Financially struggling white voters favour Romney over Obama

Financially struggling white voters favour Romney over ObamaWashington, May 28 : Almost 55 percent of middle-class white American voters, who are struggling financially, favoured Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama, according to a new poll.

Obama is still trailing Romney among middle-class white voters who described themselves as struggling to stay afloat, Politico reports.

According to the Washington Post-ABC poll, only 32 percent of white voters preferred to vote for Obama.

The poll revealed that almost 56 percent of white voters, who say they know someone who has been laid off, backed Romney to 32 percent for Obama.

Self-described upper middle class voters also back Romney 61 percent to 29 percent for Obama.

The poll is a bit of a blow to Obama, who has made restoring middle class security a top theme of his campaign and his administration. (ANI)

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