Man & Machine Sues Apple & CBS Over 'Mighty Mouse' Device

Man & Machine Sues Apple & CBS Over 'Mighty Mouse' DeviceComputer peripheral maker, Man & Machine filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit against Apple and CBS on Tuesday, claiming the companies are infringing on its trademark for the "Mighty Mouse" device.

Maryland-based Man & Machine claimed that it was selling its chemical-resistant and waterproof mouse to hospitals a year before Apple started selling its single-button mouse under the same name.

CBS was named in the lawsuit because CBS, having the rights to the Mighty Mouse cartoon, licensed the use of the name to Apple. According to Man & Machine, CBS didn’t have the right to license the name.

According to reports, both Man & Machine and CBS have trademark applications for the name and are currently dueling for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's approval.

In its trademark-infringement lawsuit against Apple and CBS, Man & Machine demanded for monetary damages and for a court to issue an injunction to prevent Apple from selling any more of its Mighty Mouse devices.

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