Ben Affleck's 'Batman' to feature Red Hood, Joker

Ben Affleck

London, Nov. 2 - The upcoming solo 'Batman' movie, starring Ben Affleck will reportedly feature villains 'The Red Hood' and 'Joker'.

According to a post by film website JoBlo, the main villain in the upcoming film will be 'The Red Hood' AKA a resurrected Jason Todd who is also known as Batman's sidekick, Robin, the Independent reports.

According to the source, the story will centre on resurrected Robin while Batman will be made look like a criminal.

Jared Leto's Joker will also act as a primary villain alongside Red Hood.

MJ's `Thriller` most popular spooky tune for Halloween

Michael Jackson

London, Oct. 30 - With Halloween preparations going at full tilt, Spotify has revealed the most popular songs being streamed.

Michael Jackson's ' Thriller' rules the top spot in the UK, with a whopping 2800 per cent rise in plays over the holiday period, while Rihanna's hit number 'Disturbia' and Lady Gaga's hit 'Monster' also feature highly, the Independent reports.

Alice Cooper's 'Poison' and 'This is Halloween' from Disney film 'The Night Before Christmas' will likely be on the playlist too.

And the most desired Halloween costume is...

And the most desired Halloween costume is...

London, Oct. 29 - 'Suicide Squad' is set to release next year, but teh character Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, has already become the most googled Halloween costume of the year.

Google has developed a feature called 'Frightgeist,' which provides information about the most searched costumes by geographic trends in US, The Independent reports.

Harley is famous for being in an on-off love affair with The Joker, played by Jared Leto, by 'Suicide Squad.'

`Jackass 4` may happen

`Jackass 4` may happen

London, Oct. 29 - Steve-O, who had been the part of the 'Jackass' series, recently discussed about the possibility of its sequel.

On being asked if ` Jackass 4` will happen, the 41-year-old stunt performer, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, replied "If Bam can stay sober and healthy, I suppose it's possible, but I think it's unlikely", the Independent reports.

The 'Jackass 3D' star further said that he was working really hard on his own movie, adding that he recently got a voicemail from actor Chris Pontius's management for a new TV show.

Jason Fuchs to pen Tom Cruise's 'Luna Park'

Tom Cruise

London, Oct. 29 - Tom Cruise is all set to star in the Moon-heist 'Luna Park' as the sci-fi flick has found itself a writer.

According to a magazine, director Doug Liman 's ' Luna Park' has made some progress as he has tapped writer Jason Fuchs to write a new draft of the script, The Independent reports.

The movie revolves around a group of former space employees who travel the world, stealing the equipment they need to travel back to the moon to acquire an energy source.

Noel Gallagher joins U2 to cover `The Beatles` songs

Noel Gallagher

London, Oct. 28 - London's 02 Arena was lit up after U2 called out Noel Gallagher to cover `The Beatles` as part of their Innocence + Experience tour.

After an entertaining two and a half hour set at the Arena, introducing the 'Wonderwall' singer, Bono said "I'd like to bring out of one my heroes, one of the band's heroes to help us out with this next song. Will you welcome to the stage the high flying bird himself Noel Gallagher," The Independent reports.

Perrie Edwards knew ex-Zayn Malik was bad for her

Perrie Edwards

London, Oct 28 - Zayn Malik's former girlfriend Perrie Edwards appears to be taking a dig on the singer as she revealed that she already knew he was bad for her.

The 'Little Mix' star, who recently released a new break-up track 'Hair' with her band-mates, said in an interview that when someone splits from their partner, the only word they can be attached to is b---end, the Mirror reported.

Though, there was a buzz that the former One Direction singer has been reaching out to his 22-year-old former singer girlfriend via texts reportedly saying that he misses her and still loves her.

`Generous` Rob K ready to donate kidney to Lamar Odom

`Generous` Rob K ready to donate kidney to Lamar Odom

London, Oct. 28 - Rob Kardashian has recently offered his kidney to his brother-in-law Lamar Odom if he needs a transplant.

The 28-year-old TV personality stepped up with the generous offer after it emerged that the former NBA star might need a new kidney as his medical treatment continues in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Mail.

Though it is unclear whether Odom and Rob are a compatible match for a kidney transplant, he is willing to undergo medical tests to find out.

Gigi Hadid ecstatic after 'iconic' appearance on South Park

Gigi Hadid ecstatic after 'iconic' appearance on South Park

London, Oct. 25: Gigi Hadid has finally had the most iconic time of her life after appearing on this week's 'South Park' episode.

In the episode which features which Eric Cartman quitting Twitter for body shaming, the 20-year-old is seen wearing revealing underwear under a see-through dress, The Daily Mail reports.

Later, Hadid took to twitter and said "I've been informed that I was on South Park this week for aprox 5 seconds.. soo that's officially the most iconic 5 seconds of my existence." (ANI)

Liam Payne`s panic attack cancelled 1D`s concert

Liam Payne`s panic attack cancelled 1D`s concert

London, Oct. 22: One Direction recently cancelled their Belfast shows because Liam Payne reportedly had a backstage meltdown.

According to sources, the pressures of fame and being on the road for two years have made the 22-year-old singer ill, the Mirror has reported.

Insiders added that Payne was devastated about letting everyone down, especially the fans, but he wasn't physically able to get on stage so he had a complete meltdown.

I can be too polite to fans: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

London: "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe says he can be a little over-accommodating when fans ask him to pose for photos.

Radcliffe said he felt terrible for his "Harry Potter" castmate Rupert Grint when he heard the actor had followed a fan home - because he couldn't say no to her, reported Contactmusic.

"I'm better at saying no than Rupert Grint. He ended up going back to a fan's house because he couldn't say no to anything they asked. That's when it's gone too far." Radcliffe's girlfriend Erin Darke has been known to give the actor a hard time when he's too polite to rude fans.

Vin Diesel confirms 3 more `Fast and Furious` but mourns Paul Walker

Vin Diesel

London, Oct. 18 - Vin Diesel has confirmed three more movies of the ' Fast and Furious' franchise, but confessed that he wanted more time to mourn best friend Paul Walker's death.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross, the 48-year-old actor revealed that eighth installment of the movie series will be filmed in New York and said that he was initially going to take a year off after the experience of Furious 7, adding that he was ready to go and deal with it and mourn alone, The Mirror reports.

And world's most influential couple is...

Prince William and Kate Middleton

London, Oct.18 - Beating Obamas, Gates and Kardashian-West, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been named as the world's most influential couple.

David and Victoria Beckham have notched the second place, closely followed by the Queen and Prince Philip of Edinburgh in a poll of 2,000 Brits, the Mirror reports.

The fourth and fifth position was grabbed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the Obamas respectively.

Behavioural psychologist and relationship coach Jo Hemmings opined that power couples need to be strong for each other, both in good and bad times.

Are Harry Styles, Nicole Scherzinger revoking their 'brief fling'?

Harry Styles

London, Oct 17 - It seems like Harry Styles has found love similar to his other One Direction members as he is reportedly dating Nicole Scherzinger, who is sixteen years older to him, with whom he already had a brief fling in

The source informed that the English band singer and The Pussycat Dolls' lead singer enjoyed a passing affair at the end of 2013 'X Factor' and at the 2014 Brit Awards, the Daily Star reported.

Though Harry was 19 at the time, yet he wasn't able to keep his hands off her, a source added. (ANI)

`Legendary rapper` Em turns 43 today


London, Oct 17 : 'Rap God' Eminem, who is considered as an icon in the world of Hip-Hop, turns 43 today.

The Detroit rapper started his career as a rapper but later tried his hands on producing music as well, the Independent reported.

As a teenager, the 'Not Afraid' hit-maker competed in open-mike contests at the Hip-Hop Shop, the heart of the city's rap scene.

He also grabbed an Academy Award for his role as an underdog rapper in '8 Mile'.

Jackman, Lewis are Roger Moore's `Bond` favourites

Roger Moore

London, Oct. 17 - Actor Roger Moore has backed Hugh Jackman and Damian Lewis to take over as ' James Bond' after Daniel Craig.

Moore, who played the role of the secret agent seven times in the 90s, the 88-year-old actor also said that Maggie Smith could be a 'perfect' Bond girl, The Independent reports.

Earlier, Jackman revealed that he had been approached by Bond producers in 2002. However, he turned it down because he "didn't think it was the right time". (ANI)

Coldplay to headline Glastonbury Festival for fourth time?

Coldplay to headline Glastonbury Festival for fourth time?

London, Oct. 16 - If sources are to be believed then Coldplay are going to be headlining Glastonbury for a fourth time in 2016.

According to a newspaper, Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis has booked the British rock band in for a two-hour slot at the music festival and the tickets have sold out in just over half an hour this year, The Independent reports.

A source has claimed that Coldplay was Glastonbury veteran and would have no problem filling a two-hour set that punters will love.

Earlier, Coldplay performed at the festival in 2002, 2005 and 2011. (ANI)

Carey Mulligan feels Britain films are better

Carey Mulligan

London, Oct. 16 - Carey Mulligan feels that Britain films are better than other movies because of its multicultural society and amazing talent.

In an interview at an educational film festival called Into Film, the 30-year-old said that the movies made in Britain are just better, adding that there are incredible actors and incredible directors and cinematographers and art directors and costume designers.

Mulligan said Britain had a really amazing multicultural society.

Mulligan's next movie 'Suffragette,' starring Meryl Streep, is all set to hit the theaters this month.(ANI)

At times Tom Hanks did not voice Woody from `Toy Story`

Tom Hanks

London, Oct. 16 - Tom Hanks' brother Jim Hanks secretly voiced Woody from `Toy Story` whenever the Oscar winning actor was busy with other things.

While chatting at a talk show with Graham Norton, who took out a Woody doll and asked Hanks if it was his voice, the actor said "No, it's my brother Jim," adding that there were so many computer games and video things, in which Jim worked all year long, The Independent reports.

Jim Hanks is also an actor and has done a lot of Woody voicing over the years.

Johnny Depp does not want to win an Oscar

Johnny Depp

London, Oct. 15 : Johnny Depp is satisfied with his Oscar nominations and does not want to win an Oscar ever.

In an interview, the 'Black Mass' actor said that he doesn't want to win one of those things ( Oscar) ever, adding that the idea of winning means that you were in competition with someone, The Independent reports.

The 52-year-old actor said that he was not in competition with anybody.

Earlier, Depp was nominated for his roles in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland and Sweeney Todd.

Warner Bros may suffer loss of millions for 'Pan'

Warner Bros may suffer loss of millions for 'Pan'

London, Oct. 15 - Experts have predicted that Hugh Jackman's 'Pan' could suffer a loss of up to USD 150 million for Warner Bros. studio.

According to The Independent, the movie made USD 15.3 in North America and USD 20.4 million worldwide in its opening weekend, with a total profit of USD 40.5 million.

'Pan' had a budget of USD 150 million, which does not include marketing cost.

The movie is set to release in China, where it is expected to make some money.

The movie, starring Hugh Jackman, Cara Delevingne and Rooney Mara, has failed to impress critics. (ANI)

JK Rowling `too old` to enjoy sex-themed ball

JK Rowling

London, Oct. 15 - Author JK Rowling has turned down the invitation of the steamy sex-themed ball, thinking she is too old to enjoy the event.

The 50-year-old novelist, who got the free invite to the Safer Sex Ball by students of her former university, said that she believed that she was "too old" to enjoy the fun which includes students frolicking in their underwear for charity, the Daily Star reports.

Has Charlize Theron replaced Brad Pitt in 'The Gray Man'?

Charlize Theron

London, Oct. 15 - Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to replace Brad Pitt for the lead role in the upcoming flick ' The Gray Man'.

Based on the book, the upcoming action thriller is about a male CIA agent, who turns into assassin to protect the lives of his children, he never knew he had, the Independent reports.

It is said that the Sony bosses were so much impressed by 'Mad Max: Fury Road' actress that the script, originally written by Anthony and Joe Russoe, of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier fame,' has been slightly re jigged so that she can take on the CIA agent role.

Bieber's new album banned in Middle East for being `too Christian`

Justin Bieber

London, Oct. 15 - Looks like Justin Bieber's cover on his latest 'Purpose' album has failed to impress the Muslim community, as it has been banned in various Middle Eastern nations.

Showbiz insiders revealed that the 21- year-old singer's album will not be sold in various Middle Eastern nations and Indonesia due to its cover which shows the singer with a cross on his bare chest, the Daily Star reports.

It is said that Record label bosses are now scrambling to change the artwork on the album before its official release in November.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson`s accidental kiss provides good laugh for tweeters

Louis Tomlinson

London, Oct. 13 - Seems like Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson's accidental on-stage kiss in Birmingham has given a good laugh to tweeters.

During their performance, Payne and Tomlinson's lips met for a brief moment as they goofed around on stage and it led to comments like 'How can I tattoo a video on my forehead?!' on Twitter, reports the Mirror.

Immediately after the incident hastag #lilokiss started trending on the social networking site and got flooded with comments like "OMG!!!!!!! Although it was an accidental kiss, well not even a kiss! I just love whatever that was!" (ANI)

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