Warner Bros may suffer loss of millions for 'Pan'

Warner Bros may suffer loss of millions for 'Pan'

London, Oct. 15 - Experts have predicted that Hugh Jackman's 'Pan' could suffer a loss of up to USD 150 million for Warner Bros. studio.

According to The Independent, the movie made USD 15.3 in North America and USD 20.4 million worldwide in its opening weekend, with a total profit of USD 40.5 million.

'Pan' had a budget of USD 150 million, which does not include marketing cost.

The movie is set to release in China, where it is expected to make some money.

The movie, starring Hugh Jackman, Cara Delevingne and Rooney Mara, has failed to impress critics. (ANI)

JK Rowling `too old` to enjoy sex-themed ball

JK Rowling

London, Oct. 15 - Author JK Rowling has turned down the invitation of the steamy sex-themed ball, thinking she is too old to enjoy the event.

The 50-year-old novelist, who got the free invite to the Safer Sex Ball by students of her former university, said that she believed that she was "too old" to enjoy the fun which includes students frolicking in their underwear for charity, the Daily Star reports.

Has Charlize Theron replaced Brad Pitt in 'The Gray Man'?

Charlize Theron

London, Oct. 15 - Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to replace Brad Pitt for the lead role in the upcoming flick ' The Gray Man'.

Based on the book, the upcoming action thriller is about a male CIA agent, who turns into assassin to protect the lives of his children, he never knew he had, the Independent reports.

It is said that the Sony bosses were so much impressed by 'Mad Max: Fury Road' actress that the script, originally written by Anthony and Joe Russoe, of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier fame,' has been slightly re jigged so that she can take on the CIA agent role.

Bieber's new album banned in Middle East for being `too Christian`

Justin Bieber

London, Oct. 15 - Looks like Justin Bieber's cover on his latest 'Purpose' album has failed to impress the Muslim community, as it has been banned in various Middle Eastern nations.

Showbiz insiders revealed that the 21- year-old singer's album will not be sold in various Middle Eastern nations and Indonesia due to its cover which shows the singer with a cross on his bare chest, the Daily Star reports.

It is said that Record label bosses are now scrambling to change the artwork on the album before its official release in November.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson`s accidental kiss provides good laugh for tweeters

Louis Tomlinson

London, Oct. 13 - Seems like Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson's accidental on-stage kiss in Birmingham has given a good laugh to tweeters.

During their performance, Payne and Tomlinson's lips met for a brief moment as they goofed around on stage and it led to comments like 'How can I tattoo a video on my forehead?!' on Twitter, reports the Mirror.

Immediately after the incident hastag #lilokiss started trending on the social networking site and got flooded with comments like "OMG!!!!!!! Although it was an accidental kiss, well not even a kiss! I just love whatever that was!" (ANI)

Louis Tomlinson registers his record label post 1D`s hiatus announcement

Louis Tomlinson

London, Oct. 13 - Louis Tomlinson seems to be moving on with his career, as he has registered a name for his record label.

The 23-year-old singer, who previously announced that he wants to launch his own company when his band One Direction goes on hiatus, has filed papers to secure the moniker Triple Strings Ltd, reports the Mirror.

According to sources, Tomlinson is launching the venture with Sony's lawyer Michael Smith and One Direction's legal adviser Lawrence Engel under Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment. (ANI)

Jim Diamond passes away at 64

Jim Diamond passes away at 64

London, Oct.11 - Singer Jim Diamond, who has many hits to his credit, has reportedly died aged 64 at his home in London.

According to a source, the 'Hi Ho Silver' hit-maker's family was deeply shocked by his sudden death, the Guardian reports.

In a statement, a family spokesman said that the late singer was a devoted family man who loved his family and music.

A spokesman added that the 'Sleep Alone at Night' hit-maker will be remembered and missed by all those who loved his music and his unique voice and style.

Christopher Nolan says cinema watching experience needs to improve drastically

Christopher Nolan

London, Oct.10 - British director Christopher Nolan has said that the theater going experience needs to improve to match the value of the movie goer or watcher's swollen ticket price.

Addressing media at the London Film Festival here, the 45-year-old director said cinema chains need to drastically improve the experience they offer to customers, and cautioned that the next generation of movie goers will stop going to watch films if corrective steps were not taken.

'Slim' Renee Zellweger returns as Bridget Jones for 'Bridget Jones' Baby''s new installment

'Slim' Renee Zellweger returns as Bridget Jones for 'Bridget Jones' Baby''s new

London, Oct.3 : Renee Zellweger has returned to her popular role of 'Bridget Jones' for the 'Bridget Jones' Baby's third installment.

The 46-year-old actress, who struggled with her weight and gained around 30 pounds for the role, seems to have transformed again back to her old look, as she showed off her slim look and youthful complexion in the picture which shows her hugging an iPad in a jumper, The Mirror reports.

The 'Jerry Maguire' actress fans flooded the social media site with their reactions.

This new girl in town is giving serious competition to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

London, Sept. 17 - Kendall Jenner might soon lose her Calvin Klein girl tag as a new girl is giving her serious competition.

Carla Howe recently raised temperature by posing for a raunchy series of snaps in her CK underwears, reports the Daily Star.

Howe was seen showing off her ample cleavage as she created a storm in a very low cut top before stripping down to her kinky black underwear.

She will be soon seen a series for Playboy TV with her twin sister. (ANI)

1D star Liam Payne upsets fans with pic of smoking on private jet

Liam Payne

London, Sept. 8 - One Direction member Liam Payne seems to have upset his fans after he shared a picture, showing him smoking on a private jet.

The 22-year-old singer, who posted a black and white picture on his Instagram account, was criticised by his fans for his filthy habit of smoking, reports The Mirror.

One fan wrote "Please stop smoking Liam. We all care about you... I'm so disappointed."

Another disappointed fan wrote on the singer's post "Stop smoking! You know better," a third wrote. "It's not cute, it's not hot, it's scary and dangerous."(ANI)

Rita Ora not a Zayn Malik's fan ?

Rita Ora and Zayn Malik

London, Sept. 7 - Rita Ora remained mum when she was asked about Zayn Malik. Is it because he dumped her pal Perrie Edwards over text message?

In a recent interview, the 24-year-old singer, who was asked to play a game of 'mash it up,' went silent when the former One Direction star name was mentioned, The Mirror reports.

After a long pause, Ora responded, "Zayn, he's gorgeous, but I just" and went silent again. (ANI)

Did Jennifer Aniston eat too much on her honeymoon?

Jennifer Aniston

London, Sept 5 - You might be wondering that Jennifer Aniston enjoyed a lot on her honeymoon, but in reality the actress ate a lot during her romantic time and now she is being criticised for the weight she has put on.

Criticising the 46-year-old actress, a leading daily published an article titled, "Oh Jen, did you overdo the honeymoon dinners?," reports the Huffington Post.

In the article, the author wrote that the 'Cake' star was photographed looking more rounded than usual and that her unforgiving work-out gear did little to disguise her weight gain.

Amal Clooney to face Tony Blair's wife in human rights battle

Amal Clooney to face Tony Blair's wife in human rights battle

London, Sep 2 - George Clooney's wife and Human Rights lawyer Amal Clooney has surely found a match for herself in the legal business as she will face Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Blair in the court.

According to the Evening Standard, Clooney confirmed that soon she will be in the Maldives to represent former President Mohamed Nasheed, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison on terrorism charges earlier this year and forced to resign at gun point.

Russell Brand quits social media

Russell Brand quits social media

London: Funnyman Russell Brand is stepping away from social media and his YouTube channel to focus on "learning".

The 40-year-old comedian announced he would be stepping away from Twitter, Facebook and his YouTube series "The Trews", reported Daily Telegraph.

Louis Tomlinson, Nicki Minaj backs Calvin Harris in twitter feud with Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson

London, Aug. 18 - Seems like Louis Tomlinson and Nicki Minaj are preferring Calvin Harris over Zayn Malik as they have backed the Scottish DJ in his twitter spat with the former One Direction singer.

The feud between Harris and Zayn started when the 22-year-old singer re-tweeted a fan's message that compared Miley Cyrus' quote on releasing her next album for free and Taylor Swift's quote on removing her music from Spotify, reported the Mirror.

Coleen Rooney shares sweet photo of hubby Wayne with kids

Coleen Rooney shares sweet photo of hubby Wayne with kids

London, August 14 : Coleen Rooney shared an adorable picture of her footballer husband Wayne taking a peaceful nap with their two kids.

The 29-year-old television presenter posted a cheeky snap of the footie ace and her two sons Kai, 5 and Klay, 2 tucked up in bed together and wrote, "Couldn't get these three out of bed", reported the Mirror.

The Manchester United star, who had a protective arm around his two young boys in the pic, later replied to his wife writing, "Leave us alone!"

Exes Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards put their 4.5M pounds `love-nest` for sale

Zayn Malik

London, August 13 - The 'Steal My Girl' hit-maker Zayn Malik and his former fiancee Perrie Edwards have put their 4.2 million London mansion up for the sale.

According to sources, the former One Direction star has asked the 22-year-old singer to move her belongings out of the north London property after he dumped her by text message while she was celebrating her band's number one single 'Black Magic', the Mirror reported.

`Honoured` David Oyelowo first black actor to be 007's voice

David Oyelowo

London, Aug 13 - David Oyelowo has become the very first black actor to star as James Bond in after he bagged an audiobook role in upcoming thriller Trigger Mortis.

The 39-year-old actor said that was "very honoured" to be a part of the landmark casting, which involves an official Bond book and a direct invitation from the estate of 007's creator, Ian Fleming, the Guradian.

The 'Selma' star said that he was now officially the only person on planet Earth who could legitimately say "I am the new James Bond."

Deceased Cilla Black will rest in hometown Liverpool

Cilla Black

London, Aug 13 - Cilla Black will return back to her hometown Liverpool to be buried next to her parents.

The singer funeral, which will be officiated by Right Reverend Thomas Williams, Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool and former Parish Priest of St Anthony's, Scotland Road, will take place on 20 August at St Mary's

Church in the suburb of Woolton, the BBC reported.

Black, who died following a stroke at the age of 72 after falling over at her Spanish home earlier this month, will be laid to rest at a private ceremony in Allerton Cemetery.

Charlie Hebdo flick 'Je Suis Charlie' set for Toronto film festival premiere

Charlie Hebdo flick 'Je Suis Charlie' set for Toronto film festival premiere

London, Aug 12 - 'Je Suis Charlie,' a documentary based on Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, will premiere along with a raft of music docs and horror films at the 2015 Toronto film festival.

The film ' Je Suis Charlie', which features interviews with the surviving members of the editorial team, has been described as a tribute to those who "died for a certain idea of France," the Guardian reported. to fight back against Disney to fight back against Disney

London, Aug. 11 - A fancy-dress retailer has filed an appeal against a ruling that has asked him to surrender its web address to Disney.

Tabloid media reported that the Berkshire-based company has been using this address for more than a decade to direct shoppers to a Star Wars section of its Jokers' Masquerade store, but in July, Nominet, which oversees .uk domains, backed Disney's ownership claim asking the retailer to give up his domain, reported the BBC.

Brit dancer Jonathan Ollivier dies in tragic bike accident

Brit dancer Jonathan Ollivier dies in tragic bike accident

London, Aug 11 - British dancer Jonathan Ollivier was killed in a motorbike accident only hours before he was due to perform at the finale of Bourne's production of

'The Car Man' at Sadler's Wells Theatre.

According to sources, the 38-year-old ballet star was involved in a collision with a black Mercedes shortly after 11:00 and though paramedics and an air ambulance tried to save his life, he was pronounced dead, the BBC reported.

Sources continued that a driver, who was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, has now been bailed.

Benedict Cumberbatch requests to keep cameras down during `Hamlet` act

Benedict Cumberbatch

London, Aug 10 - Benedict Cumberbatch has requested his fans to not to film his stage performance of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet.'

The 39-year-old, who's playing the iconic character in a 12-week run at the Barbican theatre in London, came out after the show and said spoke about the "cameras and red lights" he spotted in the audience, adding that it was "blinding" and "mortifying," the BBC reported.

Jennifer Aniston's mom wasn`t `invited` to her wedding

Jennifer Aniston

London, Aug. 7 - Looks like Jennifer Aniston did not miss her mother's presence on her big day as her mom Nancy Dow has revealed that she didn't even receive an invite to her daughter's wedding.

Tabloid media revealed that Dow, who was believed to have reconciled with the 46-year-old actress in 2014 following years of estrangement, is delighted for the actress and her new husband, reported the Mirror.

Confirming that she was not invited, Dow further said, "I think it's wonderful!. Anything I say about Jennifer is super supportive."

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