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I counted cards at casinos: Ben Affleck

Actor Ben AffleckNew York - Actor Ben Affleck has admitted he has been caught counted cards at Las Vegas casinos.

The 42-year-old 'Argo' star said many times casinos have asked him to leave as they don't allow playing blackjack, reports suggest.

Ben Affleck's smile landed him 'Gone Girl,' says director David Fincher

Ben AffleckWashington, Sept 18 - David Fincher recently revealed that it was Ben Affleck's perfect "grin" that made him cast the star for hid upcoming thriller ' Gone Girl.'

Ben Affleck relates to Batman's 'bottled up rage'

Ben Affleck relates to Batman's 'bottled up rage'London, Sept 16 - Ben Affleck confessed that he can relate to his upcoming film, ' Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice's lead character's anger.

The 42-year-actor, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman in Zach Snyder's superhero flick said that he was a kind of person who usually just "put up" with things, and for whom anger was deeply "buried and contained", but when it came, it came out in "bursts," Us magazine reported.

Jennifer calms me down before my every new film: Ben Affleck

Jennifer GarnerLondon: Actor Ben Affleck says his actress wife Jennifer Garner calms him down when he acts paranoid before the start of every project.

The 42-year-old 'Argo' star said he gets negative thoughts before starting a film but Garner, 42, encourages him to give his best, reported Contactmusic.

Ben and I keep the romance alive with 'sexy Polaroids', says Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner besotted with sonWashington, Sept 11 - Jennifer Garner recently revealed that she and her husband Ben Affleck keep the romance alive by sharing "sexy Polaroids" with one another.

The '13 Going On 30' actress joked during an interview with Vanity Fair at the Toronto International Film Festival said that they have a stack of sexy Polaroids , Us Magazine reported.

Ben Affleck's ice bucket challenge cost Jennifer Garner her phone

Ben Affleck's ice bucket challenge cost Jennifer Garner her phoneLos Angeles - Actress Jennifer Garner, who helped husband Ben Affleck complete his ALS ice bucket challenge, says he killed her phone by falling in the pool after completing the task.

It was Garner who dumped the icy water over Affleck's head to help him complete the challenge but Garner says she did not know that he will grab her and jump into the pool otherwise she would have removed her phone from her pocket.

TV Batman Adam West believes Ben Affleck will be great in 'Batman vs Superman'

Ben AffleckWashington, July 26 - Adam West , who earlier played Batman in the TV series from 1966 to 1968, has said that Ben Affleck will be a great Batman.

Whilst talking about the movie " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", the 85-year-old actor told People magazine that his feeling was that Affleck will be really good simply because he was a great talent and he would be very interested in seeing Affleck in the role, CNN reported.

`Card-counter` Ben Affleck banned from playing Blackjack in Vegas Casino

Ben AffleckWashington, May 3 - Ben Affleck has reportedly been banned from playing Blackjack at the Hard Rock in Vegas, after security allege that they caught him counting cards.

According to sources, the 41-year-old actor was playing blackjack at a high rollers' table when security swarmed on him, TMZ. com reported.

Sources said that security informed that Affleck was deemed as an "advantaged player" and could no longer play blackjack at the Hard Rock. (ANI)

Ben Affleck 'takes up domestic chores' in a bid to kick the butt

Ben AffleckWashington, April 28 - Ben Affleck has reportedly taken up domestic chores to stay off cigarettes.

The ' Argo' director has been trying to help out with the domestic chores has also been spending time with his children in a bid to conquer his nicotine addiction, Contactmusic reported.

Sources revealed that his wife, Jennifer Garner , has told him to quit smoking and he has promised to ditch the butts again. (ANI)

Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck is a competitive dad at basketball games

Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck is a competitive dad at basketball gamesWashington, April 13 : Jennifer Garner has revealed that Ben Affleck gets really competitive at their daughter Violet's basketball games.

While talking on the 'Live With Kelly and Michael', the 41-year-old actress said that while she claps for every kid who makes a shot during the game, her 41-year-old husband gets all riled up, shouting at the kids to play the game properly, Us Magazine reported.

Ben Affleck will be great as Batman, says Michael Keaton

Ben Affleck will be great as Batman, says Michael KeatonLondon, March 7 : Michael Keaton has praised the decision of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the upcoming ' Man of Steel ' sequel, saying that he would be great.

Keaton said on Today show that he doesn't follow the superhero series much but he doesn't know why people get excited about things, Metro. co. uk reported.

Ben Affleck set to testify before Congress on ongoing unrest in Congo

Ben Affleck set to testify before Congress on ongoing unrest in CongoWashington, Feb 21 : Ben Affleck is set to testify for a third time about the ongoing unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 'Argo' director has been a political advocate for the central African country for years and next Wednesday, Affleck is heading to Washington, DC to take part in a panel discussion aimed at ending the continuous violence and civil war between ethnic groups in the Congo, Contactmusic reported.

Ben Affleck gives out generous tip

Ben AffleckLos Angeles, Feb 16 - Actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck tipped a waitress over $90 when he bought a cup of coffee.

The generous "Argo" star was in a rush while in a coffee shop in Santa Monica, California, and left the waitress a huge tip when he realised he was only carrying $100 notes, reports contactmusic. com.

Affleck's batman suit unbelievably cool: Garner

Affleck's batman suit unbelievably cool: GarnerLos Angeles, Jan 21 : Actress Jennifer Garner says she is a fan of her husband Ben Affleck's batman suit for the new 2016 "Man of Steel" sequel.

Garner revealed that she has seen the suit, reports contactmusic. com.

"I've seen the suit. It's unbelievably cool. It's a total reinvention, it looks great," Entertainment Tonight quoted Garner as saying.

Ben Affleck`s `huge penis` praised at Producers` Guild Awards

Chuck Lorre, Ben AffleckWashington, January 21 - TV producer Chuck Lorre praised Ben Affleck's penis size in his acceptance speech for Norman Lear Achievement Award at the Annual Producers Guild of America Awards.

Lorre recalled an encounter with the 41-year-old actor in the men's room at Golden Globes and admitted that he peeked and added that he is sure Affleck can play Batman, Us Magazine reported.

Ben Affleck opens up about relationship with wife Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck opens up about relationship with wife Jennifer GarnerWashington, December 10 : Ben Affleck has opened up about his relationship with wife Jennifer Garner and how he fell in love, in an interview with the Playboy magazine.

Affleck has said that though the couple met on the sets of 'Pearl Harbour', they only fell in love while they were filming 'Daredevil', ABC News reported.

Ben Affleck regrets starring in 'Daredevil'

Ben Affleck regrets starring in 'Daredevil'Washington, Dec 10 : Ben Affleck has confessed that the only movie he actually regrets starring in is 'Daredevil'.

The 41-year-old actor told Playboy magazine that the regret kills him because he loved the story and the character, and the fact that the movie got "f***ed up" the way it did, stays with him, Contactmusic reported.

Ben Affleck says Batman will be older and wiser in 'Man of Steel' sequel

Ben AffleckLondon, Dec 5 - Ben Affleck has revealed that his portrayal of Batman will be older and wiser in the sequel ' Man of Steel '.

The 41-year-old actor said that his version of Batman would not compete with Christian Bale's in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, Metro. co. uk reported.

Morgan Freeman supports Ben Affleck as Batman

Morgan Freeman supports Ben Affleck as Batman Los Angeles, Nov 14 : Actor Morgan Freeman has spoken out in support of Ben Affleck and says that critics and fans should give him a fair chance to portray the role of Batman in "Man Of Steel" sequel.

The sequel will see Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen. Affleck will play Batman, while Henry Cavill will feature as Superman.

Ben Affleck was worried he wouldn't fit Batman mould

Ben AffleckLondon, October 26 - Ben Affleck has admitted that he was "reluctant" to join Superman vs Batman at first, as he didn't think he would fit the character of the caped crusader.

The 41-year-old actor told 411 Mania that he was won over by director Zack Snyder's vision for the Batman, Metro. co. uk reported.

Affleck said that Snyder showed him the concept that the film would be different from the ones that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale had made earlier.

Affleck built 'Batcave' in his house

Affleck built 'Batcave' in his houseLos Angeles, Aug 29 : Actor Ben Affleck once built a 'Batcave' in his house, reveals his friend.

The 41-year-old actor, who will portray Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel, was so obsessed with his character that he built a replica of the entrance to the secret den where his character Bruce Wayne keeps his alter ego's suit, weapon and vehicles, reports femalefirst. co. uk.

Jennifer is more perfect than I am, says Ben Affleck

Jennifer is more perfect than I am, says Ben Affleck Washington, Feb 26 : Ben Affleck has admitted that his proudest accomplishment is finding a soulmate in his wife Jennifer Garner.

After thanking the actress during the Oscars, he spoke to Access Hollywood about how much Garner, 40, meant to him.

He said that all marriages and relationships to a certain extent require work and investment, adding that he and Garner work on it together.

Ben Affleck bags Directors Guild award

Ben Affleck bags Directors Guild award London, Feb 4 : Ben Affleck has won the top film honour for his Iran hostage drama, `Argo' from the Directors Guild of America.

The win would normally be an indicator of Oscar success as the Directors Guild recipient nearly always goes on to claim the same prize at Hollywood's biggest night.

But the actor-turned filmmaker missed out on an Oscar directing nomination.

No acting for Ben Affleck's kids

No acting for Ben Affleck's kidsLos Angeles, Jan 28 " Actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck, who has three children with actress wife Jennifer Garner, does not want them to work in Hollywood because he thinks they are already exposed too much.

"I would do whatever I could to discourage that. My kids have enough issues of being exposed in ways that I don't want them to be exposed, in magazines and shows and stuff," Affleck told eonline. com.

Ben Affleck drops out of K-Stew’s new flick `Focus`

Ben Affleck drops out of K-Stew’s new flick `Focus`	New York, Dec. 20 : Ben Affleck is reportedly dropping out of Warner Bros movie `Focus,' just days after Kristen Stewart confirmed that she will be appearing in the film.

According to Variety magazine, Affleck will not appear in the film because "while the actor very much wanted to do the film, the timing just couldn't be worked out," the Huffington Post reported.

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