Golf makes efforts to become Olympic sport again

London - Golf is stepping up its efforts to return to the Olympics in 2016 after an absence of 112 years when the International Gold Federation (IFG) on Wednesday announced the creation of a special Olympic committee.

The new committee is to coordinate the worldwide efforts to push for the sport's inclusion in the Olympic programme.

The International Olympic Committee will make a vote on new sports at the 2016 Games at its 2009 Session in Copenhagen. Golf was last an Olympic sport in 1904.

IOC president Jacques Rogge has in the past signalled that he would like to have the world's best golfers at the Olympics. IGF Olympic committee member Peter Dawson said that a recent visit to the IOC headquarters in Lausanne had a similar result.

Golf is vying with rugby, squash, karate, roller sports, softball and baseball for two vacant slots in the 28-sports programme. Softball and baseball were dropped after 2012, but are trying to get back in. (dpa)


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