Global torture situation has not changed much: Ex UN special rapporteur

Global torture situation has not changed much: Ex UN special rapporteurWashington, Nov 11: The United Nations former Special Rapporteur on Torture, Manfred Nowak, has said that the global torture situation has not changed dramatically.

He said torture is still practised in 90 percent of the countries, and detention conditions have deteriorated globally.

He admited that, however, that probing torture cases was difficult since governments usually deny that such phenomenon exist in their countries.

He said the Bush administration's War against Terrrosm policy bypassed torture prohibition, and encouraged other countries to follow suit.

"The Bush administration was the first democratic government that openly put the absolute prohibition of torture in question with their so-called War against Terrorism," the Daily Times quoted Nowak, as saying.

"President Bush and his administration have paid the world a very, very negative service by undermining the absolute prohibition of torture. I spoke to very high level officials in other countries and they say that if America is torturing openly, why shouldn't we?",he added.

He further said though US President Barack Obama has changed the torture situation, he failed to investigate fully the torture policies and all the other human rights violations which had taken place under the Bush administration.

He also admitted that torture scenario in Pakistan had not changed much but he described the ratifying of Commmitee Against Torture and UN Covenants for Human Rights as a very encouraging move.(ANI)

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