‘Lonely’ Lewis Hamilton misses family and friend ‘bubble’ during races

‘Lonely’ Lewis Hamilton misses family and friend ‘bubble’ during races London, Nov 11 : Lewis Hamilton, who recently split from pop queen Nicole Scherzinger, has admitted that he misses the support of family and close friends that his teammate Jenson Button enjoys.

The 26-year-old McLaren driver is said to be alone at the track often these days as opposed to Button, whose dad is always present along with girlfriend Jessica Michibata.

“Jenson’s done a great job to get things in the right place,” the Sun quoted the British driver as saying.

“He’s got his dad there every race, he’s got his management there, he’s got his friends, he’s got his girlfriend there all the time.

“He’s got a great bubble around him which he is really happy with.

“And, with that, he’s able to go out and perform without any worries on his mind.

“I did have that at one point but I lost that bubble and I don’t have that around me at the moment,” he added. (ANI)

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