Navy Seals helmet cams reveal Osama first shot in chest, then in head

 Navy Seals helmet cams reveal Osama first shot in chest, then in head Washington, May 13: The 25 US Navy Seals, who killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, recorded the entire operation on their tiny helmet cameras during their 40 minute long swoop.

A new picture emerged on Thursday of what really happened. Officials reviewing those videos are still reconstructing a more accurate version of what happened.

The only firefight took place in the guesthouse, where one of bin Laden’s couriers opened fire and was quickly gunned down. No one in the main building got off a shot or was even armed, although there were weapons nearby, CBS News reports.

The Seals first saw bin Laden when he came out on the third floor landing. They fired, but missed. He retreated to his bedroom, and the first seal through the door grabbed bin Laden’s daughters and pulled them aside.

When the second seal entered, bin Laden’s wife rushed forward at him -- or perhaps was pushed forward by the al Qaeda chief to protect himself. The Seal shoved her aside and shot bin Laden in the chest. A third seal then shot him in the head. (ANI)

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