Ashley’s air stewardess mistress advises Cheryl to dump ‘unfaithful’ ex-hubby

Ashley’s air stewardess mistress advises Cheryl to dump ‘unfaithful’ ex-hubbyLondon, July 18: A Virgin Atlantic crewmember who slept with Cheryl Cole's former husband Ashley has said that `she will leave him before it's too late'.

Kerry Meades also thinks Cheryl should dump him too for good - because he''s not just a love rat but also a slob.

Meades, 29, romped with Ashley, 30, while he was wooing back his ex-wife and just days before their public reconciliation.

But she was disgusted by his slovenly behaviour as he chain-smoked, necked booze and guzzled junk food after picking her up in a club in Los Angeles.

And Meades was appalled when she later learned Ashley had already been winning back ex wife Cheryl, 28.

"I feel sorry for Cheryl. I''d leave him now before it is too late," the Sun quoted Meades as saying.

A friend added: "As soon as he woke up in the morning he would ask for a cigarette. She reckoned he was smoking 30-a-day.

"And he was binge drinking tequila and vodka.

"She hardly ever saw him eating, and when she did it was junk food. The only food she saw pass his lips was fried chicken at 2am after a night boozing and a fry-up one morning, "the friend added.

Meades, who had a brief fling with Cole in 2004, also added: "I don''t think Ashley has any idea how to be faithful." (ANI)

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