Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton at "The Hottie and The Nottie" Premiere

Paris Hilton at "The Hottie and The Nottie" Premiere

Paris Hilton at New Year's Eve 2008 Party

Paris Hilton at New Year's Eve 2008 Party

Paris Hilton Unveils Her New Fragrance in Garden City

Paris Hilton Unveils Her New Fragrance in Garden City

Paris Hilton Jailbird Wax Figure

Paris Hilton Jailbird Wax Figure Photos

Paris Hilton Photos

Paris Hilton Photos

Paris Hilton gets stuck in `crowded` elevators

Paris Hilton

Washington D.C., Oct 17 - Paris Hilton just got trapped in a crowded elevators in Beijing, China and the situation got worse when mechanics were not able to open the doors of it and people got breathless.

The elevator camera video showed that everything was calm, but things turn into full-on panic and people started screaming when security guys were not able to do anything, reported.

Reportedly, Hilton also shouted for help and to call anyone who can better help them in getting out of the elevators.

Conrad Hilton under house arrest

Conrad Hilton under house arrest

London: Socialite Paris Hilton's younger brother Conrad is under house arrest after violating his bail bond by smoking marijuana.

The 21-year-old has been banned from leaving his home at night after breaking his USD 100,000 bail by failing a drugs test, reported Femalefirst.

Conrad was previously arrested over a 10-hour meltdown while on board a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles last year, during which he reportedly screamed threats at flight attendants.

Paris Hilton does not have time for reality TV

Paris Hilton does not have time for reality TV

Washington, April 23 : Paris Hilton has recently claimed that she is too busy and so have no time to do reality TV.

The 34-year-old said that she's focusing on her brand and business, so she would not be able to do a show, E! Online reported.

The American socialite also confessed that she only really re-watches season one of her reality TV with Nicole Richie because it's her "favorite." (ANI)

Paris Hilton's famous dog dies

Paris Hilton's famous dog dies

Los Angeles: Socialite Paris Hilton is sad and devastated that her beloved 14-year-old teacup Chihuahua has passed away.

The 34-year-old blonde beauty revealed the sad news by posting a photograph and tribute to the late pooch on Instagram. "My heart is broken I am so sad and devastated. After 14 amazing years together my baby Tinkerbell has passed away of old age.

Paris Hilton is 'over' party scene at 34, goes out only for DJ'ing

Paris Hilton

Washington, Apr 2 - Paris Hilton, known as a rich party girl, has claimed to have reformed her wild ways.

The 34-year-old hotel heiress said that she likes to see girls looking hot and having fun, that's what life 's about, but she is kind of over the whole scene, E! Online reported.

Hilton, who used to love going out all the time but now it's only for DJ'ing and getting paid, added that she doesn't party much now because Thursday is the cool night and she has to get up and work. (ANI)

Paris Hilton gets Las Vegas DJ residency

Paris Hilton gets Las Vegas DJ residency

Los Angeles: Paris Hilton is set to take up a Las Vegas DJ residency. The 34-year-old socialite recently ended a residency at Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, reported Billboard magazine.

"I've got a residency in Atlantic City, and I'm about to do one in Las Vegas. I can't say where yet," she said.

After five years of DJing, the TV personality said she hopes further residencies will quash speculation about her having a lack of talent on the decks, as she insists she has refined her skills since she first started out with the hobby.

Conrad Hilton to plead guilty to simple assault for in-flight meltdown

Paris Hilton

Washington, Mar 4 - Paris Hilton's younger brother Conrad Hilton, who allegedly threatened to "f-king own anyone on this flight" while calling fellow passengers "peasants, has pleaded guilty for his headline-making plane meltdown in July 2014.

According to the reports, Conrad will face a maximum sentence of six months' imprisonment followed by a year of supervised release and a fine of 5,000 dollars, Us Magazine reported.

It was also reported that the hotel heir's meltdown was so intense that he had to be handcuffed to his seat.

Paris Hilton gets death threats and anti-Semitic messages

Paris HiltonLos Angeles - Socialite Paris Hilton has been targeted by an anti-Semitic man who has sent her death threats and believes she is Jewish.

The hotel heiress, who was raised a Roman Catholic, and her father Rick have both been targeted by a guy on Instagram and Facebook who has posted several abusive and anti-Semitic messages to the pair, reported TMZ.

Paris Hilton goes house hunting in New York

Paris HiltonNew York , Sept 15 - Paris Hilton is hunting for a downtown apartment in New York City.

The 33-year-old LA-based hotel heiress, who was in the city for the launch of her sister Nicky Hilton 's book, 365 Style, has been reportedly looking for penthouse apartments, the New York Post reported.

Is Paris Hilton new pooch world's smallest Pomeranian?

Is Paris Hilton new pooch world's smallest Pomeranian?Washington, Sept 13 - Paris Hilton has gotten a new pooch for herself, which reportedly is said to be the world's smallest Pomeranian, and could even fit in a purse.

According to TMZ. com, the 33-year-old beauty, who's named her new pet Mr. Amazing for the time being, took to Twitter to share her happy calling the dog her "new little baby," and asked her fans for a name.

Paris Hilton settles court battle with footwear company

Paris HiltonLos Angeles: Socialite Paris Hilton has settled court battle with a Manhattan footwear company named Antebi Footwear.

The 33-year-old hotel heiress has dropped her USD 1 million lawsuit against Antebi, and the shoe company has dropped their USD 2 million counterclaim against her, suggest reports.

Paris previously accused Antebi, which launched her Paris Hilton Footwear line in 2007, of stiffing her on royalties.

Paris Hilton congratulates sis Nicky on engagement to bank heir beau

Paris Hilton congratulates sis Nicky on engagement to bank heir beauWashington, Aug 14 : Paris Hilton has congratulated her younger sister Nicky Hilton on her recent engagement to banker James Rothschild.

The 33-year-old singer posted on Instagram that she was really happy for her sister and loves the couple, Us Magazine reported.

It was earlier revealed that Rothschild had popped the question to Nicky last weekend in Lake Como, Italy and the couple was really excited and incredibly happy. (ANI)

Paris Hilton rakes in 1.6m pounds for four nights DJing in Ibiza

Kim K-Paris Hilton kiss and make up post 6 year feudLondon, Aug 9 - Paris Hilton recently bagged 1.6million pounds for DJing for four nights on the White Isle in Ibiza, it has been revealed.

The 33-year-old American actress had been booked to play superstar DJ and where she provided a soundtrack to tourists and revelers on the White Isle, the Daily Star reported.

A source revealed that the socialite raked 1.6million pounds from the four nights that was 207,000 pounds an hour. (ANI)

Paris Hilton 'can't trust any man' after sex tape leak

Paris HiltonNew York, July 23 - Paris Hilton has revealed that she will never be able to "fully trust any man again" after her sex tape with Rick Salomon was released in 2004.

The 33-year-old American socialite said that she was devastated when the sex tape was leaked because she had been with Salomon for a few years before the incident and added that it was the "most hurtful and awful thing" that could happen to her, the New York Post reported.

Paris Hilton compares herself with Albert Einstein

Paris HiltonLos Angeles: Socialite Paris Hilton has revealed that her zodiac sign, Aquarius, has some kind of cosmic link to the German physicist Albert Einstein.

Einstein, according to the calendar, was a Pisces and not an Aquarian, reportedly.

"We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses: Einstein was one," she said. The `Come Alive` singer, 33, says she has developed a thick skin over the years, with friends as well as strangers.

Paris Hilton sued for $2mln by shoe company

Paris Hilton sued for $2mln by shoe companyNew York, May 20 : New York-based Antebi Footwear Group - designer of the Paris Hilton Footwear collection of stilettos, flats, wedges and other footwear - has slapped Paris Hilton with a 2-million-dollar breach-of-contract suit in Manhattan federal court.

Tattoo covered stalker scariest: Paris Hilton

Los Angeles, Feb 12 : Socialite Paris Hilton reveals that of all the stalkers, the guy who showed up at her home covered in her tattoos is the scariest.

Paris has put as much distance as she could between the now-jailed German fan and herself. To escape the stalker, she immediately flew to New York and told tmz. com that the bitter cold is way better than the sunny stalker.

The German guy had multiple tattoos, including one showing Paris with angel wings. He went to her house twice last week, but was stopped both times by security.

Paris Hilton wins $50k on Blackjack after earning $100k for Dj'ing

Paris Hilton wins $50k on Blackjack after earning $100k for Dj'ingWashington, Feb 4 : Paris Hilton won 50, 000 dollars on Blackjack just a few hours after she was paid 100,000 dollars to DJ in Atlantic City.

The 32-year-old socialite kicked off her residency at Pool After Dark nightclub in Harrah's resort DJ 'ing for a sold out crowd, earning 100,000 dollars, TMZ. com reported.

And when Hilton left the club and hit the blackjack table, she won another 50,000 dollars. (ANI)

Paris Hilton flaunts crotch in `sheer no-underwear dress

Washington, January 25 : Paris Hilton recently flaunted her pelvic bone and crotch in a sheer black dress at Sean P Diddy 's pre-Grammys party.

The 32-year-old actress wore a black turtleneck gown with heavily sequined black panels that showcased her crotch, People Magazine reported.

Hilton completed her glamorous look with an enormous suicide roll and sparkling ear cuffs. (ANI)

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