Microsoft accidentally announces Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL ahead of scheduled date


Washington, March 02 - Microsoft's news center has accidentally announced two new Windows phone devices, Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL one day before the official announcement which is to take place at a press event at Mobile World Congress.

According to the Verge, Microsoft will most likely launch two new low-end devices, as the numbering scheme suggests.

The Lumia 640 XL is presumably a bigger version of the Lumia 640.

Leaked information about the devices suggests that the Lumia 640 will be a 5-inch device with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, all powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 400 processor.

Rumours also suggest that Microsoft is placing an 8-megapixel camera at the rear of the device and a 1-megapixel camera at the front. (ANI)

Microsoft to discontinue support for Google, Facebook chat in Outlook.comTech


Washington, Feb 25 - Microsoft has announced that it will be killing off Google and Facebook chat from its Outlook. com email service in the coming weeks.

According to the Verge, in an email to Outlook. com customers, Microsoft says it's removing Google Talk integration "due to Google's decision to discontinue the chat protocol used by the Google Talk platform."

Microsoft has confirmed that it will no longer provide support for Facebook chat in Outlook. com.

However, the company refrained from divulging details on why it was killing off the social network's chat integration. (ANI)

Microsoft updates Windows Defender to remove Superfish adware

Microsoft updates Windows Defender to remove Superfish adware

Washington, Feb 21 - Microsoft has updated its Windows Defender to remove the Superfish adware which reportedly made Lenovo users susceptible to attacks.

According to the Verge, researchers are reporting that Windows Defender, Microsoft's onboard anti-virus software, is now actively removing the Superfish software that came pre-installed on many Lenovo computers.

Windows Defender will also carry the task of resetting any SSL certificates that were bypassed by Superfish, and restore the system to proper working order.

Researchers recently discovered that Lenovo's Superfish bug could easily give way to attackers looking to breach the systems using the security flaws opened up by the software.

Microsoft set to bring Cortana to Office

Microsoft set to bring Cortana to Office

Washington, Feb 07 - Microsoft is set to bring its digital assistance Cortana to Office.

According to the Verge, the software giant is currently testing a " Work Assistant" app that's designed to use Cortana to open, edit, and share documents using voice commands and Cortana.

The report said that the software giant's initial app is a prototype, but the company plans to integrate Cortana into Office across mobile and desktop platforms soon.

Microsoft may also integrate Cortana on iOS and Android in the future. (ANI)

No fixes for IE on Microsoft Patch Tuesday this month

No fixes for IE on Microsoft Patch Tuesday this monthWashington, Jan 14 : The January 2015 edition of Microsoft Patch Tuesday contains no fixes for the Microsoft Explorer browser.

According to PC World, to date, almost every Patch Tuesday has come with a fix for Explorer, which has long been a target for abuse by malicious attackers.

Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer of security vendor Qualys, said that the lack of fixes for IE was surprising, adding that the one common feature in every Patch Tuesday was that Internet Explorer would get patched.

Tech giants sell smartphone patents for 900 mln dollars possibly ending lawsuits

Tech giants sell smartphone patents for 900 mln dollars possibly ending lawsuitsWashington, Dec 24 - High profile tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Sony have sold their smartphone patents for 900 million dollars to a clearing house, said the patent's new owner, possibly marking the end of a fight between Android manufacturers and competitors.

The Apple-led Rockstar Consortium including Microsoft, BlackBerry, Ericsson has sold the patents to the San Francisco based RPX Corporations.

The deal is expected to end a series of lawsuits and RDX plans to license the patents to another group of about 30 tech companies, including Google and Cisco Systems, reported CNET.

Skype's new app will provide 'real time translations' during voice calls

Skype's new app will provide 'real time translations' during voice callsWashington, Dec 16 : In order to provide a sneak peek into a new feature being introduced on the software, Skype will translate voice calls between people today.

Skype Translator will make it possible for English and Spanish speakers to communicate with each other without having to learn either of the two languages, reported The verge.

The preview will be available on Windows 8.1 or preview copies of Windows 10 and will function by translating voice inputs from an English or Spanish speaker into text and translated audio.

Microsoft earlier demonstrated the technology working between English and German.

Windows 8.1 overtakes Windows XP in global internet usage

Windows 8.1 overtakes Windows XP in global internet usageWashington, Dec 2 : Windows 8.1 has overtaken Windows XP in terms of global Internet usage.

According to PC World, that's partly due to record growth for Windows 8.1, which went from 9.31 percent in October to 10.95 percent last month.

Meanwhile, usage of Windows XP constantly fell in its entire seventh month without Microsoft support, dropping from 11.95 percent to 10.69 percent.

The report added that Windows 8 usage dropped from 5.94 percent to 4.9 percent in November. (ANI)

Microsoft set to jump into smartwatch tussle: Report

MicrosoftWashington, Oct 20 - Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly set to release a smartwatch of its own within weeks, joining Apple, Samsung and others in the smartwatch race.

According to PC World, the smartwatch will passively track a wearer's heart rate and work across different mobile platforms, and that it would be able to go two days when fully charged. That would be an improvement over many current smartwatches, which often need to be charged nightly.

Microsoft CEO takes another step to amend 'sexist' comment against women

Microsoft CEO Satya NadellaWashington, Oct 18 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is still trying to amend his sexist comment that women should not be asking for raise, but should be having faith in the system.

In a memo Nadella sent to Microsoft employees this week, he said that feedback he received on the comment was a humbling and learning experience, and he is 100 percent committed to diversity and inclusion at the core, The Verge reported.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologizes for remarks on women

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologizes for remarks on womenNew York, Oct 10 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologized on Thursday night for his comment about women at an event in Phoenix after he was blasted on Twitter and blog posts.

Nadella said at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Phoenix that women should not ask for a raise and should just trust the system to pay them well.

According to ABC News, Nadella was asked to give his advice to women who were uncomfortable requesting a raise wherein he said that it was not really about asking a raise and that they should have faith in the system.

Microsoft to showcase next version of Windows on Sep 30

Microsoft to showcase next version of Windows on Sep 30Washington, Sep 16 - Microsoft will showcase an enterprise technology preview of its next version of Windows on September 30th as the company has started sending out invitations.

The invitation asks people to join them to see what was next for the enterprise and Windows.

The invitation does not mention whether the company will give out the Windows Threshold tech preview at the event.

According to CNET, Microsoft is likely to release a first public preview of the Threshold version of Windows Server at the event.

Microsoft gifts @messenger to Facebook as it decides to shut down MSN Messenger

Microsoft gifts @messenger to FacebookWashington, Sep 11 : After deciding to shut down its MSN Messenger service, also known as Windows Live Messenger, after 15 years, Microsoft is passing its twitter account to Facebook.

Microsoft said in a tweet that it is gifting the @messenger Twitter account to Facebook later this month for the social network's Messenger service, reported The Verge. (ANI)

Microsoft nearing 2bln dollar deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang: Report

Microsoft nearing 2bln dollar deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang: ReportWashington, Sep 10 : Tech titan Microsoft is said to be nearing a deal worth 2 billion dollars to purchase Minecraft maker Mojang.

Acquiring Minecraft, which has sold more than 54 million units across all hardware platforms-Microsoft's Windows and Xbox 360, Apple's Mac, Sony's PlayStation 3, and mobile platforms like Apple's iOS and Google's Android-could be a big boost for Microsoft's Xbox, CNET reported.

Minecraft became an instant hit when it was launched in 2009, giving people a simple version of the kind of building environment that helped propel the virtual world Second Life into the mainstream.

Microsoft likely to unveil new Lumia phones, on September 4

Microsoft likely to unveil new Lumia phones, on September 4Washington, Aug 12 - Microsoft is likely to unveil new Lumia phones, which may include the much speculated 'selfie phone' expected to be labeled as Lumia 730, on 4th of September.

The company has started sending invites to members of the press to tease a 'ready for more' announcement. The invite comes just two weeks after Microsoft devices chief Stephen Elop showed off two new Lumia Windows Phones, and described one particular device as a ' selfie phone' during a private internal company meeting, The Verge reported.

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