Tulisa’s PR firm sues blog for defamation

 Tulisa’s PR firm sues blog for defamationLondon, Mar 31 : The firm looking after Tulisa's publicity is suing a blog for libel.

Hackford Jones PR has launched legal action against Fleet Street Blues, following an article published by the blog which claimed that the public relations company had issued a statement denying the authenticity of the N Dubz singer's sex tape.

The founder of Hackford Jones, Simon Jones, confirmed that the firm is pursuing defamation action, after a blog post about PR ethics appeared on Fleet Street Blues last Friday.

The article was based on the subject of PRs lying to the press and has now been removed, with Fleet Street Blues going offline.

"It was some pretty outlandish claims on the blog," the Mirror quoted Jones as telling the Press Gazette.

"At the end of the day we all work in the media and mistakes are always made, but the point is I'm happy to hold up my hands if I've made a mistake but I'm not happy to be accused of something I haven't done.

"This whole scenario with regard to this Tulisa sex tape denial comes out of the fact that people mistakenly attributed a quote to me with regard to the sex tape that wasn't issued.

"The sex tape came out on Sunday online and from the moment it came online all we did was issue no comment.

"We obviously had a barrage of media calls all day Monday and all day Tuesday, and we said to all media that were not making any comment whatsoever.

"There was no denial issued at any point about that sex tape and then Tulisa posted her own response to it on the Wednesday night.

"Once that video came to light we're hardly going to be issuing denials that it was her, it's clearly her on the sex tape," he added. (ANI)

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