Michelle Obama reveals daughter’s party clothes left President gulping!

 Michelle Obama reveals daughter’s party clothes left President gulping!New York, Apr 19 : US First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed during a talk show that her husband, President Barack Obama, was left worried after he saw the dress his daughter had on for her first party.

Michelle, 47, who appeared on `The View', said that the President has been acting cool about his daughters, Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9, approaching their teenage years.

But she said that when he saw his eldest going out for a party in a dress with her hair done his reaction was an emphatic "gulp".

"I was like, `Easy, Dad, its only beginning'," the New York Post quoted her as telling the all-female hosts.

Michelle also revealed that Malia, who will turn 13 on July 4, had kept her up one night after she came home from meeting with military families around the country, to talk about makeup.

"It was 10:30 at night, we were beat, I mean, we did four cities in two days, and Malia's like, `Ma, I need to talk to you'," Obama said, adding that they talked, and talked, about makeup.

Dr. Jill Biden joined Michelle in the talk show appearance to publicize their new initiative to support US service members and their families, called `Joining Forces'. (ANI)

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