Chloe Sevigny ‘cried every day’ when she wore fake penis for TV show

Chloe Sevigny ‘cried every day’ when she wore fake penis for TV showMelbourne, May 15 : Chloe Sevigny has revealed that she "cried every day" when she had to wear a fake penis as a transgender hitman in TV series `Hit and Miss'.

Sevigny, 37, plays Mia - a pre-op transgender hitman - in the series and had to wear the prosthetic genitalia, which she admits she found very upsetting because she was worried men would no longer find her attractive.

"I cried every day when they put it on," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as telling Culture magazine.

"You know, I'm ample-chested and I have this on. I felt very exposed, and it was hard, very hard, having people so close to your personal parts anyway - who you're not sleeping with - for an hour-and-a-half each day, to put it on.

"Then looking in the mirror... it was weird. I was lonely and I felt really unattractive. I was confused about my desirability - was I desirable? - in having put that on, and having men see me with that on," she said. (ANI)

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