NASA Dreams Of Establishing Permanent Research Base On The Moon

NASA Dreams Of Establishing Permanent Research Base On The MoonIt’s been 39 years since Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. It was a historic day, and since the Apollo 11, no human being has set a foot on the mystic and beautiful moon. But scientists at NASA are hopeful that they will make a permanent presence on moon by 2020.

At the NASA’s Lunar Science Conference, scientists were eager while they discussed about the future plans for lunar exploration. The scientists are aiming to create permanent premises on the Moon as well on Mars to conduct permanent missions.

S. Pete Worden, director of NASA/Ames expressed said, “We’re going back, and this time we’re going to stay.” The researchers are determined to plan longer human explorations on the Moon than was done in Apollo11.

The scientist feel that there are lot of questions in the queue to be answered before the human steps on the Moon, and thus the things would not be easy because they would be faced with much weaker gravity on the other planet.

While on the other hand, many other nations other than US are preparing and developing their own projects to land on the Moon. The names include Russia and China. There are also companies like Google, which are encouraging robotic missions to Moon.

Google under its Google’s Lunar X Prize has promised $ 30 million in prizes for teams which could manage to land robotic rover on Moon by 2014. Google undertook this initiative to beat NASA’s plan to return the moon by the at least 6 years.

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