China will not fully cut US defense ties in response to Taiwan arms deal

China will not fully cut US defense ties in response to Taiwan arms dealWashington, Sept 28 : China has indicated it would suspend some military exchanges in response to the US' decision of selling arms to Taiwan, but has stopped short of a full suspension of bilateral defense ties.

Yang Jiechi, China''s Foreign Minister, asked the US to reconsider the 5.3 billion dollars package, which includes upgrading Taiwan''s existing fleet fighter jets, in a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York on Monday.

Jiechi said that Beijing didn''t amount to a full suspension of military ties with the US, which was suggested by some other Chinese officials in previous meetings.

"I think they have indicated that they''re going to suspend or to cancel or postpone a series of military-to-military engagements," the Wall Street Journal quoted Jiechi, as saying.

"Some activities, as part of the military-to-military program, will be postponed, rescheduled or canceled. It''s not unusual that some of those will come over time, not announced immediately," he added.

According to analysts, China, while stopping short of a complete suspension of military ties, could cancel or postpone individual engagements, such as joint antipiracy exercises in the Gulf of Aden, which were scheduled to be held before the end of the year. (ANI)

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