in order to help organizations make better, more informed decisions.


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