Nicole Scherzinger to perform on UK's 'X Factor'

Nicole ScherzingerLondon, July 21 - Nicole Scherzinger, who gave up her panel position on UK's 'The X Factor', revealed that she would still be a part this year's show.

While speaking to Capital FM, the 36-year-old beauty revealed that she was going to make performance "happen" on the show, that too, a couple of times, Metro. co. uk reported.

Adele undergoing therapy to cure fear of being clicked

Adele undergoing therapy to cure fear of being clickedLondon, July 21 - Adele is reportedly undergoing photo-healing therapy to cure her fear of being caught on camera ahead of her grand musical comeback.

A source revealed to the Daily star that the 26-year-old singer had always been fearful of being "papped" but with her big comeback she had to back herself up for the limelight.

Lily Allen admits album flopped because of 'bad music'

Lily AllenLondon, July 21 - Lily Allen has admitted that her album flopped because of her and music wasn't good enough.

The Brit singer's 'Hard Out Here' sneaked into the top 10 at No. 9 and the poppier follow-up 'Air Balloon' getting to No. 7 in March, but her third song 'Sheezus' didn't even make the top 40 on the charts, the Mirror reported.

1D star Louis Tomlinson 'gutted' post failure of Doncaster Rovers buying bid

1D star Louis Tomlinson 'gutted' post failure of Doncaster Rovers buying bidLondon, July 20 : Louis Tomlison is reportedly "gutted" after his bid to buy his hometown football club Doncaster Rovers fell through.

The singer had planned to invest money into the club and take over with former owner John Ryan, the Mirror, reported.

I wasn't a victim in my marriage with Ashley: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl ColeLondon - Newly married pop star Cheryl Cole has revealed that she was not a victim during her marriage to footballer Ashley.

The 31-year-old singer married Ashley in 2006 after two years of dating, but split in 2010 following accusations that the footballer had cheated on her, reportedly.

"You know what I also realised these past years? I refuse to let somebody else`s behaviour change me fundamentally. I`m going to remain the person I am, with the values and beliefs that I had.

Brody Jenner missed Kim K's wedding as he didn't know Kanye West

Brody Jenner missed Kim K's wedding as he didn't know Kanye WestLondon, July 19 : Brody Jenner has revealed that he didn't attend sister Kim K's wedding because he didn't know Kayne West.

The reality star informed that he had only one conversation with the American rapper, which lasted for 15-20 seconds, the Mirror reported.

Christine Bleakley believes in 'love at first sight'

Christine Bleakley believes in 'love at first sight'London, July 19 : Christine Bleakley has recently admitted that she believes in love at first sight.

The 35-year-old host said that she and fiance Frank Lampard both believe in it, however, everybody needs to work at their relationship, but that initial chemistry has to be there, the Daily Express reported.

Bleakley has been engaged to former Chelsea footballer Lampard since 2011 and they live in Fulham, south-west London.

Is Cheryl Cole 'expecting' already?

Cheryl ColeLondon, July 19 - Cheryl Cole pregnancy rumours have fueled ever since the close pal of her new hubby Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini called the singer "baby momma."

During a TV interview, Fernandez-Versini's close friend made and boxing coach, Curtis Jones said that the Frenchman had "bigged Cole up" the Daily Star reported.

Following Jones' declaration, fans took to social media to bet and talk about the singer being pregnant.

My party boy image is undeserved, says Cheryl Cole's new hubby

Cheryl ColeLondon, July 19 - Cheryl Cole's new husband has insisted that his party boy image is undeserved and he is not an international playboy .

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, said that he was more boring and he was actually an estate agent, the Mirror reported.

One friend said that the notion that the 33-year-old Cole's husband had never worked was really unfair as he had built up a lot of money working in Dubai and New York in real estate.

Adam Levine is about to say 'I do'

Adam LevineLondon, July 19 - Adam Levine is reportedly set to get married with fiancee Behati Prinsloo in Mexico on July 19.

The 'Maroon 5' singer has kept the ceremony plans under wraps, after announcing his engagement to Victoria's Secret Model this time in 20113, the Mirror reported.

Pamela Anderson 'hooks up' with estranged hubby Rick Salomon amid divorce

Pamela Anderson 'hooks up' with estranged hubby Rick Salomon amid divorceLondon, July 18 : Pamela Anderson and husband Rick Salomon were recently caught kissing, one week after they filed for divorce.

An insider revealed that even though they loved each other, the former Playboy model had to file for divorce because of Salomon's wild party ways, the Mirror reported.

Their relationship had been through rough patches, but it shouldn't come as a shock if the duo reunites, added the source.

I would love to marry and have kids, says Tom Daley

I would love to marry and have kids, says Tom DaleyLondon, July 17 : Tom Daley has revealed that he would love to have a married life and kids in his future, possibly with his boyfriend of a year, Dustin Lance Black.

The Olympic diver said that family is something that has always been really important to him and at some point he would love to have such a future, the Mirror reported.

Playing a chimp not merely a case of 'aping around', says Andy Serkis

Playing a chimp not merely a case of 'aping around', says Andy SerkisLondon, July 17 : Andy Serkis has revealed that he wasn't standing for any monkey business when he reprised his role as alpha chimp Caesar in the latest film 'Dawn Of the Planet Of the Apes'.

The 50-year-old actor said that using performance capture is not about lots of moments but capturing the emotions, the Mirror reported.

LiLo trips at gala dinner in Italy

LiLo trips at gala dinner in ItalyLondon, July 17 : Lindsay Lohan recently suffered an embarrassing slip-up at a film and music festival gala dinner in Italy.

The 28-year-old actress managed to hold up well at the event in her silver flapper dress and silver heels, the Mirror reported.

However, Li Lo was snapped at the precise moment when she hit the deck.

Ralph Fiennes taught Tony Revolori how to kiss

Ralph Fiennes taught Tony Revolori how to kiss London, July 17 - Tony Revolori has revealed his experience whilst shooting 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' saying that Ralph Fiennes taught him to how to kiss.

The 18-year-old actor said that he was nervous about doing the kissing scene with Saoirse Ronan, so he took Fiennes advice to help out with the kissing scene, the Daily Express reported.

Oscar winning director Ron Howard to helm Beatles' documentary

Ron HowardLondon, July 17 - The Beatles' documentary will be directed by Ron Howard that will look at the early days of the Brit rock band, it has been revealed.

The documentary directed by the Academy Award winner will focus on 1961 to 1966 and will follow the Fab Four's journey from Liverpool's Cavern Club to their last public concert in San Francisco, the BBC reported.

Howard asserted the impact that the rock bands had on popular culture and the human experience could not be exaggerated.

'Highest paid top model' Gisele Bundchen makes 74k pounds a day

Gisele BundchenLondon, July 17 - Mother of two, Gisele Bundchen has bagged the whopping amount of 27 million pounds last year, earning approximately 74,000 pounds a day.

Brazilian fashion model, who will turn 30 this month, has held this position for seven years continuously and has left behind Australian model Miranda Kerr by 20 million pounds, Metro. co. uk reported.

The model is the face of Pantene hair products and Oral-B toothpaste in Brazil. (ANI)

Has Elton John finally announced retirement from music?

Elton JohnLondon, July 17 - Elton John has announced at a festival in France that he will retire from his music career as he wants to spend more time with his sons.

The 67-year-old musician has twice said he wanted to retire first in 1977 and again in 2010 when he said he was "too old to be a pop star", the Mirror reported.

In 2012, the Brit singer said that he wanted to be around to take his son Zachary, to school and pick him up.

John Cleese's autobiography to be out soon

John Cleese's autobiography to be out soonLondon, July 16 : John Cleese has recently confirmed that his autobiography named 'So Anyway' will be launched in October 2014.

The 74-year-old legendary British comedian has mentioned various instances of his life like his nerve-racking first appearance at school, his experience of working as a teacher or his encounter with long time writing partner Graham Chapmanin the book, the Daily Express reported.

Kris Jenner vexed with Kayne West over secretly 'doing 007 theme song'

Kanye WestLondon, July 16 - Kayne West has reportedly angered his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, by secretly trying to do the next James Bond theme song.

Jenner, doesn't want the rapper to get involved with the current James Bond , Daniel Craig, since, she has a grudge against the actor for calling her family "f***ing idiots" during a 2011 interview, the Daily Star reported.

Sources have revealed that Kim Kardashian's mother isn't budging but West is still desperate to do it.

I hate the way I sound and look on screen, says Hugh Laurie

Hugh LaurieLondon, July 16 - Hugh Laurie has recently admitted that he hates the way he sounds and look on screen; moreover, he cannot watch himself on TV until the program has been on for 10 years.

The 'House' actor said that he was resigned to perpetual discontent and that is why he needed about 10 years to go by to look back at something on which he could say "that was OK", the Mirror reported.

He cannot even stand himself on voicemail and it has always been like that, he further added.

Marvel's superhero Thor is now a woman!

Marvel's superhero Thor is now a woman!London, July 16 - Marvel Comics has unveiled a latest change in their hammer-wielding Norse superhero, Thor, by recasting him as a woman .

According to the publisher, the change was done in hopes that the recasting Thor would attract more women and girls to superhero comic books, the BBC reported.

Nicole Scherzinger milks goat live on radio

Nicole Scherzinger milks goat live on radioLondon, July 15 : Nicole Scherzinger recently milked a goat live on radio, while promoting her new song ' Your Love'.

During the Capital Breakfast show, the presenters challenged the ' Sway ' hit maker to milk the animal and she squealed as she got hold of the goat, the Mirror reported.

Cheryl Cole to change surname post 'swanky secret wedding' to French beau

Cheryl ColeLondon, July 15 - Cheryl Cole, who recently got married to her French beau Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in a lavish but private ceremony, wants to ditch 'Cole' and be known as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

The 31-year-old singer, who told her friends that she would be cutting the final tie with her former husband Ashley Cole, already changed her name on Twitter from 'LadyCCole' to 'CherylOfficial', the Mirror reported.

Kim K lookalike shells out 20K pounds to look 'more like her'

Kim KardashianLondon, July 15 - Kim Kardashian's lookalike has spent 20,000 pounds turning her into the reality star and said that she now feels "untouchable".

The 24-year-old Kardashian's lookalike told ITV's This Morning hosts Ruth Langsford and Ben Shephard that when she left school friends would tell her that she had a resemblance to the reality star, the Daily Star reported.

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