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Yahoo keen to invest in messaging app Snapchat

YahooWashington, Oct 04 - Yahoo is reportedly planning to invest in the popular messaging app Snapchat that allows users to send messages that disappear after a few seconds after being opened.

CNET reports that the investment round would value Snapchat at 10 billion dollars, though it remains unclear as to how much Yahoo would invest.

The news of Yahoo's investment plans come while investors anticipate Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's next moves following increased scrutiny of the company over the Alibaba IPO.

Yahoo received a bonus of over 8 billion dollars for selling 6 percent of its stake in the Chinese company.

Now pay through Bitcoin on PayPal

Now pay through Bitcoin on PayPalWashington, Sep 24 : Online payment service PayPal has reportedly partnered with three leading Bitcoin payment processors, and now it will enable limited support for the digital currency.

North American Merchants selling intangible goods such as music, games, and ringtones may now accept Bitcoin through PayPal Payments Hub, the company's service for digital goods retailers, The Verge reported.

Mobile advertising market grows fastest in India among all Asia Pacific countries: Report

Mobile advertising market growsWashington, Sep 15 : According to the State of Mobile Advertising report, India is the most powerful driver of the Asia Pacific mobile advertising market with mobile-ad impression percentage growing by 260 since July 2013.

It is due to the fact that in India, there has been a rapid shift from feature phones to smart phones which is primarily dominated by Android operating systems.

Mobile application stores, gaming and education sites are extremely popular among Indian users, reported Enterprise Innovation.

Advertisements served are generally for games and mobile devices representing nearly half of all impressions.

Twitter sees mixed reactions on iPhone 6, Apple Watch launch

Twitter sees mixed reactions on iPhone 6, Apple Watch launchWashington, Sep 10 : Apple launched its much anticipated products, the iPhone 6 and the Apple watch on Tuesday which raised mixed reactions on Twitter.

Some users expressed that they are desperately waiting for the watch, some cracked some jokes about the products, while there were some people who criticized the products.

One of the users posted on Twitter that 'I just want to buy the iPhone 6. Where is it why is it not here yet. I can't wait another hour' while another wrote that 'Oh iPhone 6... I can't wait to meet you!'

Tim Cook believes Steve Jobs would be smiling on Apple's achievements

Tim Cook believes Steve Jobs would be smiling on Apple's achievementsWashington, Sep 10 : Apple CEO Tim Cook remembers Steve Job on the launch of the iPhone 6, and he believes that Jobs would be smiling for Apple's achievement.

Tim Cook said that they have launched the biggest advancement in the history of iPhones.

Cook made the big unveiling announcement from the Flint Center stage in Cupertino, the same stage where the company's late co-founder Steve Jobs unveiled the Mac computer 30 years ago.

Cook said that he thinks about Steve a lot. He loves Steve dearly and there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about him, and at the launch he especially thought about him.

Apple stocks fell slightly after iPhone 6 launch event

Apple stocks fell slightly after iPhone 6 launch eventWashington, Sep 10 : Apple stock reportedly fell after the start of the Apple launch event, which introduced iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch.

At the end of the event , Apple stocks were trading at 97.99 dollars, which was 0.38 percent down for the day.

At the start of Apple's announcement, the stock price was up more than 2 percent. The day's action followed a run up of about 27 percent of the company's stock price over the past six months. Throughout the announcement, there were some small gyrations in the stock price, the Mashable reported.

Microsoft nearing 2bln dollar deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang: Report

Microsoft nearing 2bln dollar deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang: ReportWashington, Sep 10 : Tech titan Microsoft is said to be nearing a deal worth 2 billion dollars to purchase Minecraft maker Mojang.

Acquiring Minecraft, which has sold more than 54 million units across all hardware platforms-Microsoft's Windows and Xbox 360, Apple's Mac, Sony's PlayStation 3, and mobile platforms like Apple's iOS and Google's Android-could be a big boost for Microsoft's Xbox, CNET reported.

Minecraft became an instant hit when it was launched in 2009, giving people a simple version of the kind of building environment that helped propel the virtual world Second Life into the mainstream.

iPhone sales could reach 235million units in 2015: Report

iPhone sales could reach 235million units in 2015: ReportWashington, Sep 9 : A new analysis signals that the much anticipated iPhone 6 can give a huge boost to iPhone sales, as many as 235 million units, in 2015.

JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall said that the most bullish prediction at this point calls for 235 million iPhones sold across 64 different countries throughout Apple's fiscal 2015, which starts in October, CNET reported.

Such an estimate would actually be 18 percent higher than the firm's current forecasts.

So far, Apple has sold 51 million iPhones in the first fiscal quarter of the year, 37.4 million in the second, and 35.2 million in the third.

Now, buy things straight from Twitter

Now, buy things straight from TwitterWashington, Sep 9 : Twitter has launched a platform for real-time commerce, which would now allow users to buy things from the social micro-blogging website.

Twitter has added a big 'Buy' button that will appear alongside an image of the item for sale.

The new service would allow users to make one-click purchases from inside a tweet if they are logged into the app or web service, The Verge reported.

India PC shipments in Q2 plunges 28 percent YOY

India PC shipments in Q2 plunges 28 percent YOYWashington, Sep 1 : Recent findings from IDC shows that India PC shipment stands at 2.55 million units in second quarter, plunging 28 percent year-on-year but rising of 24 percent quarter-on-quarter.

IDC stated that the market remained upbeat buoyed by business purchases, as well as channel intake of low-priced PCs at the end of the quarter.

However, the commercial PC segment emerged stronger than the expected performance with 1.38 million units shipped, growing 34.5 percent QOQ as a clear mandate in elections signaled a mark of recovery in Indian economy, CNET reported.

US negotiator gives no hard deadline for Iran deal

Barack ObamaWashington : The Obama administration's chief nuclear negotiator refused on Friday to provide a hard deadline for a deal with Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. She vowed to consult with Congress before suspending more economic sanctions on Tehran, but said the administration won't necessarily seek lawmakers' approval.

The testimony by the State Department's Wendy Sherman immediately prompted objections in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, whose Democratic and Republican members pushed for clear markers as part of the diplomatic effort.

Expenditure on digital ads to surpass TV in U.S. by 2017: Magna Global

Expenditure on digital ads to surpass TV in U.S. by 2017: Magna GlobalWashington, Aug 27 : Expenditure on digital advertising would exceed Television ad spending in the United States in 2017, predicts Magna Global in its recent forecast on Tuesday.

Magna Global has also predicted the largest U. S. ad profit in a decade for 2015 after raising its projection for the year.

The company said that U. S. digital ad revenue would rise up to 72 billion dollars in 2017 and television ad spending would rise to 70.5 billion dollars.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Magna Global said that it expects digital media ad spending to surpass television by 2018.

Bright future for smartphone market in India

Bright future for smartphone market in IndiaWashington, Aug 21 - Smartphone market in India has seen a healthy growth with shipments revving up 84 percent, year over year, and an 11 percent per quarter.

The research firm said the potential for future growth in India's smartphone market remains quite high as 71 percent of the market continues to be on feature phones.

In the second quarter, the overall India mobile phone market stood at 63.21 million units, a 5 percent sequential increase, which was attributed to both product categories-smartphones and feature phones.

Microsoft faces 400m dollars loss on Xbox One

Microsoft faces 400m dollars loss on Xbox OneWashington, Aug 12 - Tech giant Microsoft has recently reported a 400 million dollars loss on its gaming console Xbox One, since the time it was launched.

The recent report shows that Microsoft spent 400 million dollars more than it earned from the console.

While Xbox console sales increased from 9.8 million units in 2013 to 11.7 million units in 2014, manufacturing and distributing costs went up to 2.1 billion dollars while platform revenue only reached 1.7 billion dollars, Adweek reported.

Microsoft is spending more and more money on Xbox One to make it a device as a way to use multiple Microsoft products and services simultaneously.

Stand on TFA contrary to India's promise on biz: Trade bodies

Stand on TFA contrary to India's promise on biz: Trade bodiesWashington: With India firm on its Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) stand, top global trade bodies and experts said this policy is quite contrary to the promise made by the new government that it is open for business.

"India's move to disengage from the trade facilitation agreement will confirm the belief of many that India is simply not ready for larger trade-expanding agreements.

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