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Sir Paul McCartney pays 'emotional' tribute to late Cilla Black

Paul McCartney

London, Aug 3 - The Beatles' star Paul McCartney is devastated by his close singer friend Cilla Black's death and took to a social website to pay her a tribute, posting an emotional message and calling her a "true legend".

The 'Blackbird' singer tweeted, "I just heard the news Cilla black has left us she was a good friend we will all miss her peace to Cilla peace and love to the family", the Mirror reported.

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Paul McCartney tops musicians' rich list with 730M pounds fortune

Paul McCartney

London, Apr 24 - Sir Paul McCartney has topped the 2015 Sunday Times Rich List of musicians with his 730 million pounds fortune.

The former Beatles member is worth an estimated 20 million pounds more than last year and enjoys a significant boost from his American heiress wife's 150 million pounds stake in her family's US trucking business, the BBC reported.

Lord Lloyd-Webber with 650 million pounds earnings grabbed the second spot, whereas, band U2 secured the third spot with 431 million pounds and pop veteran Sir Elton John was placed at fourth spot with 270 million pounds earnings.

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Top Chef Jamie Oliver cooks song with Ed Sheeran, Sir Paul McCartney for 'Food revolution day'

Top Chef Jamie Oliver cooks song with Ed Sheeran, Sir Paul McCartney for 'Food r

London, Mar 30 : Top chef Jamie Oliver has composed a song with the musical superstars, Ed Sheeran and Sir Paul McCartney, for 'Food revolution day'.

The 39-year old TV Chef co-wrote the song, which also aims to educate kids about food, with Sheeran, 24, while McCartney laid down the bass for the composition on the special anthem, the Mirror reported.

The trio planned to release in a viral campaign in May.

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Paul McCartney's childhood home fetches 150K pounds in just 6 mins at auction

Paul McCartney

London, Feb 27 - Paul McCartney's childhood home which was up for auction, fetched 150,000 pounds in just 6 minutes of the bidding.

It seemed like the fans were just dying to get their hands on the property in Speke, and there were at least two bidders calling in from overseas hoping to win the house, the Mirror reported.

Finally, the house, which was priced at 100,000 pounds, went under the hammer in Liverpool's Cavern Club, and bought b for 150,000 pounds in mere six minutes y some local mystery buyer, who said he was "delighted" to have won the sale.

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Paul McCartney's childhood home up for grabs at 100K pounds

Paul McCartney's childhood home up for grabs at 100K pounds

London, Feb 26 : If you are Beatles fan and are willing to shell 100,000 pounds, you could just be the next owner of Paul McCartney's childhood home which is up for auction.

The three up, two down terrace Liverpool abode is expected to attract bids from around the world as fans get a chance to own a part of Fab Four history, Sky News reported.

McCartney was only 4 years old when he moved into the house on Western Avenue in Speke, along with his parents Jim and Mary and younger brother and had lived there until the mid 1950s.

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'Old school' McCartney still prefers traditional way to make music

Paul McCartney

London, Feb 21 - Paul McCartney has confessed that he misses the good old days of music and he prefers the traditional way to make music.

The former Beatles member, who has also recorded with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in the past as well having a new collaboration with Rihanna, said that he would go on sometimes to young bands and younger people he was working with and say it was kind of easier before, the Daily Express reported.

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Beatles' unseen pictures released to celebrate 50th anniversary of Help

Beatles' unseen pictures released to celebrate 50th anniversary of Help

London, Feb 14 - Some vintage and unseen pictures of 'Beatles' have been released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band movie, ' Help!'.

Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, late John Lennon and George Harrison's pictures will be released in a book that will be funded by a music website PledgeMusic, the Daily Star reported.

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Top Grammy moments: Matador Madonna, Dancing Sir Paul and Kanye

Top Grammy moments: Matador Madonna, Dancing Sir Paul and Kanye

Los Angeles - Step aside winners. The Grammy Awards have long belonged to performers and unexpected moments - and Sunday`s show was no different with Kanye West rushing the stage, Pharrell Williams` orchestral bash and a poignant plea to end domestic violence.
- Kanye, Again

West, in perhaps a tongue-in-cheek gag on his infamous outburst rushing the stage in protest at the 2009 Video Music Awards, approached album of the year winner Beck on stage before flashing a quick grin, waving his hand and retreating.

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Lady Gaga to collaborate with Paul McCartney for new single

Lady Gaga to collaborate with Paul McCartney for new single

London, Feb 5 - Lady Gaga is the latest singer to collaborate with Beatles legend Paul McCartney for a song, it has been reported.

The 28-year-old singer shared her pic on Instagram with McCartney with a caption, "Always a good time with my buddy. I'll never forget when he called me last year to work and I hung up the phone cuz I thought it was a prank!", the Mirror reported.

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RiRi joins forces with Kanye West, McCartney for new acoustic ballad 'Four Five Seconds'


London, Jan 27 - Rihanna has recently teamed up with Kanye West and Paul McCartney for new acoustic ballad called 'Four Five Seconds.'

The track would be the first new song in two years for the 26-year-old singer, in which West has provided his vocals and Sir Paul would be the man behind the guitar, the Mirror reported.

In the track, the 'Diamonds' singer goes back to basics and performs a stripped back vocal which shows off her unique sound without the help of electronic voice effects and up-tempo dance beats which she has used in the past.

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Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Rihanna team up for new track

Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Rihanna

Los Angeles - Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney have collaborated for new track 'FourFiveSeconds'.

The soft and acoustic track is available at RihannaNow.Com, reported Rolling Stones magazine.

"I think I've had enough," sings Rihanna over the percussion-less, acoustic guitar-driven track.

"I might get a little drunk. I say what's on my mind. I might do a little time. 'Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness."

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Kanye West, Rihanna, Paul McCartney collaborate on new song

Kanye West, Rihanna, Paul McCartneyLos Angeles - Rapper Kanye West, pop star Rihanna, Beatle legend Paul McCartney and producer Ty Dolla Sign will team up to release a new track.

Ty Dolla Sign spoke about the forthcoming collaboration in an interview with Billboard.

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Kanye West fans don't know who Paul McCartney is

Kanye West fans don't know who Paul McCartney isLondon, Jan 5 - Kanye West fans failed to recognize Paul McCartney on Twitter after the rapper collaborated with the former Beatles member on single ' Only One '.

Several Twitter users were left baffled as to who West's new collaboration partner even is, the Mirror reported.

One user asked, "Who is Paul McCartney", another wrote, "I don't know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career with this new song!!"

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Kanye West, Paul Mccartney team up for new song

Kanye West, Paul MccartneyLos Angeles - Rapper Kanye West and Beatles legend Paul McCartney's collaboration has been released online. Titled "Only One", it features background vocals and piano accompaniment by the former Fab Four, reported Ace Showbiz.

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Beatles courses are ridiculous but flattering: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartneyLondon - Paul McCartney has called popular music courses focusing on The Beatles "ridiculous". The 72-year-old musician made the comments while taking part in a Q&A on his website, reported BBC.

"We never studied anything, we just loved our popular music. I think for us, we'd have felt it would have ruined it to study it," he said. However, McCartney conceded that classes incorporating The Beatles' music were "kind of a cool idea" and "very flattering".

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Sony hack reveals Paul McCartney planning to bid for The Beatles catalogue

Sony hack reveals Paul McCartney planning to bid for The Beatles catalogueLondon, Dec 30 - The latest in Sony hack has leaked that Paul McCartney is planning to bid for 250 tracks of The Beatles after eyeing it up for thirty years.

The news comes after leaked emails revealed that executives were considering selling the rights back to the 72-year-old singer, the Mirror reported.

A source told the website that McCartney will want to buy the catalogue.

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Paul McCartney finds making 'The Beatles' part of study course 'ridiculous'

Paul McCartneyLondon, Dec 29 : Paul McCartney thinks that making The Beatles part of a music study course is ridiculous.

After a Liverpool student asked former Beatle about music courses, McCartney said that though the finds it "flattering," music couldn't be taught, and studying popular music couldn't produce popular musician s, the Mirror reported.

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Paul McCartney remembers Joe Cocker

Paul McCartney remembers Joe CockerLondon - Beatle star Paul McCartney has remembered his "good mate" Joe Cocker, following the news of his death.

The 72-year-old singer said that he was "really sad" to hear about Cocker's death, adding that he will be "forever grateful" for his soulful cover of The Beatles' 'With A Little Help From My Friends', reported BBC online.

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Paul McCartney regrets not being able to write song on Eric Garner protests

Paul McCartneyWashington, Dec 22 - Paul McCartney has revealed that he once tried to write a song about Eric Garner protests.

The former Beatles member asserted that he was thinking recently about all these protests in New York and around the country and he thought it would be great to put something down about that, just to add his voice to the thousands of people walking in the streets, Contactmusic reported.

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Paul McCartney calls Lennon's killer 'the jerk of jerks'

Paul McCartney calls Lennon's killer 'the jerk of jerks'London, Dec 6 : Paul McCartney recently remembered his late band mate John Lennon and spoke about his death saying that his killer was the jerk of jerks.

The 72-year-old musician said on The Jonathan Ross Show the death of Lennon was a very big shock and he was so sad that he was not going to see him again, the Mirror reported.

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Jaunt rolls out virtual reality video app 'simply Paul McCartney'

Paul McCartneyWellington, Nov 21 : Virtual Reality startup, Jaunt, has released its first Google Cardboard app called simply Paul McCartney.

According to Stuff. co. nz, the app itself is free, and it's a 360-degree, fully immersive playback of the former Beatles' performance of Live and Let Die at the iconic concert.

Google's cardboard 3D headset worth 9.99 dollars can be purchased online.

Paul McCartney raked-in $1M for New York investment conference performance

Paul McCartneyNew York, Nov 11 : Sir Paul McCartney raked-in more than 1 million dollars to perform at billionaire Ron Baron's New York investment conference, it has been revealed.

The 72-year-old rockstar and Carrie Underwood , who was also paid a hefty amount, performed at Baron Capital's investors meeting at the Metropolitan Opera House, the New York Post reported.

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Paul McCartney urges going veggie once a week to stem global warming

Paul McCartneyLondon, Sept 22 - Paul McCartney has taken an initiative to convince people to cut down on meat from their diet with the help of a new song, it has been revealed.

The former 'Beatles member has taken the initiative to encourage people to eat a flesh-free diet once a week in an effort to slow climate change ahead of this week's United Nations summit, the Daily Star reported.

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Sir Paul Mccartney named 'Richest Bassist in the World'

Paul McCartneyWashington, August 22 - Sir Paul Mccartney has been named the richest bassist in the world.

According to therichest. com, the former Beatles legend is worth 1.2 billion dollars approximately, placing him at the top of the 'Richest Bassists in the World' list, Contactmusic reported.

Sting and Gene Simmons came in second with a net worth of 300 million dollars each, followed by Roger Waters, U2's Adam Clayton and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. (ANI)

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