Jessie J to show pain in next album

Jessie J to show pain in next albumLondon, Dec 28 - British singer Jessie J says there will be a "lot more pain" in the lyrics of her next album.

The 23-year-old is planning to explore the darker side of her character and the struggles she had before she was famous for her upcoming record.

"There will be a lot more pain in the lyrics on my next album. For the seven years before I signed my record deal I was in a bad place and I was scared that I couldn't get out of it."That's why I wrote such upbeat music, as a way of trying to escape how I felt," contactmusic. com quoted Jessie as saying.

"Now that I am happier, I won't be afraid to explore my pain. But in a good way; it'll be me saying that it's OK not to feel OK," she added. (IANS)

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