Yogesh Raut`s `sexless` `Episode 13` failed to attract producers

Yogesh Raut`s `sexless` `Episode 13` failed to attract producers

New Delhi, Feb. 27 : Yogesh Raut, from the 'Mano Ya Na Mano' fame, who is bringing the first found footage horror film of Marathi cinema, recently revealed that it was difficult for him to find a producer for his short film 'Episode 13' because it didn't have sex.

When asked if he wishes for Bollywood version of 'Episode 13,' Yogesh told ANI, "Yes, Definitely, the fact is we wrote the script of Episode 13 as Marathi film, but we realised, despite being first found footage horror film of Marathi cinema, no producers wanted to take a risk with a movie featuring new and unknown faces, later we tried same script for Bollywood, we faced almost the same problem."

"One of the reasons we couldn't get a producer was, being a horror film, our movie doesn't have sex in it. It is unfortunate that Horror films in India are always being identified as adult films," the director added.

Yogesh revealed that when he failed to get a producer, he thought of putting his own money and make the film.

Meanwhile, commenting on the same Upendra Sidhaye, who is the writer and one of the actors from the film, said, "'Episode 13' should definitely have a Bollywood version as well because found-footage genre is still untapped in India. And it's a very interesting and unique way of storytelling. Maybe more people will come forward and push the envelope further."

' Episode 13' is LIVE on Wishberryhttps://www. wishberry. in/campaign/episode-13/ (ANI)


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