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Google confirms plans to launch mobile service soon


Washington, March 03 - Google has confirmed plans that the company is launching its own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with existing partners, said a senior Vice President at Google Sundar Pichai.

According to the Verge, Pichai said in a statement at Mobile World Congress that the company is working towards creating its own MVNO but did not disclose the names of the partners.

If rumours are to be believed, the existing partners of Google on the project are Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

Pichai said that Google does not intend to be a "carrier at scale".

Google is aiming at breaking down the barriers of how connectivity works, said Pichai. (ANI)

Apple set to unveil 'much-awaited' watch on March 9

Apple set to unveil 'much-awaited' watch on March 9

Washington, Feb 27 - Apple has reportedly announced its decision to unveil the much-awaited watch at an event on March 9.

The event, titled "Spring forward," will take place in San Francisco. Details about the watch's final pricing and availability are expected to be revealed at the event, reported The Verge.

Reports had earlier said that the Apple Watch's aluminum Sport model will be priced at 350 dollars but the company had remained tightlipped about the pricing of the regular version and the ultra-luxurious Apple Watch Edition.

The watch is Apple's first landmark product introduction since Steve Jobs introduced the original iPad in 2010. (ANI)

Apple asked to pay 532.9 million dollars to Smartflash for infringing its patents


Washington, Feb 26 - A federal jury in Texas has reportedly asked Apple to pay damages worth 532.9 million dollars to Smartflash for infringing three patents owned by it.

The jury concluded that Apple used Smartflash's patents in its iTunes software without permission, rejecting Apple's claims that the patents were invalid. The patents pertained to digital rights management (DRM), data storage, and payment systems, reported The Verge.

The Texas-based patent licensing company had sought damages totaling 852 million dollars but Apple's lawyers termed them "excessive." The Cupertino-based company said the patents were only worth 4.5 million dollars.

Photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked ahead of official debut

Photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked ahead of official debut

Washington, Feb 26 - Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 seem to have been leak ed ahead of the official debut of the smartphone that is scheduled for March 1.

According to the Verge, the photos were posted on xda-developers forum and were exposed by Mobile Bulgaria.

The pictures show that the phone does not have a display that bleeds over the edge as Samsung showed in its ads.

Samsung may be releasing two different variations of its flagship device at Mobile World Congress on March 1. (ANI)

Gemalto says NSA-GCHQ cyber attack did not involve 'massive SIM key theft'


Washington, Feb 26 - Gemalto, the world's biggest maker of SIM cards for mobile phones, has reportedly revealed that it has "reasonable grounds" to believe that the National Security Agency and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters ( GCHQ) breached its network in 2010 and 2011 but added that it does not believe that the consequences of the attack were as far-reaching as had been reported earlier.

The Netherlands-based company said that the cyber attack could not have resulted in a "massive theft" of SIM encryption keys and added that in the case of an eventual key theft, the intelligence agencies would only be able to spy on second generation 2G mobile networks as 3G and 4G networks are not vulnerable to this type of attack, reported TechCrunch.

Users can now upload 50,000 songs to Cloud through Google Play Music for free


Washington, Feb 26 - Google has announced that users can upload up to 50,000 songs to their personal music collection and store them on the cloud through Google Play Music for free.

According to the Verge, the number of songs that could be uploaded earlier was 20,000.

The new total that Google allows is double of what Apple allows users to upload with iTunes while Amazon Music lets its customers store 250 songs in the Cloud for free.

Although Amazon lets subscribers upload as many as 250,000 tracks but number of songs is limited to 250 that can be uploaded for free. (ANI)

Lizard Squad reportedly hacked, put up slideshow of disaffected youths on site


Washington, Feb 26 - Hacker collective Lizard Squad has reportedly hacked the official website of Lenovo wherein the site saw a slideshow of disaffected youths, set to the song "Breaking Free" from High School Musical, according to users visiting the site at 4PM.

The site seemed to have reverted back to its normal form after a few minutes but HTML problems still persisted and the song continued to play in the background, reported the Verge.

The page was identified by the source code after hacking as "the new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey" where the two people were identified as the members of the hacker group.

Lenovo slapped with lawsuit over Superfish adware


Washington, Feb 24 - Lenovo has been sued by unhappy customers over the Superfish adware that apparently makes PCs susceptible to malware attacks.

According to Tech Crunch, a proposed class-action suit was filed late last week against Lenovo and Superfish, which charges both companies with "fraudulent" business practices and of making Lenovo PCs vulnerable to malware and malicious attacks by pre-loading the adware.

Plaintiff Jessica Bennett has claimed in the lawsuit that her laptop was damaged due to Superfish.

Referring to the adware as "spyware", she went on to accuse Lenovo and Superfish of breeching her right to privacy and of studying her internet browser habits and cashing in on it.

Facebook to work with Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo and others to fight web threats together


Washington, Feb 12 - Facebook is collaborating with Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Bitly to fight web threats together through a platform called ThreatExchange that allows companies to share information.

Each company will share new information as they receive it allowing each other to prepare for or prevent future attacks, reported the Verge.

ThreatExchange is more than just a message board where thecompanies can work together.

The idea behind working together came out of the necessity to resolve many modern threats. (ANI)

Indian online mobile recharge platform FreeCharge raises 80 mln dollars in series C financing


Washington, Feb 06 - India-based mobile commerce platform FreeCharge that provides a service where users can recharge mobile phones online has raised 80 million dollars in series C financing.

According to TechCrunch, FreeCharge gives out coupons and other rewards to users when they pay their phone, satellite television, and utility bills.

Investors such as Valiant Capital Management and Tybourne Capital Management, as well as returning investors Sequoia Capital, RuNet, and Sofina were included in the Series C round.

FreeCharge raised 33 million dollars in September in Series B. The company's latest funding brings its total raised so to around 115 million dollars so far.

Ola gears up to overtake Uber by announcing plans to cover 200 Indian cities in 2015

Ola gears up to overtake Uber by announcing plans to cover 200 Indian cities in 2015Washington, Jan 15 - Web-based taxi service Ola, which currently operates in nearly 50 Indian cities, has reportedly announced its plan to expand to 200 cities in India by the end of this year.

The announcement followed SoftBank's 210 million dollar investment in the startup last year that pushed its value to 1 billion dollars. Ola was present in 19 cities in October when the deal took place and it has now expanded to 40 new locations including, tier-two and three cities, in the past five months, reported TechCrunch.

Indian restaurant search company Zomato acquires Urbanspoon for 50 million dollars

ZomatoWashington, Jan 13 - Indian restaurant search and discovery company Zomato has announced that it has acquired a restaurant search site Urbanspoon for 50 million dollars that has granted the company entrance into the United States and Australia .

According to CNN, the deal is expected to double the network's traffic on its website from 35 million to 80 million visitors per month.

The company's restaurant inventory will triple from 3,00,000 to one million listings.

Zomato already has strong footholds in Asia, South America and Europe.

Zomato gathers information on restaurants from hours of operation to directions, menus, reviews and ratings.

Sony's salary leaks have made contract negotiations nearly impossible

Sony's salary leaks have made contract negotiations nearly impossibleWashington - Sony's salary leak has caused an immense amount of chaos in negotiating contracts with stars and suits , it has been reported.

Sources revealed that some executives are furious at the bonus structure they got, because they believed they were top of the heap when they weren't, TMZ. com reported.

Some contracts have already come up for renewal and Sony has been getting nailed to the wall, sources further added.

Same principle applies to movie and TV stars, who now have comps to use against the studio.

Baidu confirms investment in 'under fire' Uber

Baidu confirms investment in 'under fire' Uber Washington, Dec 18 - Chinese company Baidu has confirmed that it will be investing in "under fire" taxi firm Uber.

According to CNET, the Baidu integration could dramatically boost Uber's standing in China, where it currently operates in nine cities.

The companies confirmed that Baidu has signed a deal with Uber following which the China -based company's mapping and mobile-search applications will be integrated with Uber.

The collaboration will help people book cabs with much more ease.

However, the company did not disclose the amount of the investment. (ANI)

Apple smartwatch unlikely to be launched before spring 2015

Apple smartwatch unlikely to be launched before spring 2015Washington, Nov 04 - Apple retail senior vice president Angela Ahrendts with the former head of Burberry reportedly confirmed that Apple's smartwatch will not be launched until March 20 next year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier said that tech enthusiasts will use it so much that they will end up charging it daily. However, his statement had fuelled speculations about the gadget's battery life as it has been a key concern for the company ever since the watch was unveiled on September 9.

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