Kids, adolescents not at increased risk of brain cancer from mobile phone use

 Kids, adolescents not at increased risk of brain cancer from mobile phone use Washington, July 28 : A new study has revealed that children and adolescents who use mobile phones are not at a statistically significant increased risk of brain cancer compared to their peers who do not use mobile phones.

The increased usage of mobile phones among children and adolescents in recent years has raised a concern about the possibility of the development of brain tumours in this population.

It was thought that since children have a developing nervous system and because their head circumference is smaller, the radio frequency electromagnetic fields might penetrate regions that are deeper in their brains.

To determine the relationship between mobile phone usage and brain tumour risk among children and adolescents, Martin Roosli, Ph. D, of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland, and colleagues looked at the medical records of children aged 7-19 with brain tumours, identified through population registries.

The study, conducted between 2004 and 2008, included participants from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. They looked at data for 352 brain cancer patients, and 646 control subjects.

The researchers found that patients with brain tumours were not statistically significantly more likely to have been regular mobile phone users than control subjects.

The study was published July 27 in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute. (ANI)

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